Five Minute Friday: Song

We wanted to join the “Five Minute Friday’ revolution! I’m posting my musings here at and here are my daughters’ thoughts on the word “song.”

Age 8:


I wonder what the word song comes from and why people love to sing.

I think of music notes going up and down.

I think of the tunes I play on the piano and how they sound.

I like it when Maisy tries to sing the music of the day from Little Einsteins.

8 Year Old Thoughts on Song


Age 6 (as dictated):








Are here



And age 2 (as dictated):

I know about a song any day.


Five Minute Friday

By Tina Chen

Tina is a book-loving, globe-trotting, home-schooling mom of five kids. Her greatest passions are learning with her husband how to live and love like Jesus and teaching others to do the same. She particularly enjoys teaching kids to worship and pray fervently and creatively. She loves music, cooking, and reading, and is a complete sucker for a good redemptive analogy! Tina blogs at and


  1. I am VERY interested in this cuiurcrlum. I am a public school teacher, I believe that my mission is to get into the school and help those children that parents are not, and provide them Godly information. I am in charge of 5th grade Science and Math to me these subjects BOTH POINT to God, logic and thinking. We are to love Jesus with all of our heart, soul and MIND. I do have my own children, yes they go to public school. But my husband is a Ratio Christi appologist, and works with college students- and our own children- to be able to defend our faith. We talk with them daily to combat any errors in the teaching that they recieved and errors in their own thinking. I do have a question In the cuiurcrlum does it teach young (6,000 year old) earth or a million year old earth? THIS is an important question for me.Thank you! Have a blessed day.

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