Our thoughts on Beautiful Five Minute Friday kids edition


Thoughts by Maisy, age 3

Maisy's interpretation of beautifulMaisy's interpretation of beautiful

Mine says, Mommy sings all day, today. it’s beautiful. And stop.


Thoughts by Mariana, age 6.5

Mariana's FMF BeautifulMariana's beautiful page 2

Beautiful butterflies in the park.

And Stop

Thoughts by Maggie, age 8

Maggie's FMF Beautiful page 1Maggie's beautiful page 2


My mom is very beautiful.  My sisters are beautiful.

The trees, the grass, the flowers are all beautiful.

dogs, cats, butterflys, ladybug, bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks and more are all beautiful.

I think almost everything God made is beautiful

apple, orange, pears, red and white dragonfruit, bananas, grapes, berries, chocolate, carrots, raisins, apricots, cauliflower, brocolli, cheese, ice cream, cake and playgrounds, and lots more are all beautiful.

And Stop.

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By Tina Chen

Tina is a book-loving, globe-trotting, home-schooling mom of five kids. Her greatest passions are learning with her husband how to live and love like Jesus and teaching others to do the same. She particularly enjoys teaching kids to worship and pray fervently and creatively. She loves music, cooking, and reading, and is a complete sucker for a good redemptive analogy! Tina blogs at mommynificent.com and desperatehomeschoolers.com.


    1. I used to teach preschool and then kindergarten too! I miss it, but I enjoy homeschooling too.
      Thanks for stopping by and blessing us with a great comment!

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