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  1. Wow! I love your pictures today!
    Even your mom’s title caught my attention this morning because I don’t even like to think a blog is lonely! I was thinking your blog had no links this week!
    I don’t like to be lonely, either, and find many ways to “be with friends” like Age 9 suggests. In Age 3’s picture, I see an upside down heart and I think that really shows how I feel when I’m lonely…upside down and sad. Well, it at least makes me smile upside down, like this 🙁 And like Age 6, when I’m lonely (for you all especially), I ask my sister to hang out with me. Sometimes that works. It really works to get rid of lonely by thinking about others.
    I didn’t know this week’s word would be LONELY, but have to say I was too busy to be lonely. I was asked to work at the office front desk. Some of my hours were filled with special little friends visiting my city. (I wrote about 2 of them on my blog this week). The little girls reminded me so much of Age 6!!
    Most of all, it makes me not so lonely to see your pictures of friends and sisters who can play and show me that you are sharing Happiness instead of being lonely!
    Way to go, girls!!

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