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Our Thoughts on the Word “Last” for FMF Kids’ Edition — 1 Comment

  1. I look forward to your FMF posts every week! I get a little tidbit on schooling, another on schedule, and try to picture you all around the table, working diligently for the 5 minutes!
    I agree…Maggie has sure improved in writing and thinking out her responses! I bet when she uses lined paper in assignments, it is really neat. O! Where does time go? Ah yes…I know there was a birthday and another year was added! Wow.
    Mariana’s message is cute. I love her focus on one subject, her single-mindedness to match her words with a picture.
    Maisy – I love all your color! It reminded me of God’s Rainbow promise that it was the LAST time He would flood the whole earth! Pretty neat.
    Love you all and wish you a happy week!

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