May Printable Cut-and-Paste Calendar Pieces

Can you believe it will be May in a few days? I remember as a kid hearing the old people talking about how the years seemed to be going faster and faster. I guess I’m officially an old person now because they definitely are!

Free Printable May Cut-and-Paste Calendar for Kids from Desperate Homeschoolers

There are three pages of calendar pieces. The first are just pictures for students who need to practice writing their own numbers. Using this page will also enable them to make their own decision regarding the pattern they want to make. If they need more of a certain color, you can always print another copy of page 1 for them. The second page has the numbers already on the pieces, and the third page includes lots of holidays including some bizarre ones I found on Holiday Insights. I am really enjoying all these crazy holidays! Jelly Bean Day was a huge hit last month!

You can find our free printable calendar base on which to glue these here.

Your kids can either glue the pieces right onto the paper or laminate the base and then sticky tack the calendar pieces onto it. My kids enjoy both ways.

You can download the free cut-and-paste pieces for May by right clicking on these links:

May Cut-and-Paste Calendar pieces from Desperate Homeschoolers

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