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Studying Greece with Winter Promise Children Around the World — 6 Comments

  1. This looks like such a fun unit! As a 5th grade teacher, I can imagine how fun it would be to do those kinds of activities with a “class” of homeschooled kids of different ages. I bet they all loved it! I’ve saved the moussaka recipe you linked to and might try making it sometime.

  2. I saw your post over at Literacy Musing Mondays and I clicked on it because your title reminds me of one of our favorite DVD sets– Families around the world. They are short videos and each one focuses on two families; one in a rural area and one in a city. They are narrated by kids and are like a day in the life type of movie. Usually we just look up “families of Greece” or “families of Japan” when we’re studying a place to see if they have one about their country. Most countries do.

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