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Hands-On History Lapbooking with Home School in the Woods — 11 Comments

  1. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing! I remember watching my first election process on TV as a 5-year-old, with my US map place mat in hand, trying to figure out which states were voting for which candidate. It was exciting, but scary too — I think it might have helped if I’d known more about the process. My son is 5 (he’ll be 6 by the time the election actually gets here), so I’m definitely putting some thought into how to talk with him about it.

    • I’m hoping to post a list of picture books we’ve found helpful in learning about the election process tomorrow or sometime this weekend that you might find helpful. Just the fact that you are thinking about it is a good step in the right direction! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Who isn’t clueless about the political process. Sheesh, this would be good for me.

    I am checking out this link. This is such a great lesson – especially for election year. Plus, I will learn too!

    Thanks so much for this great review. I’m pinning and sharing!

  3. Your girls did a GREAT job!! What wonderful videos! They were very articulate and thorough. 🙂 It was such a joy to see how much they learned!

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