5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents….from Homeschool Kids! – Day 5: What I Learned

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents from Homeschool Kids

Welcome to Day 5 of our contributions to the Schoolhouse Review Crew’s 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents Blog Hop! I hope you have enjoyed the videos we made for the kids to share their big ideas of tips for homeschool parents. I thought it was a lot of fun!

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents from Homeschool Kids

If you missed any of the videos, here are some quick links to them for you:

Bignificent, age 11

Middlenificent, age 9

Littlenificent, age 5

I started this project thinking I’d bring a lighter note to the round-up, but it has ended up being a really enlightening experience for me. It was so good to hear what the girls value about our homeschooling and what they wish I did more of (or less of!) I know they were being funny for some of it, which I was fine with, but giving them the platform of speaking to other parents rather than directly asking them what they would like to tell me has proven to be quite insightful for me.

For example, when my 9-year old said, “Don’t use threats,” I had no idea what she was talking about. Do I threaten her? I certainly don’t think so, but if something I’m doing is being perceived by her as a threat, I want to know about it for sure! We will be talking about what she meant by that one and hopefully finding a place of better understanding of one another. This little blogging exercise has proven to be a really good communication-opener for us about something I didn’t even know we needed to talk about, and I am thankful!

I didn’t know if I’d have any tips to share with you this week. As I explained on Day 1, I’m existing in survival mode a lot of the time right now. But I guess, after this experience, I do have one tip to give you:

Ask your kids what tips they would give to other homeschool parents!

Their responses may be quite enlightening and might just help you more than anything I or any other adult could tell you!

Not to minimize our words of wisdom, of course! 🙂

Make sure you don’t miss out on all the other posts in this round up. Each day, I’ve been sharing links to some of the other bloggers participating. I hope you’ll take the time to hop around this list and the ones on the other days as well! There are so many great ideas being shared this week! I know I’ll be checking them out as I can for weeks to come!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our week of Tips for Homeschool Parents… from Homeschool Kids. And I hope you’ll come back and see us again every now and then. The girls do video book reviews and I share about our activities and curriculum. We’d love to get to know you better!

By Tina Chen

Tina is a book-loving, globe-trotting, home-schooling mom of five kids. Her greatest passions are learning with her husband how to live and love like Jesus and teaching others to do the same. She particularly enjoys teaching kids to worship and pray fervently and creatively. She loves music, cooking, and reading, and is a complete sucker for a good redemptive analogy! Tina blogs at mommynificent.com and desperatehomeschoolers.com.

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  1. What a fun way to get kids involved in their education! My own children love thinking about things they would like to learn more of. They’ve gotten into Scratch programming out of their own interest (and maybe a little of Daddy’s).

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