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How NotebookingPages.com Revolutionized our Homeschool — 5 Comments

  1. What a fantastic review! I love that you’re giving your children choice in their studies, and isn’t it fun that they can ‘design’ their own workbooks, which of course will keep them more interested in their work.

  2. We are just starting notebooking this year. We’re really excited about it, and I actually just downloaded the free samples from Notebooking.com last week. There are so many pages that I’m almost overwhelmed! The one thing I’m worried about is how much ink and copy paper it will take. This year I’ll have 7 kids notebooking and 3 lapbooking, so I’m not looking forward to having to replace all that ink, as it isn’t cheap!

    • I’ve never really felt like it takes more ink than other things we’ve tried, like printing free printables I find online or workbooks I buy electronically. It just takes the place of those things. I think there are catalogs for all the sets, free and member only, but I’m not positive. Enjoy!

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