Happy birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma from Middlenificent

Yesterday was the kids’ grandma’s birthday.  The girls wanted to make cards. On their own, they got out  paper and their extra-special pastels. I’m often shocked at the independence,  creativity and initiative these two display of a daily basis. They even dragged the two year old in and had her scribble a birthday card as… Continue reading Happy birthday Grandma

Create your account video

Hi, I put together this video to help you get set up with a free account on Desperate Homeschoolers. Getting signed up will help you participate in the community more. It will also allow you to have a place to put your contribution to Five Minute Friday kids’ edition. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23u74wrS41U]

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Welcome to Desperate Homeschoolers!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Desperate Homeschoolers! Our vision is to create a safe place where homeschooling families can come to share their questions, their victories, and their frustrations and benefit from others with different perspectives. Our first question comes from Michelle: “Ok, I need some words of wisdom and/or advice…As a homeschool mom in another… Continue reading Welcome to Desperate Homeschoolers!