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Al-Yasa said: I wish that Allah may bestow blessings AL-Yasa  was After the revelation of this verse, all of them revoked their oaths and the ill-will that had been created by the mischief was gone. However, I was doubtful due to the fact that I did not see the tenderness I used to see from the Prophet (pbuh) while I was sick. In the Quran-e-Kareem the word nafs is used in two ways. Islamic dua to forget someone you love – Surviving Divorce, Tell them the story of 2 men “Quran (18:32), The Story of a Man to whom Allah gave His Ayat, but he threw them away -Story from Quran (7:175-7:176). The incident became the cause of some very important additions to the social law and injunctions of Islam. Why did you come?’, I said, ‘Mother! He fed Ilyas, his companions and 10 Is there Alisha name in the Bible/Torah/Quran. Tirmidhi, Abwab-ul-Manaqib, i.e. She was still alive when the quran had been completed. The Prophet Ilyas (peace be upon him) Hazrat Aisha narrates from whom and how she learnt about the slander as follows: “More than twenty nights had passed after my illness. This name has given you an interest in people and a desire for new experiences. 3. Its origin is Germanic and Sanskrit. Close Quran List of all Suras Read Quran Translations Words in Quran Tafsir Search in Quran Quran Recitation Quran Teacher Quran … He stood up and kissed her daughter’s head. meaning of alisha in islam. It is authored by Aafiya , a student of deen who seeks to Implement her Knowledge and Spread Positivity about Islam.If you too are Working to increase your imaan,Join Us. So, all I can say to you for my and your situation is the story of Jacob (pbuh) with his sons. servant. (6: 85-87). If you have committed such a sin, ask forgiveness from God and repent to Him. What are we supposed to do when we come across Sajda Tilawat in ... Pregnancy is a blessings of Allah. Alisha Name Meaning is protected by god.. Alisha is a Muslim Girl name and has english origin. Why do you curse your son? I asked, ‘Does my father know about it?’ She said. 4.She is our role model and she became an example to follow for all time. follow him. The Story of Zulaikha and Yusuf The Story of Zulaikha and Yusuf(pbuh) is an amazing tale of attempted seduction. Story from Quran:The Sahabas who were Punished. Allah acquitted you and stated that you were free and away from that slander.”(Muslim, ibid, Vol. After greeting them, he sat next to Aisha and said, “O Aisha! “Why did not Believers, men and women when ye heard of the affair― put the best construction on it in their own minds and say “This (charge) is an obvious lie”? Islam Hashtag » Reflections from Quran » Ayat about Hazrat Aisha in Quran : “The Story of ifk-Slander of Aisha ra “, November 2, 2016 Hazrat Aisha RA  narrated the incident as follows: “The Messenger of Allah showed the signs of receiving revelation like sweating due to the difficulty and intensity of the revelation. this is a most serious slander!”. At this verse 22 was revealed and Hadrat Abu Bakr, on hearing it, immediately said: “By Allah! Al-Yasa (peace be upon him) supplicated to Allah to show mercy to the Quran Auto Reciter (Ms Windows) Free Apps for Mobile Phones . She replied, ‘I curse him due to what he said against you.’, Thereupon, Umm Mistah told me what the slanderers had said. The commentators give no account of him except that he was the son of Ukhtub. Alisha is a name of girl, the origin of Alisha name is Arabic. (38:48), And Zachariah and John and Jesus and Ilyas all in the ranks of the righteous; and Prophet AL-YASA 2. islamic clipart mean clipart mean eyes clipart clipart meaning. Editor’s note: The excellent research below, by Mr. Islam Al-Buhairy, provides historic evidence for the correct age of Aisha when she married prophet Muhammad.The research exposes the narration that claims her age to have been 9 years old at the time of marriage. The Muslims came to understand fully that the Holy Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) had no knowledge of the unseen. Zulaikha is ... What Allah says to the Christians People often view Islam in a wrong light due to the constant bias reports ... Notes from Surah Al Nisa-"the fourth chapter of Quran" Ramadan Kareem. I have been suffering so much. You can find And I got problems only in my life, I am very Glad because my name is Alisha l am true ly happy. It made him change his attitude toward her. Were it not for the grace and mercy of God on you, in this world and the Hereafter, a grievous penalty would have seized you in that ye rushed glibly into this affair. Meanings of verses of Sajda Tilawat/Ayah of Prostration in Quran. I Was Reading the Tafsir of Surah An Noor,the  24th Chapter of Quran  when I came along the story of Aisha in the tafseer of this Surah (Surah An Noor -Ayah 11-20 ). Meaning of the name Alisha 1. Ayesha (May Allah be pleased with her – RadiaAllahu Anha (RA)) once accompanied the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) on a campaign and was travelling with a caravan. on Thursday 8th of June 2017 12:26:00 AM. There was not even one drop coming out of my eyes. Alisha Chinai is an indian pop and playback singer musician. 1 Alisha Name Meaning; 2 Origin of Alisha Name; 3 Gender of Alisha; 4 Alisha Name Analysis; 5 Alisha Name Statistics; 6 What is the Numerology of Alisha ? Then Ilyas (peace be-upon him) asked him to express any is a set of words used to stand for the letters of an alphabet in oral communication. It is true that Prophet Got married to about 9 women but they were not at the same time frame. The Islamic society which has been brought about for the purpose of establishing goodness and piety in the world, can neither tolerate zina as a means of entertainment nor endure loose talk about it as a diversion and amusement. I did not know anything about what the slanderers had uttered.”. Chapters on Excellences, under ‘Virtues of Aisha’.. Muslim Saints and Mystics, abridged English translation of Tadhkirat-ul-Auliya, by A.J. Story of Julaybib RA and the most beautiful Woman. Top 100 Muslim Baby Names, Hot Islamic Boy and Girl names Islamic girl names and meanings: pin. In Surah An Noor , a full section of verses has been devoted to the Commandments pertaining to zina, qazf and li’an by which Allah means to admonish that zina is not a slight matter which may be used as a means of entertaining the people in a gathering. Preparing for Ramadan Checklist : Ramadan Countdown. It is Very touching and emotional .I would like to share the story with you. This was because the man had shown absolutely no regard for the relationship nor for the favours that Abu Bakr had all along been showing him and his family. ‘O Umm Mistah! Bismillah The semitic root of Arabic, Hebrew and Assyrian/Aramic is same. Those who love (to see) scandal published broadcast among the Believers, will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: God knows and ye know not. At that time they Furthermore, there was another aspect of goodness in it also. Muslim, ibid, Vol. I asked, ‘Does the Messenger of God know about it?’ She said, My father was reading the Quran upstairs. The Messenger of God sent me to my father’s house with a servant. How can you curse a person who was present in the Battle of Badr? Al-Yasa was the cousin and spiritual successor of the Prophet Ilyas (peace be upon May 29, 2020 - Lessons from the holy Qur'an and the examplary behaviour of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. To include Aisha as a kafir before she had died wouldn't be logical. It is very serious.If the accuser is right in his accusation he should produce witnesses, and get a most horrible punishment inflicted upon the adulterer and the adulteress. My mother asked, ‘O my daughter! 5, p. 332-333. Girls with inner beauty often have the name Alisha. For one full month he remained in great anxiety with regard to Hadrat  A’ishah. Were it not for the grace and mercy of God on you, and that God is full of kindness and mercy, (ye would be ruined indeed).”. It is derived from the AIN-Y-SH (livelihood) root which is used in many places in the Quran. I cried so much that I thought my lungs would break into pieces.”. Islam Hashtag honourable guest during the rest of his life and serve him whole heartedly as a humble Our research results for the name of ALISHA hasn’t been found in the Bible/Torah/Quran. Mistah  fell by stepping on her covering, she said, ‘May Mistah fall,’ or ‘Damn Mistah!’ I said. Lessons learnt from Surah Al Hujurat Ayat 13 (Quran 49:13 ). his own work and approached Ilyas (peace be upon him) in hot haste. Nobody from the household had gone out. I became extremely ill. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed and our social media channels. I can be looked after there.’. He would enter upon us and ask, “How is the patient?” Then, he would leave. of Nazir Spelling Alphabet. My studied guess is that it comes from the semitic name אֱלִישַׁע ('Elisha'), a contracted form of אֱלִישׁוּעַ ('Elishu'a) meaning "my God is salvation". . JAZAKILLAH KHAIR for the information shared. after leaving your own work? God doth admonish you, that ye may never repeat such (conduct) if ye are (true) Believers. supplicated and invoked blessings of Allah upon his successor. Although about a month passed after the slander against Hazrat Aisha, no revelation was sent down to the Messenger of God. It is a common Muslim name out of life for Aisha bint Abu Bakr, wife of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah upon him and his family and companions. The lucky number of Alishah name is 1 and also find similar names. True Success is ... Glad tidings to the Sabireen (One who does Sabr at the face of difficulties).Here are some Quranic Ayah and hadeeths ... Hadith on Branches of Faith :Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah RA narrated that Allah's Messenger SAW said, Faith has some more than ... Do you know What is Sajda Tilawat? Hadrat  A’ishah RA has stated that after the revelation of verses 11-21 absolving her from the accusation, Hadrat Abu Bakr swore that he would no longer support Mistah bin Uthatha. 77 Branches of Faith and the most excellent of them. The inhabitants of Madinah were all talking about the slander, but I did not know anything about it. I turned to my father and said to him, ’Answer the Messenger of Allah on behalf of me.’, My father said, ‘O my daughter! speechless ! In fact, the Messenger of Allah SAW  knew very well that Aisha RA, his wife, was free from such slander; however, she was depressed that such treacherous, sly and planned slander spread among people. At last when he spoke to Hadrat  A’ishah, he spoke only this: “If you have committed the sin, you should offer repentance, and if you are innocent, I expect that Allah will declare your innocence.” Had’ he possessed any knowledge of the unseen, he would not have felt so upset” nor would have made enquiries, nor counselled repentance. Al-Yasa has been mentioned twice in the Holy Qur'an: And commemorate Ismail, Elisha and Dhul-kifl; each of them was of the company of! Elisha's story is related in the Book of Kings (Second Scroll, chapters 2-14) in the Hebrew Bible (in Judaism, part of the Nevi'im).According to this story, he was a prophet and a wonder-worker of the Northern Kingdom of Israel who was active during the reign of Joram, Jehu, Jehoahaz, and Jehoash (Joash). Alishah Name Meaning is Honesty, Truthful, Firmly Bandn, Strong Tie . This is very helpful website for Muslim, it’s mentioned that the proper name of meaning from the Quran. 3, p. 311-312; Muslim, ibid, Vol. One day Ilyas (peace be upon him) passed through the fields while the owner (Al-Yasa) 11 Is Alisha name fit for baby name ? He said to Aisha RA , “Glad tidings O Aisha! A spelling alphabet, voice procedure alphabet telephone alphabet etc. Although the Messenger of God, Hazrat Abu Bakr and Aisha’s mother heard the rumors, they did not say anything to Aisha. She is kind and caring and has an adorable laugh. My parents were very scared because they were worried that the rumors would be confirmed by Allah.”, When the state of revelation ended, the Messenger of Allah was smiling happily. how you explain whole story how you took care of words all everything is perfect may Allah give you “Jazak Allah Khair” but in Conclusion your few lines put me doubt . See more ideas about Quran verses, Quran, Holy quran. I wanted to go to my parents and find out about the news against me. I could not even relieve myself and returned home. many other guests to seek the pleasure of Allah. This incident of imputation  is also called as the episode of ifk ( false imputation) in Quran and hadeeth . Is there ALISHA name in the Bible/Torah/Quran? When the Prophet Ilyas (peace Aisha is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “alive”, “well-living”, “happily living”. Islam Hashtag is an affiliate of amazon and Other Websites. Ibn Hisham, ibid, Vol. ignoring those lines it was very helpful. Meaning of Aisha. The Prophet was much surprised and remarked: Why do you accompany me Our research results for the name of Alisha (Alisha name meaning, Origin of Alisha, Pronounced etc. ) As the noble attitude of Al-Yasa had enamoured Ilyas (peace be upon him), UrduPoint Network is the largest independent digital media house from Pakistan, catering the needs of its users since year 1997. Alisha is a name for Girls The meaning of Alisha is Protected by Allah, Honesty, Truthful, Mazbooti say baandhna, Strong tie. By God, I only know good about my wife. Find lucky number, lucky color, lucky stones, alternate stones, auspicious metal, ruling hours, supporting numbers, lucky days, passion, life pursuit, vibration, ruling planet and other astrological information of the name Alisha One day, the Messenger of God entered the house, greeted them and asked, “How is your patient?” without mentioning Aisha’s name. His prayer was granted and Allah showered his bounties upon be upon him) was on his death-bed, he wished to bid him farewell. 8, p. Allah swt said in Quran Surah A'raf : (7:19) 0 Adam! The Word ifk means worst type of lie,imputation or slander . The 3 types of Nafs People have- nafs-e-ammara, nafs-e-lawwama and nafs-e-mutmainna. Through these the Muslims received such Commandments from Allah by which the Muslim society can be kept clean and protected against the creation and propagation of moral evils, and if at all they arise, they can be corrected promptly. Alishba Name Meaning is Pretty ,Caring Sweet, Innocent. the good. Story of the owners of Elephant -Surah Al fil, Comforting Verses to the Oppressed Uyghur Muslim of China from Quran, The Sealed Nectar -Prophet Muhammad’s SAW biography Free PDF, Fortress of Muslim -Book of Invocations Free Pdf, Islamic Books and Worksheets for Islamic Homeschooling, Remembering Lion of the Desert: Omar Mukhtar – 88 years of Martyrdom, Dua for Studying and Tips to get good Marks in Exam. The Story of the Boy and the King is one of the ... Why are We Concerned Noah's Ark ? Lesson from Dua of Adam AS (Prophet Series ). The Prophet was much pleased with 8). the latter accorded him permission without hesitation. View the profiles of people named Alicia Islam. (ELISHA) (peace be on him). Arberry, p.40. Find Alisha multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. No sooner had the owner seen the Prophet than he abdicated Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. People of the Book – Notes from Surah Imran. Alisha was given the name Sujata Chinai on March 18th, 1965 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. So, if I were to tell you that I am not guilty, – Allah knows that I am not – you would not believe me. Why did Allah ta’ala picked Aisha RA to go through this and not any other Sahaabiyah? The Treaty of hudaybiyah ; a test of Faith and a Manifest Victory of Islam Assalamu alaikum,I was reading Surah ... Story of How Quran was Revealed to Protect Hazrat Aisha (May Allah be Pleased with her ): A Reflection from ... Story of Umar(R.A),the Companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Umar ibn Al-Khattab was the Second Caliph of Islam. And God makes the Signs plain to you: for God is full of knowledge and wisdom. 6, p. 197. Alisha means noble and protected by God, it is a variant of ... JazaakAllahu khiran. Nevertheless, she did not know the reason. Al-Yasa retraced his steps and fetched his ox. Bukhari, Book of Qualities of the Ansar, chapter: ‘The Holy Prophet’s marriage with Aisha, and his coming to Madina and the consummation of marriage with her’. I cried and cried until the morning came and my tears didnot stop and I did not taste the sweetness of sleep. Muhkamat Verses : Clear verses called as ... Allah Ta‘ala says: وَلَنَبْلُوَنَّكُمْ بِشَيْءٍ مِّنَ الْخَوْفِ وَالْجُوْعِ وَنَقْصٍ مِّنَ الْأَمْوَالِ وَالْأَنْفُسِ وَالثَّمَرَاتِ وَبَشِّرِ الصَّابِرِيْنَ And certainly, We shall test ... How to forget someone you love in a Haram Relationship ? It happened to Aisha RA as she was capable of going through it Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Uthman's killers, Mu'awiyya and Yazid aren't mentioned in the quran either. When Ilyas(peace be upon People have been talking against me but you did not mention anything to me.’, She said, ‘My daughter, take it easy. not prepared to leave him. slaughtered it, lit the fire and cooked the beef. Know the Muhkamat and Mutasabihat, the two types of Verses in Quran. is and the lucky number associated with is 1. Thanks for dropping by! When they have not brought the witnesses such men in the sight of God, (stand forth) themselves as liars! ‘O Umm Mistah! Perhaps this was the reason why Allah withheld Revelation for a month, for if Revelation had been sent down on the very first day, it could not have had any beneficial effect. He fabricated the lie and whispered it to others, until some of the Muslims started to believe it, and began to talk about their suspicions. I had got over the illness and I was in the period of recuperation. Bracelets of Kisra -Story of Suraqa Bin Malik. He did not say anything else. Al-Yasa has been mentioned twice in the Holy Qur'an: And commemorate Ismail, Elisha and Dhul-kifl; each of them was of the company of! Thus, Allah Almighty told His Messenger that what was said about Hazrat Aisha was nothing but slander, relieving the clean soul and conscience of His Messenger of the distress and preventing the personality of Hazrat Abu Bakr from being humiliated; so, the mischief and disturbance that emerged among Muslims was prevented from being spread. Unique Facts about the wives of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Netherland’s former boxing champion Lady Ruby reverts to Islam, Story of the sheikh who fell for a Woman:Sheikh Abu Abdullah Al Andulusi. Search Muslim Baby Islamic Names for Boys and Girls. The lucky number of Alisha name is 3 and also find similar names. Hazrat Aisha RA narrates her mood at that time as follows: “When the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) ended his words, my tears dried. And if the accuser is a husband, he will have to exercise  in a court of law to settle the matter. This shows it can happen to anyone Beside that his knowledge was the same as that of a common man. After uttering kalima ash-shahada and praising Allah  Almighty, she said, “By God, I know that you have heard these rumors, and you look as if you have believed them. Amira, female name, means "princess" in Arabic or "treetop" in Resultado de … Alisha [ 3 syll. Quran Online is a place for gaining information about the knowledge of the Quran and being able to read and learn Quran using the Internet. of his desires to be fulfilled. And In Quran It directly says maximum number of wives at the same time is 4 but it says a man has to take first wife permit to marry second and so on. Meaning of Alisha name, name definition, origin of Alisha name, popularity and history of Alisha, name meaning in the Bible/Torah/Quran? From Sanskrit roots, its meaning is "protected by god" - in this context, Alisha … Thanks a lot. As a matter of fact, he would have beads of sweat like pearls during revelation even on a winter day. Hazrat Aisha narrates the incident as follows: “When we arrived in Madinah, I fell ill with a fever for a whole month. 678) or عائشة, (also transliterated as A'ishah, Aisyah, Ayesha, A'isha, Aishat, or Aishah) was married to Muhammad at the age of 6 or 7, and the marriage was consummated by Muhammad, then 53, at the age of 9 or 10 according to numerous sahih hadiths. If you are free and away from those accusations, God will state that you are free and away from them. Lesson learnt from Surah Imran-Who are the People of the Book and What Quran says to them Ramadan Kareem. Why did they not bring four witnesses, to prove it? Aisha explained that the one who took charge of this slander was They were: `Abdullah bin Ubayy, Zaid bin Rifa’ah (who was probably the son of Rifa’ah bin Zaid, the Jewish hypocrite), Mistah bin Uthathah, Hassan bin Thabit . granted. “It is not right of us to speak of this: Glory to Thee (our Lord)! Hadith on Arrogance ; Reminder to be Humble. I have heard such and such things about you. Aisha (Ra) went to her Mother’s home to stay with her .When Hazrat Aisha was ill, Umm Ruman, her mother, looked after her. Similar Girl Names Nazeera - Warner, anything offered as a token of respect, anything given as sacrifice, a child who has been dedicated by his parents to serve Allah Warner Equal, like, alike, resembling, match, comparable; fem. (To them) and their fathers and progeny and brethren,  We chose them and We Dua in Pregnancy with Free Pregnancy Duas Booklet. The inhabitants of that locality gave him a warm reception. I Was Reading the Tafsir of Surah An Noor,the 24th Chapter of Quran when I came along the story of Aisha in the tafseer of this Surah (Surah An Noor -Ayah 11-20 ). him). The story of the boy and the king. And if I were to tell you I did something bad, – God knows that I did not – you would readily believe me! I was neither afraid nor worried. The name is variant of Alicia, a form of Alice, and the Germanic name Adalheidis (Adelaide), meaning "nobility". She tripped for the third time and cursed, ‘May Mistah fall,’. were under the spell of starvation. His prayer was Chinese authorities have set restrictions on ... Islam Hashtag is about seeking the Pleasure of Allah,the Almighty and Learning new things. upon me in the same way as He has blessed you. Allah chose Al-Yasa as His Prophet after the death of Ilyas (peace be upon The Messenger of Allah had not stood up yet. A few days after his speech in the mosque, the Prophet went to Hazrat Abu Bakr’s house. Allah says in Quran that He has left Noah's Ark as a sign ... A Beautiful story of Julaybib RA In Julaybib RA, there is the example of a person who was almost regarded ... Do You Know that there are three types of Yaqeen ? “(Thereupon) I could not help saying, ‘O Messenger of God! Aisha (‘Ā’ishah, c. 613/614 –c. Alisha is a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim Girl name, meaning of the name is It is an ultimate time to turn to Allah because not only is it ... Lut AS lived at the same time as Ibrahim AS . He asked Mum, ‘What is wrong with her?’, Mum said, ‘She heard about the rumors against him.’. Alisha is a female given name. Will you let me go to my Mother’s house? In Islam, the hadith literature (sayings of the prophet) is considered secondary to the Qur'an. him). The Messenger of God and my parents had also heard about it but they did not say anything to me about it. She was still young so had a lot of time to do good or bad in her life. At that time, he said, ‘(For me) patience is most fitting: against that which ye assert, it is Allah(alone) whose help can be sought.’(Muslim, ibid, Vol. This gave rise not just to suspicion, but allegations against them, with Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salul, the leader of the hypocrites, being the foremost in spreading them. And why did ye not when ye heard it say? Out of the 3 ,Which type of Yaqeen do you have ? Ismail and Elisha (Al-Yasa) and Jonas and Lot; each have We preferred above the nations. The land was barren and water was not available. 20 Quranic Ayah and Hadiths on Sabr/Patience. Revelation was sent down to the Prophet there. Why do you curse your son?’ She kept silent again. Story of How Quran was Revealed to Protect Hazrat Aisha (May Allah be Pleased with her ): A Reflection from Surah An Noor. Adam As lived in Jannah. So, none who utters such an accusation will have peace. 2. 8. p. 114; Tirmidhi, Sunan, Vol. Like the name 'Alisha' on Facebook or Tweet about it! They covered the body of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and put a pillow under his head. If the accuser is false, he deserves to be given 80 stripes, so that nobody may dare to bring a false charge against the other person. Behold ye received it on your tongues and said out of your mouths things of which ye had no knowledge; and ye thought it to be a light matter, while it was most serious in the sight of God. pin. Contact us . I knew that I was innocent and that Allah  would not treat me unjustly. But How to Prepare for Ramadan ? the good. By God, I do not know what to say the Messenger of Allahpbuh).’, Then, I turned to my mother and said to her, ’Answer the Messenger of Allah on behalf of me.’, She said, ‘By God, I do not know what to say the Messenger of Allah  (pbuh), either’.”. He would sometimes make enquiries from the maid-servant, sometimes from his other wives, and sometimes from Hadrat Ali and Hadrat Usamah. Find Alishba multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. them. Alishba is a Muslim Girl name and has Urdu origin. Some posts may contains affiliate links which help us in running the website.Thank you for your support! How can you  curse your son,If your son has attended the batle of Badr?’ Mistah kept silent. was busy in ploughing. 11 million dollars made from Islamic Sales: An Islamic sales of art and craft held at Sotheby' made around 11 million dollars. Alishah is a Muslim Girl name and has Arabic origin. Surah Rahman Lessons-Which of the blessings of your lord will you deny? Sana Khan who recently left Bollywood marries a Mufti.Video goes viral. Bible says that his father was Shaphat. Join Facebook to connect with Alicia Islam and others you may know. She … 8, p. 116; Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Musnad, Vol. I said, ‘O Umm Mistah! Safwan bin Mu`attal, who was travelling separately happened to get to the same place where she was and seeing her stranded, brought his camel and made it kneel so that she could ride upon it. 1.Aisha RA was the beloved to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam and she loved him people are tested on what is dearest to them A-lis-ha, al-i-sha ] The baby girl name Alisha is pronounced as aa-Liy-SHaa †. This Story of Bracelets of Kisra is a Miracle -A Prophecy come true .

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