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And certainly a lot if it gets ruined in the next couple of years and we have to replace it sooner than we’d like. Why the Article Sven Sofa is perfect for LIVING in your living room. From movie and game nights, to cuddling, napping, and playing, this sofa has been through it all with us. So I've put together my personal Article furniture review, the good, the bad and the in between. online shop that has some incredible mid-century modern, contemporary & Scandinavian pieces that are easily shoppable and shipped straight from the manufacturers (for a low flat fee too!! I would say I was 95% convinced on purchasing this sofa until I received the swatch sample for the Charme Tan. Even though I also LOVED the Sven Charme Tan Sofa, ... That’s the first negative review of Article that I’ve heard and I’ve heard quite a few. Here’s why we love it so much after 2+ years. In Summation. The best part is we are giving one of my lucky readers their very own Sven sofa (up to a $2,000 value). What I love about Article’s color selection is what I love about a really, really good restaurant: limited choices. First of all, I didn’t even have to google the Sven sofa, I knew exactly the sofa they were speaking of. Quality over quantity takes the cake for me every single time. Glad I decided to conduct a deeper dive on Sven issues and found this thread. It’s a beautiful thing. The color is amazing, and it definitely makes a statement. With simple choices comes efficiency. Luckily, my search led me to a really amazing company that seemed to have JUST what I was looking for. This post is written in partnership with Article … Article Sven Sectional Sofa in Cascadia Blue Pros for Article Sofa: I liked that the back cushions of this couch weren’t tufted. When I had the chance to team up with Article to test out and review the popular Sven Sofa I jumped at the chance! Fabric: minor pilling on the seat cushions only, but personally it doesn’t bother me, I just live with it because it’s hardly noticeable. Review : Sven Article Sofa & A Mini Basement Makeover. I took a big jump this year and ordered my first piece of online furniture… Rest assured, I still LOVE our Sven and think it’s the best leather sofa currently on the market for comfort, style and affordability. It seemed like it could be more comfortable as a result. Particularly the “grass green” version! There are a lot of pretty sofas out there, but they aren't all comfortable. I ordered the Sven leather sofa after much research and a ton of positive reviews,. Well… I’m actually evolving. I'm curious if you ended up getting the Sven Charme Tan 72" Sofa? I’ve been drooling over the Sven cognac leather sofa for the last year *heart eyes*, but can’t (yet) bite the bullet on the price! ... On Article’s website, the Sven is 3K reviews deep and holding strong with 4.8 out of 5 stars. Quality - Each of the sectionals we were considering were made of full-grain Aniline leather from Italy, so we knew the leather would be high quality no matter which sofa … Here we have put together a review of the best sofas and couches on the market. I just bought the Ceni loveseat, so once that arrives I'll be able to tell you my thoughts on that model at least. If this is a sofa that you are going to be sitting on a lot over the years, don't sacrifice comfort for style. In my corner, Sven by Article: Arguments for Sven: Cost: $2999 While this may not be a lot for a leather sofa of this quality, it’s still more than double anything we’ve paid for a sofa before. Two of my coworkers have sofas from Article. You want sturdy. While I could have paired the Sitka with a chair or two, I went for the 72 inch Sven sofa instead. The sofa's design is stylish and luxe without sacrificing comfort. And when I say I’m obsessed, I do really kind of mean it … I’ve read Sven sofa reviews … If the rest of the sectional patinas it wouldn’t be terrible, but if only one cushion stays faded thats such a bummer. The color is vibrant and adds a beautiful pop! The best part is that it is only $1,299-way cheaper than other comparable sofas. ... Im basing my 8 score on comparison to other Article sofa options and my personal style. You want the best! The larger version of the Sven is 88 inches in length and is perfect for a larger living room or space. Whitney May 10, 2018 at 11:03 am # 2. After reading countless reviews, I knew there was something special about the Article Sven sofa. The couch is back ordered about 6 months and Article offered me the opportunity to cancel my order. All the colors I've seen in this color, on the ARticle website, on Instagram, on reviews online, all the pictures have varying shades of a caramel tan color. Search more related videos on YouTube The Sven Sofa (72″) Color – Charme Tan Leather Cost – $1699. I’m here to assert my love for the Sven … Prior to purchasing anything from this company, I suggest checking out the HOUZZ reviews on Article - vs. perusing the largely positive reviews on their actual site - before buying. These two Article review posts were super helpful, thank you! DIY, Review My Time With The Article Sven Sofa May 19, 2017 mathiasparks Article, Article Sven Sofa,, Bryght, couch, Furniture, Review, SOFA, Sven, Sven Sofa 25 Comments. Article is a Canadian (!!!) It’s seriously the couch of my dreams and is even better than I expected it to be! Ordering anything online can be a bit scary – especially something as big as a sofa! When you buy a sofa or couch, you want to know you’re getting what you pay for. I also liked that the cushions had down filling, not just foam. For a little over a month now we have been napping, reading, movie watching, and all around enjoying our new Article sofa. on November 1, 2018. Article reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their Sven Sofa. I Googled "Sven sofa reviews" and that search is lacking. Ok, so right off the bat, you might be wondering, but what about the Sven?! I have been wanting a Sven velvet sofa for a while now and I have only heard good things about it. The biggest negative that you see online about Article is that the cushions give out early and don’t age well. Don't scrimp on quality just because of prices battles. Before posting my honest review I wanted to have the chance to test out this sofa in my home first. One page, single, uno. *This post was made possible by Article. I was wondering how the couch has aged. That's what I found with Article's Sven sofa. Oh man, I get so excited everytime you guys post about your Article sofas and how much you love them! We spent about three months searching for the right couch for our living room and, I’m sure like everyone else, we looked everywhere. Seriously, the reviews are RAVING about how beautiful and sturdy their mid-century modern furniture is. You should definitely do it! This time around I’m talking all about another lovely leather sofa – the Article Cigar sofa. Searching for the right sofa ain’t easy. Article Sven Charme Sofa Review When we first heard about Article we were definitely excited as the business model made a lot of sense – cut out the middle man, reduce the prices. After our kitchen remodel, we decided that it would function best for our layout to have the family room right off the kitchen. I turned to the lovely Instagram. You can choose a sofa, a sectional or a daybed in any fabric and color … including leather! Article’s Sven sofa dealt one damn good hand. Buying a sofa online can definitely be an intimidating guessing game. Not sure whether he's had it for more than 6 months though. It’s unanimous—the world is crazy about Sven. You’ve seen the full reveal of our made-over living room, and today I’m back with a real-life review of our new Sven Sectional sofa from Article!Investing in a brand new couch isn’t really something that we, as homeowners, will have the opportunity to do more than a handful of times, so I think we all go into it with some level of … Be very grateful that you returned the sofa — we purchased a Sven sectional from Article and after only 2 months it is breaking down like cheap furniture (which, apparently it is – but sold at premium prices – such is the age we live in where businesses just don’t care about the quality of the products they sell which they order from low cost Asian factories); Reply. Price 10: Look I realize the sofa is not a “Big Lots” level deal, but you’re not buying a pleather, cup holder having, one year discount sofa here. One has the Sven and really likes his. I found some Instagrammers (preferably ones that paid for them with their own dollars) that already owned the sofas to answer my quality questions. And so, my hunt for the best modern leather sofa commenced. Does the content not match? I’ve teamed up with Article to share my Sven sofa review and talk about how it is holding up over one year later. As a standard, 24-25″ seems to be the depth of most Article sofas, like the widely popular Sven Sofa collection . The velvet Sven sofa comes with five color options – and that’s it! Comparatively, Article's similar Sven Sectional is $3299. I have always loved walking into a home and suddenly finding myself surprised by an unlikely statement couch. Article has a few other bright colors in this style as well. I’ve been obsessed with the velvet Sven Sofa from Article pretty much since it was released. Guys! The goal, of course, is to find a sofa with both. Article Sven Sofa {my review} April 9, 2018 Posted in everything else. One of the narrowest sofas, only 19.5″ is the Soma Sofa, while others are much deeper, like the Cigar Sofa or the Mello Sofa which are both 28″ deep. But I had a blast finishing this room around our new sofa – the Article Sven sofa – which Article sent us for review. ). I browsed Article's tagged photos and also searched #ourarticle. Reviews article sven sofa Watch the TOP 4 review results we found on YouTube with search term 'article sven sofa review'.I could be a review, test or unboxing video. All had raving reviews. From the brands who make the best quality sofas to the most comfortable sofa reviews, you’ll find the living room furniture you need. Article Ceni Sofa Review After 2 Years Cushions: like new, no sagging what so ever and I’m a heavy lounger with weekends of Netflix marathons. My obsession with Article’s Sven Sofa. Article Sven Sofa Review | Our Honest Opinion (and styling tips!) I have a family of 6 which means we needed to pack in lots of seating into this space! I purchased the following pieces of furniture from Article: Sven Charm Tan Sofa, Mira Dining Table For 6 w/ 6 matching chairs, Matrix Persimmon Orange Chair, Ceni Seagrass Green Armchair. Kind of an apartment sized sofa. The Ceni was very low and uncomfortable and the Matrix had a big rip in the fabric (I had to repackage and return both).

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