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It could also be time for you to explore other options regarding the situation… If the cutting involves blood mean be careful of how you fear and risk in what will not bring gain or profit in your business but vanity. If crossed successfully result is positive on expectation If this snake attack you mean your neighbors or close person or recognized are using bad mind against you be careful how you expose yourself before them For the disappointment not to occur 3 days prayer and fasting to rebuke spirit of disappointment shapely with this psalm 104, 125, 129. Ꮇoney and freedom is the ƅest way to cһange, may you be If seen yourself playing any games with person you know in your dream this is also a sign for you to know about the fellow be careful how you reveal your matter to people. GROUNDNUT. BIBLICAL DREAM DICTIONARY by Evangelist Joshua. If your right eye is having problem in dream means someone closer very close to you may be loved one, husband, wife or children may be in sickness, it can cause you to spend unexpected money. Seeing light in your hand in the darkness, mean God is with you in any state you are. If you see this instrument of music broken in your dream is a sign of doom, enemy are on the way to turn joy to sadness pray in three days fasting use Psalm 21, and 28 Direct your prayer line to such people fast and pray for 3 days with Psalm 124 and 105. Check out our 4500+ word dream dictionary, discussion forums, and dream … You might endure a feeling of invisibility during your daily life: Perhaps you feel like people don’t really recognize your efforts or your talents. If lucked without a key and without opened till you wake up it’s a badl/ollistrongol To fulfil your destiny, you must committ your ways into the hands of God. During your hard time and difficulties, you will always triumph over your enemies but be faithful with God always. DRAGON. Gathering firewood for your cooking at the time of challenges is a sign of doom and continuous poverty. If you see calabash with water in your dream means problematic in your ventures. The powers of the devil behind this dream may want to fold your plans. Seeing them many inside your sugar or otherwise, meaning your gain effort will be eaten or transfer to another person. Psalm 18 with two days white fasting enemy want this to happen to you, you’ve to deliver yourself. Sometimes, your grief is not related to a death at all. Dreaming about son crying. When a woman is arrested in the marriage, her marriages suffers. if  eating, sexual and otherwise evil as meeting self at the same spot in the dream continue in your life, within seven days bled the Blood of Jesus Christ for an hour for each day into water drink and bath before sleeping for seven days Pray and fast for 3 days with Ps 28. If pregnant and you are carry baby or playing with baby is good dream you’ll experience easy delivery be courageous. Is it negative or positive? 3 days white fasting use this Psalm 74, 120 hour of prayer 9, 12, 3, 6 status of weapon against enemy’s conspired no matter how things will appear in your confrontations you will win places and rulerships of confronters.ol, Seen yourself in the dream been bury is a bad omen, find out your situation through the spirit of God, mean go to God’s messenger (Prophet/Pastor) for counseling If the dressing is incomplete, the victim may not die offer much care, prayer and fasting for 7 days with Psalm 124, 48 and 143. If it happens in or dream, means in one way or the other God will use your enemy for you. Prayer: rejecting arrow of backwardness and send it to sender instantly through 3 days fasting by using this prophetical Psalm. If you see grinder machine in your dream working, mean the problem in the same situation will be vanish unknowingly. If you short people with arrow in your hand in your dream it’s a weapon of victory at the present situation and you’ll in no matter your present challenges. Eating meat or fish cooked, given by friend or any one you know, the person is your enemy, be careful with him or her. In Gen 1, we read that God created the heaven and the earth. LICENSE, If in your dream you are given new license, in circular job or business mean elevation in your venture be happy and prayerful. If see handcuffed in your dream means enemy had captured you already, it may be in bad characters or attitudes towards unconvinced of other, is a bad omen. Seeing your instruments spoiled in the dream and you started repairing it, means your work by that time will be fruitful and progress. ANT: If you see ant in your dream whether on your bed or in your rooom, sometimes you should ask yourself this question: “Whats ants doing in my room? Seeing an apple in the dream means fruitfulness, recovery and prosperity. While descending means to return back. If you see cargo in your dream open and empty, is a bad omens means what you have labour for another people have come to carry it away, quickly go into 3 days white fasting, get yourself anointed with oil and pray with this prophetic Psalm 140, 142, hour of pray 12, 3, 6, and 9 you will be restored totally. It could be involving others or just you. If someone comes and ask for your gold and you gave him or her in your dream is a very bad omen, meaning no matter how you pray against your enemy without receiving the gold back your effort will be valid until you get your gold back, get yourself anointed with 6 days white fast use this Psalm 23, 24, 25, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 daily. But if you find yourself accommodating people into your house, I urge you keep doing your goodness, one day, it will pay better for you. Spiritual arrest is the total arrest of your dreams. If seen in your food, clothes or luggage’s, it’s a signs or symbol of attack on you at this present by witchcraft manipulation against your glory to be poisoning your life and way against self. Seen yourself in  the boarding school with your mate mean you have been trying to be above your mate or friends but it’s impossible, read this powerful Psalm 102 into water and pray aggressively for DESTINY fulfillment 7 days into the water with 7 days fasting, time of prayer 12, 3 , 6 and 9. Seeing honey comb or its liquid given to you or you eat it, symbolizes prosperity in all business and endeavor. Seen yourself without shoe walking in your dream means a symbol of incomplete in your business, you must pray to recover it back with Psalm. If died is a good dream because your destiny will take new change and progress immediate effect. If you dream where you adopt a child in the dream, if you are an expected mother, congratulations, God has decided to use that child to invite and open your womb. Particularly, there are powers behind this setback. These colors bring about both positive and negative context depending on how it is seen in the dream. If seeing in their thousand, in dream, is a sign of loss, remedial prayer 7 days fasting and prayer with psalm 46,1, and 14, if a Christian please rectify if tithe is not paid correct yourself. It is a sign of fruitfulness in any effort or attempt if harvest abundantly in the dream. LIFTING HEAVY LOAD, This dream shows human effort in all endeavors or someone shouldering heavy load in the family responsibility. If you are despise in your dream by someone you know, meaning fighting is approaching be careful how you allow satan. Think on how you spent money, to avert these Psalm. Psalm.23, 24, 25. Seeing vomiting, coming out of your body, or in your clothes it’s a sign of deliverance and restoration of yourself from the dead world of the close enemy that are stronger than you be praiseful to Jesus Christ every day. COTTON. 14, 18 into water with 3 days fasting sprinkle the water into your shop or room (Read it 7 times in a day) and drink or bath). If the dry one is burnt is a bad omens, pray against the power of useless spirit with Psalm 60, 70 three days fasting. Read this psalm. It is also your present situation pray against, reduction, limitation and backwardness seriously in your life. Seven days white fasting, Psalm 30 68, 98, pray aggressively to be deliver, call for God’s help to help you. For a single, the dream of crying suggests the recent poor luck in love relationship, the problem in communication and the possible argument. If broken, it is also total shattered of hope, prayer and fasting is necessary with the following Psalms if on serious note Psalm 7, 124, and 126. If seen lawyer advocating for you in the court in your dream no matter your situation God will intervene to help you by man or woman. Luke 21-15 If the gate is lock behind you in your dream is a bad omen use psalm 24 read it seven times in a day to unlock the gateway of success in your venture fast three day break 7pm or 8pm. Confession and changes old sins, transgressions and iniquities committed knowingly or unknowingly. If seen someone you know in the casket dead is a symbol of long life. Crying in a dream often shows a sense of grief or mourning. If seen yourself in the classroom with some of elders in seriousness willing and teacher he or she in your front teaching all of you, mean you will be add more into your own experience and work, if you are a minister of God see this dream, God is teaching you another lesson in your ministry, don’t be afraid is also a good dream. If falling on the horse is a bad omen prayer in three days for straight and ableness. Three day fasting to avert the problems but if dream does not change before the completion of the 3rd day make it 7 days. If funeral song is heard in dream is proverbial aid realistic 7 days prayer and fasting should offered to avert such occurrence if the dreams occur again visited man of God for counseling use Psalm 60, 46 and 109. JUICE, If seen yourself drinking juice any colour it may be meant at junction of receiving your miracle it going to be easy for you to receive it. LANTERN, High illumination means progress in all rounds. Don’t be afraid He appear in His superiority. You have to pray with the Psalm or you will go extra miles in this battle of your ancestors’. Drawing water up successfully means present effort will yield fruit. Seen this insert in your dream chasing you and bitten, mean you must stop speaking against some people around you or in your family, they may be in power of darkness, be careful how you use your mouth against men of great status in the spirit world. If fell down in dream, refers to status and standing that such fellow may suffer relegation in business or in society this is the work of the enemy, prayer of stability need to be offered with the following Psalm. Shows a serious problem is on the way. use Joel 2 Once your skin is damges, it kills the interest of people not to move closer to you. If seen yourself baking a beautiful cake or bread, this dream is also a fulfillment in endeavor keep on drying in your venture you will make it If you see a little one crying in your dream, it often means that you’ve made, or are thinking about making a decision that goes against your faith. If you are greeted wrongly in your dream be careful fighting is knocking on the door and take it easy in any situation. If suddenly remove from the head, it is also sign of relegation requires 7 days fasting and prayers with psalm 124, 50, 83, to recover. DICTIONARY. If someone has died in a dream it could be symbolic of cutting ties with that person or situation. When a man is arrested in the dream, his dreams becomes useless. Seen it been corked and empty is a bad omen, 3 days fasting and use this Psalms 72 and 38 for prayer to be refilling your success and spiritual ability. Fortified yourself spirit, soul and body with the Blood of Jesus CLIMBING A LADDER, If successfully climbed in dream means an important objective will be realistically achieved. Do good at all times one day, you may entertain or accommodate the Holy Spirit. I decree your helper of destiny will not face arrest in Jesus name. Seeing yourself ringing the bell in the church or in the street preaching means it’s a message from heaven unto you and unto your generation, see the prophet for this, Seeing yourself blind in the dream is a bad omen, mean the enemy had showed you what to happen or what has already happened that you may not see the end of your life even the good thing people use to see, immediately you wake up use the Psalm 11, 12, 13 in water for 7 times in 7 days drink and bath on the last day with 7 days fasting. Based on my interpretations, here are some of the probable reasons why you experienced such dream. If seeming self as doctor you will save people and animals, you will be a savior to save life at the prim of If seeing in your dream walking towards you or reluctantly with you it is a sign of doom correct yourself before God and man, Psalm 38, 39, 43. All this dream means that your foundation is weak. Seeing this in your dream you have offended this parents when they are yet alive, confess your sins, transgressions and iniquities to a man of God. Going for deliverance is advisable! Acid is a spiritual chemical that destroy people. If black nylon bag is given in dream, also this dream is bad, evil forces had hand over sickness which the roof will not be discover, pray and fast for 3 days in water for drinking only psalm 24,18,140. use Matthew 10:19-20 repeat this Scriptures word seven times in the morning, afternoon and evening fir the period of your fasting time. When you are in trouble, this dream should calm you down. 19. Ask the Lord for divine assistant and help from Jesus Christ in all your expectations to come true, read Psalm 11 in eleven times into water to bath self for total cleanse. But if your gum teeth are wounded and bleeding it’s a problematic in your family. It is a sign of new chapter in your circular endeavor if opened easily without stress. Whatever you are believing God for, is it job, contract job or advancement to a higher level, it is a season of answers prayers. Seeing yourself in dream as a Boss over people and you started controlling men calling you as their master, this is evidence of low estate in the physical world, to reach the top will be unreasonable for such fellow, three days white fasting with the honey to break and salt daily. If carry your cloth to the laundry man in your dream mean cleanness and transition in your venture and your circumstance will take a new look. Rotted or decaying mean loss in business venture 2 days fasting and prayer with psalm 24, 124, 50. Or you may be warned, be careful of how you come into matter that will lead to fighting always being careful, you only know the beginning of every quarrel but the end maybe worst, be at peace in any issues! Inability to lift up yourself symbolize lower in spiritual power three days fasting with Psalm 123, 46, 123 use the prayer point for divine change. When you see police etc that arrest you for the crime you did not committ, It is the plans of the devil to cage you in the prisonyard of delay, setback and regret. (Oba 1:17), 13. Seeing yourself been carry inconvenienHYMN-BOOK/olt heavy load in the If you see this minister of God in your dream may be on stage preaching, if seeing in your dream ceremony as occasion and people are eating and drinking with high table guest, very soon joyful promotion will occur on your way because of your situation that is bad, you will be celebrated at last.if seeing on your television or talking to you, whatever he or she tells you to do pls. Seeing clean in the dream, it’s a sign of peace and rest at this moment in your circumstance. That’s why you should never ignore your dream, but you should try to find its secret meaning. Pray for restoration and recovery quickly. CEREMONY. iii. All this offences strengthen the continuation of eating, sex, fighting, see dead people, retrogression, suppression, oppressions, afflictions, depressed in the dreams against the freedom and etc., this freedom is a processing and patient as you continue in the Will of God. 9, 124, 127. KETTLE. If you win at any game you may be playing in your dream is a sign of successful in your labour. Seeing it given to you in large numbers, prepare for confrontation that you will overcome very soon. If you received a white envelop with white letter mean good news Seen the tree of lemon in your dream and full of lemons mean your journey has yield increase that we not hurt you. DWARF. If given or found is a good dream, you are going into higher level which your generation had never reached. 17. When held, no hindrance in the bush can hold you back. If seen world map in your dream mean God want you to know you are his frontiers, you we travel into very far countries, keep yourself from sin, if sin involve it will not be possible. This dream may be directed to you or anybody in the dream. two days fasting use this Psalm 60, 97 that the Lord should lift you up in your endevours that cause this wound, If you see in your head is a sign of weakness, it’s enemy will, to abolish the enemy’s wishes, get yourself anointed with oil pray heatedly with Psalm 70, 25, 102, 121 in three days fasting, If you are admitted in the hospital in your dream, if you are sick, you will soon get healed and better. Be careful at this time and take note yourself. Seen a bottle cover with seal corked and wine is inside, it’s a good dream Perhaps, you see an obstacle on your way, be rest assure that there are spirit of wickedness that hate to see you getting to your promised land. If seeing knife in dream cut your hand and blood seeing mean you shouldn’t use your mouth against yourself in any matter you are not concern, be careful how you speak. If you are watching film traditionally or foreign film in your dream theater or on the screen by television, mean what you see on the show is a properly what to happen within seven day or a month, be careful how you allow to use your though. To recover this fast for five days with Ps. ARREST: This is a spiritual imprisonment and manipulation. III. iii. It is a sign of power and authority in one level, if put into lamp is a sign of power increase during the time. It means on other source of reliable solution your problem except through God only and it even mean a call to service. If eating in the dream it’s also a good omen which mean at this time you’ll be part of benefits and profits. All Rights Reserved, = 0 || '{{ParentCategoryTitle}}'.indexOf(query.toLowerCase()) >= 0 ? '' Psalm 109. Seen this symbol in your dream, mean blockage of blessing and resources, that’s When yourself flying abroad and you landed their safely, congratulations, you have defeated stagnancy and overcome success. Seeing chains like the one used for criminal, means character, be perceived to change your behaviour because is necessary. Be careful how you use your mind and mouth. It is a sign of peace in your labour if used APOSTLE OR BISHOP, Seeing these peculiar men of God in your dream, praying or doing deliverance for you mean you will be free from your present problems. If seen someone you know or yourself been enthrone mean you’ve been assigned to be leader and head of particular assignment that will last for long period and this will bring gain and fortune, wait in prayer always to run away from sin. Check the prayer at the back or check site prayer on restoration of status. We enter this world with original sin, but that is what separates us from God. Seeing earthworm every were in your dream is a sign of problematic and incoming doom, 3 days with Psalms 59, 145 in water for bathing only be careful how you trust people. Any bad or evil signs or appearance stand against it or destroy it immediately. CHEQUE, Seeing this with amount written on the cheque means money is on the way that will not be long to reach you. n. Newly established business or diversion into such is on the way, prayer for stability psalm 9, 124, 125. Seeing a hill cover If in the erosion means an economic problem or a related issue is likely to burst out pray and fast added to win your superior enemy with Psalm 124, 50, 141 use the prayer at the back. If you seen stranger in your roof or your shop as a carpenter removing things without putting another back mean that’s a destroyer get yourself anointed for 3 days with fasting and curse the demonic carpenter to die with Psalm. Psalm 56, 80, It could be direct dream to self, hence it should be interpreted to suit situation that surround the person. If somebody you knew is sick and you now dream the person died and put in the coffin is a bad omen the person will die by the sickness. but If you dream finding addiction in bad thing, that bad thing will produce bad fruits in your life. Dream Dictionary is one guide that aid people how to organise their dreams alphabetically in the dictionary.

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