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A version with two pickups was produced as the ES-125 TDC.Body Style: Single cutaway, semi-hollowbodyYears of Production: 1960 - 1970 Honestly, Im on the fence about it. The model features two P-90 pickups and a sharp Florentine cutaway.Body Style: Single cutaway, semi-hollowbodyYears of Production: 1960 - 1970 Vintage 1957 Gibson ES-125td Thanks for looking! So Many Guitars, So Little Time. First a (very) quick bit of history. $250.00/mo. A 225 is admittedly nicer, and a Starfire is a great suggestion if you like the pickups, but if you want a 125, get a 125. These guitars are no longer being made, but I was lucky enough to try one out when I … The Gibson Es-125 Page. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Gibson. The TC in the title refers to Thinbody Cutaway. Thread Tools. Cream City Music is one of the world's finest gutar shops with selections including the Vintage 1956 Gibson ES-125 Hollowbody Electric Guitar Sunburst Finish. These are the best guitars I ever came across. Compare prices and shop Gibson ES … I have a 1954 Gibson es-125 and a question that I've been wondering about: Is it ok to put acoustic strings on an es-125? The Gibson ES-125 is a hollow body, archtop electric guitar from the 1940's and 1950's. The Gibson ES-125 is an archtop, hollow body electric guitar model that was produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. In my youth I always wanted a Gibson ES-125TDC. Introduced in 1941 and offered until 1970 with production suspended between 1943 and 1946, the ES-125 … Latest reviews Search resources. Semi-Acoustic Guitar! Content provided for informational purposes only. Played unplugged, the ES-125 has pretty impressive bass for a thinline, and it’s loud, clear and bright. Brand: Gibson Instrument Categories: Archtop, Electric, Guitars, SOLD [Show slideshow] Built from 1941 to 1970 with a break during WW2, the Gibson ES-125 archtop was a popular, entry level electric guitar with a single P … This instrument lets you play with electric bands without getting lost in the noise. Praise be to the Gibson ES-125. A long time player of the Gibson ES-125, Epiphone have just honoured him with the George Thorogood White Fang ES-125 signature. All This Thread Reviews Gear Database Guitars for sale Latest Trending. This variation on the ES-125 was made with a single P-90 pickup and a sharp Florentine cutaway. Gibson ES-125 archtop electric guitar reviews and demonstration videos. The ES-125 actually sounds closer to our ES-330, but it has a distinct twangy woodiness that can almost certainly be attributed to the bridge. A great example of Gibson's true workhorse, the ES-125 was a very popular guitar in the 1940s and 1950s, used in all sorts of genres from Jazz to Rockabilly. Rockabilly heaven. Or is it strictly built for electric strings only? Several months back I “accidentally” acquired a 1958 Gibson ES-125TD, I had no plan to purchase it … it came and found me; I have grown to flat-out LOVE that ol girl, and I just gotta gush!. Far more so than our own ES-225, but there isn’t anything like as much sustain. Nov 1, 2016 - Gibson ES-125 Guitars. VCP is offering a super clean vintage 1957 double p-90 pickup ES-125 1950's Gibson hollowbodies and semi-hollows are known as being some of the BEST guitars on the planet. Add to Cart. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric Guitar, Blues Burst at También contamos con el Fender Mustang GTX 100 y … Current visitors. Thanks in advance! Reviews -Be the first to rate and review this product. Sometimes called a semi-acoustic guitar because of its hollow, sound-enhancing body, the ES-125 is among the low-end offering from the ES series. Only one of these things is true. Reviews guitarras vintage: 1945 Epiphone Spartan, 1954 Fender Stratocaster, 1934 Gibson L-4 y 1955 Gibson ES-125. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Post-war ES-125 was Gibson's simplest and cheapest entry-level archtop that featured a pickup. All guitars sold receive a 35-point inspection, ensuring an incredible playing experience. 1956 Gibson ES-125 Hollow Body Archtop Electric GuitarIn Excellent Condition (See Photos)Original Sunburst Finish Shows Almost No Wear (See Photos)Mahogany NeckRosewood FingerboardGibson P-90 PickupComes As Shown With Non-Original Hardshell CaseUSA Made 2 user reviews on Gibson ES-125 T. Excellent guitar 19 frets (neck easy to play) UTILIZATION handle very nice! It has a single P-90 pick up and was made in the USA as far as I can tell. Hi, I inherited this guitar recently but I'm having trouble confirming the model and date. View the Gibson ES-125 guitar features and the artists who use it. Gibson ES 125 . 3 user reviews on Gibson ES-135. $4,299.00. The Gibson ES-135 is beautiful, semi-hollow body electric guitar. 01-20-2018, 09:39 AM #1. Autumn Burst. Dutchbopper Guest Wow, it's been months since I posted here. If you are looking for a goedkoop gitaar, you should contact Russ. The Forums. If you do not feel right about forking out $3,000 and up on an old Gibson Jazzbox, this is a healthy alternative Order now! I play both, a 1966 es 125 TC and a 1955 full body ES 125. Archtop Hollowbody Electric Guitar. Gibson first produced the ES-125 in the 1940s, but in the 1950s and 1960s it morphed into numerous variants: firstly a thinline non-cutaway version, the ES-125T in 1956 (T stands for thinline), followed by the double pickup version ES-125TD the next year (D for double pickup). The laminated Maple hollow body is super resonant and is really loud acoustically, with a rich, precise tone, this guitar sounds great when put in an open tuning for slide. Introduced as an entry-level archtop hollow-body electric guitar in the 1940s, the long-since discontinued Gibson ES 125 is still finding its way onto stages today.. Members. This Gibson Anniversary J-45 Acoustic-Electric Guitar commemorates 125 years of craftsmanship, innovation and authenticity. Log in Register. I expected a lot more from the ProBucker P-90s. Hope everybody is ok. With all this talk about high end Gibson archtops and 10k vintage guitars the ES 125 is a guitar that is … The ES-125 is no exception - it falls right in line with the best ES-175's, ES-330's and other similar archtops we've played Post your ES-125 on this page! Home. See more ideas about Gibson, Gibson guitars, Guitar. Learn more. The entry-level ES-125 was very popular, but had only a P-90 pickup in the neck position until, and for only, 1957. My best guess is a 1946 Gibson ES-125, but I'm not sure and can't find a photo of another one with the same inlays, pickup configuration and bridge. Built in 1955, this ES-125 has been loved throughout its life. I saw this cool Jay Turser 125 copy on the ’Bay, and the youthful memories started flooding back. I got me one of these brand new babies a couple months ago. Just wondering what you think of it ? 281 likes. Hey, It is a beautifully rustic 1954 ES 125 Gibson acoustic electric guitar as a gift from my great uncle when my grandfather passed away. I owned a '57 single cutaway w/ factory Bigsby for many years back in the '80's, along with my old '48 Gibson BR-6 amp. Introduced in 1941 as the successor to the ES-100, the ES-125 was an entry-level archtop electric guitar. This guitar is still popular today as it's one of the most popular models from the time period. The stunning Gibson ES 125 guitar is what you use when you want an acoustic option that doesn’t compromise on power. Oh well. May 28, 2008 #2 Shop the top brands at … You find his webpage here: The best place in the UK to buy American Vintage Guitars: Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Martin Love that powerful, punchy sound of the P90. My grandfather saved up and bought this guitar back in the 50s as a present to him when they were dirt poor in Rio de Janeiro. The Gibson ES-125D is a rare version of a pretty common instrument. Viewing Serial # 10859035. Based on the original ES-125, the Gibson ES-125T electric guitar provided an entryway for guitarists to dive into the world of archtop guitars. Best strings for my Gibson es-125 electric archtop When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. H. Hamerman Member. They're just a basic pressed plywood topped student guitar, very similar to a thousand different hollowbodies made throughout the '60's and '70's, you don't have to pay vintage Gibson money to get that sound. A cutaway ES-125 has been, and will always be, the heart of George Thorogood’s thick, crunchy, low-down blues-rock guitar tone. News & Reviews; Newsletter SOLD Gibson ES-125 Archtop Electric Guitar Sunburst, 1954. Hello. Model history. Thorogood Signature ES-125 with ProBucker P-90s. Messages 6. What's new Search. I used to go to our local music store and salivate over the one in their window. Fast forward to 2014. But oddly enough, I’ve never bought one over the years. Henry . The Gibson ES-125 – Sleeper Guitar Alert! This variation on the ES-125 was originally known as the ES-125TCD before being listed as the ES-125TDC. Thanks. Yes it's old, but it's no less stable or more fragile than any other decent archtop. 18 x. I've owned one 50's Gibson ES-125, so I'm guessing older is for the most part better, as long as it's a good one? The limited-edition Epiphone George Thorogood White Fang looks to one of George’s prized midcentury Gibsons for its visual and tonal inspiration.

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