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Eugene, OR Rhonda ferretassn.org [email protected] facebook.com/southshoreferretcare ​​Nicole Berrey See what we are are up to & w hen new pets are available. ​Kingsport, TN (972) 286-5778, WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary Patty (ferret coordinator) Another benefit of ferret shelters is that workers are extremely knowledgeable about ferrets. We are a no-kill shelter based near Seattle. Denver, CO thwrinc.wixsite.com/tenderheartwildlife Below we’ve highlighted some very passionate and credible ferret rescues and shelters. Ferret Rescue of Maine Buxton, ME. German Valley, IL BBB Rating: … Luna’s House thrives on working with individuals and with other organizations in the local and regional community to promote widespread humane education and respect for … Columbus, OH Boise, ID [email protected] annsferretshelter.weebly.com/home.html These are hands-down the best places to get a ferret from. jbferret.com [email protected] (301) 898-1568 Massachusetts South Shore Ferret Care & Fortunate Ferret Shelter Holbrook, MA. Angel Ferret Shelter Services, Inc. is a full service 501c-3 ferret shelter. Mary These aren't those fly-by-night stores, they're real, recognizable merchants like … a no-kill ferret shelter that offers rescue services for ferrets, rehoming, education, and will house ferrets permanently if they are not adoptable. If the ferret is sick, veterinary care is provided before adoption. ​(602) 672-5636, Tender Heart Wildlife Rehab (717) 579-1216, Greenville SC Exotic Animal Rescue Wichita, KS (317) 356-2653, Animal Rescue League of Iowa ​(916) 992-3132, Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption accreditation. nirvanaridge.org 2) Select the "Distance Search" button. idahohumanesociety.org [email protected] [email protected] View the Black Dragon Ferret Rescue location in Council Bluffs, IA. Brandy Station, VA If you’re looking to bring home a pet ferret, you should turn to a local ferret or animal shelter first and foremost. Niwot, CO [email protected], Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue Manchester, OH Louisville, KY (208) 342-3508, ​Greater Chicago Ferret Association westcoastferrets.com He was born into a family with a dog named Murphy, and since then has owned several other dogs, mice, ferrets, fish, geckos, and a cat. If they are young enough we try to find them a good home and if they are not adoptable we keep them as our own. [email protected] Enola, PA ​​Acworth, GA We offer a discount for adopting bonded cagemates. ​Fargo, ND willamettevalleyferretshelter.org facebook.com/theferrethaven Back to Top. oregonferretshelter.org ferretrescue.com All adoptions are by appointment only. Forget-Me-Not Ferret Rescue/Pennsylvania Ferret Club & Shelter Director(s): Tracy Acker Enola, PA (717) 579-1216 Website: www.PFRGI.org. The Ferret Inn Rescue & Adoption Center Director: Joanne Fisher Jensen Beach, FL (561) 334-4130: Miami Ferret Club, Inc./Shelter Director: Angela Espinet Miami, FL (305) 251-8647: NE Florida Branch/South FL Ferret Rescue "The Woodland Retreat" Director: Barbara Ludt Green Cove Springs, FL (904) 284-9232 Fill Out Your Adoption Application Here. ​Kellyville, O​K washingtonferret.org Please call (971) 313-3622 to schedule one. Ferret Shelters – Arizona. Maren Note: We may earn commissions from the links within this post. Texico, NM sammysclubhouse.org We are registered with the state of North Carolina as an animal shelter. All ferrets are tested for Aleutian Disease Virus prior to coming to the shelter, and they are also up-to-date on their vaccinations (if healthy) for rabies (Imrab-3) and canine distemper (Nobivac DPv) before adoption. Unable to find a local rescue, we took in several and while having them vetted, our veterinarian suggested we start rescuing. ​[email protected] Tracy (918) 844-9395, ​Willamette Valley Ferret Shelter Enjoy savings with coupons for Amazon , Sierra Trading Post & Ferret.com , all while Goodshop donates up to 20% to our cause! payment method cash only location. [email protected] Baltimore County, MD facebook.com/Louisiana-Bon-Temps-Ferret-Rescue-1040349312745460 ferretfarm.org biglickferretshelter.com (815) 266-1342, Ferret Rescue & Halfway House Debbie Log in now and submit the organization directly! The Ferret Shelters Directory is a worldwide, self-listing, searchable database of sanctuaries, humane organizations, individuals, and businesses that rescue and adopt out pet ferrets. Search for pets for adoption at shelters. [email protected] (207) 423-2297, Rocky’s Ferret Rescue [email protected] Broward Ferret Rescue Inc. Broward Ferret Rescue Inc. Broward Ferret Rescue Inc. 501(c)3 non profit existing to rescue abandoned and surrendered ferrets to … When a ferret first arrives … Brenda Adoption Fees: 2 years old and younger: $100, Over 2 years old: $75 Adoption Application All Fields Are Required - APPLICANTS MUST BE OVER 18 YRS OLD - WE DON'T ADOPT … 1) Select the US Zip or AU Post Code Box to find a rescue in a specific zip/postal code (probably zero results unless you know the shelter's code). Spokane, WA Rocky's Ferret Rescue & Shelter requests a $95 adoption donation for single ferrets and $150 for bonded pairs. Stevens Point, WI gcfa.com Our mission is to protect and provide for any ferret(s) in need, regardless of health, age or origin. If it becomes necessary for an individual to give up a ferret, the shelter may be able to take the animal in until a new home can be found. facebook.com/weezlewingsferretsanctuary gscerescue.com (206) 442-2025, Nirvana Ridge Ferret Rescue (406) 549-3934, Rai-Lee’s Rescues (443) 350-7245, Forget-Me-Not Ferret Rescue/Pennsylvania Ferret Club & Shelter ​​browardferretrescue.org ​​Sacramento, C​A Kevin (703) 342-9032, Richmond Ferret Rescue League (+ Case For Legalization), Are Ferrets Nocturnal? We have been rescuing ferrets since 2009 in the Indianapolis area. Collins, IA Animal Advocacy [email protected], Louisiana Bon Temps Ferret Rescue Beth Help support the Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue and shop using our affiliate program with iGive.com. Greenville, SC AZ Ferret Rescue Director: Diane Simonain Phoenix, AZ 602 672-5636 ds31760 at aol.com Shelter is a 501(c)3 organization and works with the AZ Humane Society’s Alternate Replacement Program to rescue “unadoptable” ferrets as well as taking in owner surrendered ferrets in need. Luna’s House, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of animals and their people. Ferret Nook Shelter/Adoption Center Kathy & Barry Cambridge, WI ferretnook.org [email protected] (608) 516-2587. A completely free way to help West Coast Ferrets. laneferrets.org scalesandtails.org Grand Rapids, MI Our regular shelter hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but we will work with your schedule too. Christine [email protected] wataugahumane.org (616) 447-2978, Bandit & Friends Ferret Sanctuary Balch Springs, TX Karen (903) 445-2035, Hamilton’s Ferret Haven ), Ferrets for Sale: Ultimate Guide to Buying Ferrets in 2020, 25 Cute Ferrets You Have to See (With Pictures), Why Are Ferrets Illegal In California? Find and adopt a pet on Petfinder today. Your email address will not be published. If you have the means to care for a ferret properly and know that you’ll be able to provide it with a great home, you may be looking into getting one for yourself. [email protected], Raisins From Heaven Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary Virtually every ferret shelter is owned and run by people that truly care about every single ferret that comes through their doors. SJ Ferret Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. We take in unwanted ferrets and we give them the medical and social attention they require. (828) 264-7865, ​​Bandit & Friends Ferret Sanctuary Sisters Grapetail Haven Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary's Adoption Process The first step in our adoption process is for our potential parents to fill out and submit an adoption form. The Greater Chicago Ferret Association (GCFA) is an educational, rescue and adoption organization. Kirkland, WA Scarlett animal shelters around the world that are on-line, please about our shelter The Nirvana Ridge Ferret Rescue (NRFR) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and no-kill animal welfare organization, established to benefit the domestic ferret (Mustela Furo). (575) 309-6225, Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter Inc. The primary goal of ferret shelters is to find a home for every single ferret that they care for. Trevor Required fields are marked *, Get exclusive pet tips, tricks, and fun stuff that we love :), About         Contact         Medical Disclaimer         Terms         Privacy. facebook.com/SouthernDooks ​Breaux Bridge, L​A Bonded pairs are usually ferrets that are older and have lived with each other their entire lives. We take in lost, unclaimed, or owner-released ferrets and place them in homes. (330) 931-9531, Ann’s Ferret Shelter & Adoption Inc. (781) 249-4628, West Michigan Ferret Connection The Ferret Association of Connecticut shelter accepts ferrets from other humane organizations that are unable to care for them and Good Samaritans who take in lost or abandoned animals. HOFA's rescue shelter (also known as HOFA Rescue-Net) was started late in 2004 and we are having GREAT success so far! Take a moment to meet each one. rockysferrets.com [email protected] One thing they all have in common is a strong desire to find a FOREVER home. (516) 536-6615, Watauga Humane Society Indianapolis, IN They’ll be able to answer any and all questions about ferret care that you may have. Cambridge, WI (540) 986-1823, Nirvana Ridge Ferret Rescue Right now, we have around 5, which is very unusual for us. Mason & W.M. Organizations, List of Cities with Ferret Shelters in New Jersey, http://www.jerseyshoreanimalcenter.org/index.html, http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/littlefurries.html, http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NJ537.html, http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NJ180.html, http://www.angelfire.com/oz/watershipdown/rabbit_haven_by_the_sea.htm, http://www.commonsenseforanimals.org/home/home.html. facebook.com/Wyoming.Ferret.Rescue ferretdreams.org © 2020 Beyond The Treat | Amazon Associates Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Christy facebook.com/jeremysboggleferretbungalow [email protected] [email protected] Susie Our fees are based on the age and general health condition of the ferret (s). [email protected] You may also consider visiting sites for individuals to place their own pets such as rescueme.org or rehomeyourpet.com. services/products. ​​​kindnessmattersferretrescue.com Animal shelters and rescues similar to Black Dragon Ferret Rescue offer temporary places for pets that have been lost or … fivepointsferretrefuge.org ferretrescueofmaine.org [email protected] (207) 423-2297 Maryland Just a Business of Ferrets Vickie McKimmey. ​​Diane Simonian​​​ ​​Andrea Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue, Inc. 501(c) Council Bluffs, Iowa/Omaha, Nebraska. [email protected] ​Jim Hart (770) 235-0070, Idaho Humane Society Welcome to the Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. (509) 599-3327, Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter [email protected] Prineville, OR [email protected] Streetsboro, OH ​North Las Vegas, NV (702) 576-6274, 4 Lil Paws Ferret Shelter It includes ferret only shelters and sanctuaries; state and local animal shelters and societies; municipal animal control facilities; veterinarians, pet stores and breeders as well as individuals … Log in now and submit the organization directly! ferretrescuehh.org txferretrescue.org [email protected], Kansas Humane Society Richmond, VA ​Fargo, ND (services Minnesota) David ​​Fort Lauderdale, FL​​​ All ferrets are current on their distemper shots. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] We are a NO kill facility. ferretrescueofmaine.org [email protected] (802) 554-0008, Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice Kathy & Barry furryferretrescue.org There are over 500 stores with everything you'd normally buy online. (715) 498-7058, Wyoming NO KILL Ferret Rescue Sanctuary Ferrets in shelters are in desperate need of a loving home, so they should be the first ones that you consider taking home. [email protected] ​Buxton, ME Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Ferret. [email protected] (901) 335-6536, ​Furry Ferret Rescue ​​Brandy Station, VA (serves West Virginia) We are the only ferret specific no kill rescue in the region, and are dedicated to serving the needs of the domestic ferret, regardless of age or health. facebook.com/ArizonaFerretRescue​​​ (352) 346-7809, ​Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue ​[email protected] [email protected] (703) 342-9032​​​, Ferret Nook Shelter/Adoption Center (Is It Bad? (Please note that not just any two ferrets qualify as a bonded pair. Our goals are to spread the word about keeping ferrets as pets, and to care for neglected, abused and abandoned ferrets. Maggie State College, PA Melissa Rita Claudia Randy Join iGive.com and have a percentage of your purchases donated to West Coast Ferrets. Buffalo, NY Sheri (316) 524-9196, Kentuckiana Ferret Haven, Inc. (937) 549-1960, Rainy Day Rescue [email protected] a no-kill ferret shelter, we do not accept dogs or cats. ​​Oxford, PA (services Delaware) arl-iowa.org [email protected] (716) 348-8119, New York Ferret’s Rights Advocacy Brentwood, NH ​​Saint Louis, MO myhswm.org The Ferret Sleep Schedule (Explained), You’re giving a ferret a second chance at life, You aren’t contributing to ferret overpopulation. We do accept donations of any kind - such as food, bedding, litter, and of course monetary donations towards vet care and continuous shelter services. Oceanside, NY While there are several places that offer ferrets for sale, you should first turn to a ferret shelter to adopt your ferret. Adopt a loving pet from Black Dragon Ferret Rescue that is in need of a permanent loving home. Travelers Haven Ferret Rescue Loree Stevens Point, WI [email protected] (715) 498-7058 . Hernando, MS Naples, NY [email protected] rainydayrescue.weebly.com Lowrey We typically have more than 20 ferrets available for adoption at the shelter. nirvanaridge.org hofarescue.org (603) 778-0172, Scales and Tails These shelters are extremely personal, with owners and volunteers alike taking the time to assess each ferret and properly rehabilitate/socialize them. The shelter is currently based out of the home of Diane and Tony Campbell in Statesville, NC. texicoferretrescue.org ​​Des Moines, IA [email protected] Vital Statistics: Devon (available for adoption) – Polecat coloured hob – Missing left ear Background: Surrendered by an owner who was not interested in keeping him any more Character: An extremely timid ferret around humans, we suspect he had never been held before he came to the rescue.He can be encouraged to take food from your hand but is not comfortable being … (585) 374-8393, Ferretpallozza Hallsville, TX (870) 350-4189, West Coast Ferret Rescue Millie [email protected] [email protected] Spring Hill, FL (435) 820-2566, Rainbow Ferret REscue Me! facebook.com/Richmondferret Martinsville, IN If you live outside our area, please visit the Ferret Shelter Directory for a ferret shelter near you or visit Petfinder.com to find ferrets for adoption from other humane organizations. Our mission is to educate the public on the care of ferrets and to find good homes for abused, abandoned, homeless and unwanted domestic ferrets. Carlton, OR (765) 349-0265, Five Points Ferret Refuge Choose from over 900 stores you already shop. westmichiganferretconnection.com facebook.com/southshoreferretcare Please note that we do not know all of these rescues and cannot personally endorse them. Our Mission The PFRA of Centre County is a full service ferret shelter. Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. Educated Ferret Association The Educated Ferret Association is a 501(C) 3 that is dedicated to the health and well being of the domestic ferret. The Ferret Haven is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter which is dedicated to helping ferrets, and educating the public in the proper care and treatment of ferrets. Barbara Thurmont, MD. [email protected] [email protected] facebook.com/Banditandfriends We rescue sick, abused, abandoned, neglected and surrendered ferrets in Colorado and surrounding states. Animal Shelters Animal Shows & Organizations Charities. (860) 247-1275, Oxford Ferret Rescue PFRGI.org Oxford Ferret Rescue Director(s): Claudia W Johnson Fawn Grove, PA (443) 350-7245 E-mail: Barnyardtravellers@hotmail.com Website: www.oxfordrescue.org. Roanoke, VA Crystal [email protected] Cavendish, V​T [email protected], Texico New Mexico Ferret Rescue Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven (FGRH) is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization whose focus is the rescue, care, and placement of abused, neglected, and unwanted ferrets. (303) 520-9330, Ferret Rescue of Maine [email protected] ​Grady, AL Boone, NC We may earn commissions from the links within this post.​. Marlene (717) 746-4666, South Shore Ferret Care & Fortunate Ferret Shelter This experience has given him the knowledge necessary to help others become excellent pet owners. Ann ​(303) 953-0733, Colorado Ferret Friends Association What we do is rescue or take in surrendered ferrets and try to adopt them out to loving homes. Wyoming NO KILL Ferret Rescue Sanctuary Randy Guernsey, WY facebook.com/Wyoming.Ferret.Rescue [email protected] (307) … (814) 237-9267, Oxford Ferret Rescue [email protected] [email protected] Steve & Laura [email protected] Ferrets Available for Adoption . (864) 810-6060, ​Southern Dooks Ferret Rescue And Sanctuary ferretnook.org oxfordrescue.org Randolph, NJ Loree (608) 516-2587, Travelers Haven Ferret Rescue ​Jeremy’s Boggle Ferret Bungalow [email protected] ​facebook.com/Rai-Lees-Rescues-1586167848314823, ​Angel Ferret Shelter Services oxfordrescue.org angelferretshelter.webs.com If you know of other ​[email protected] Missoula, MT [email protected] [email protected] ​​Chicago, IL Wyoming. [email protected] Like Us on Facebook. Cleveland, UT If you’re a ferret breeder/rescue and would like to get listed or removed, please contact us! These ferrets are available for adoption! [email protected] Ferret adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Ferret a second chance and caring environment. (971) 313-3622, Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue Omaha, NE [email protected] ​​​(954) 444-5370, Luna’s Ferret Shelter & Rescue We provide rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, outreach and education services for ferrets and caregivers in the Puget Sound region. Brenda (314) 608-0370​​​, Humane Society of Western Montana [email protected] [email protected] Then use that Box to try different Distance Searches such as 20, 50, 100 or 150 miles, depending on how far you can travel to identify rescues within your area. ​​Jaclyn Rains​​​ (334) 301-3558, AZ Ferret Rescue [email protected] (423) 217-2350, Texas Ferret Lover’s Rescue [email protected] ​​Berryville, AK (303) 776-7511, ​Ferret Association of Connecticut They’ll also have veterinarians examine each ferret to determine whether or not it has any health problems that need to be addressed. [email protected] ​(708) 442-8650​​​, ​Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary facebook.com/4-Lil-Paws-Ferret-Shelter-524920284279550 (804) 836-5248, Sammy’s Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue and Education Suffolk County Society. Guernsey, WY crittercamp.org Hartford, Connecticut facebook.com/banditandfriends List of Cities with Ferret Shelters in NJ. We began innocently enough, searching for a couple of personal pets and discovered so many ferrets in need of good homes. facebook.com/ArizonaFerretRescue​​​, facebook.com/Louisiana-Bon-Temps-Ferret-Rescue-1040349312745460, ​facebook.com/Rai-Lees-Rescues-1586167848314823, facebook.com/4-Lil-Paws-Ferret-Shelter-524920284279550, Ferret Hissing: Why Do Ferrets Hiss? Ferrets are very popular pets that are unique in a lot of ways. Your email address will not be published. kshumane.org [email protected] north baton rouge, on prescott road near plank. You will find ferrets of all colors, ages, and sizes. Fawn Grove, PA [email protected] Kathy We strive to keep this directory current and accurate. (503) 852-3182, Oregon Ferret Shelter (541) 484-1090, Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association facebook.com/RainbowFerretREscue Melanee The shelter is maintained by one person. ​​Phoenix, AZ (307) 331-5589. (515) 262-9503​​​, Dookin in Des Moines (443) 350-7245​, Broward Ferret Rescue [email protected] (614) 428-0279, Healing Hearts Ferret Rescue [email protected] ​Holbrook, MA

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