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Before attaching stair treads it’s best to stain and finish them – this post discusses all of that too. Winder Stair Treads – These treads allow for stairs to turn up to 90⁰ left or right. Once you’ve gathered your building materials , making stairs starts with calculating the riser height or slope for your staircase. Step 5 - Sand Oak Stair Treads. I plan on leaving the current stair treads and risers in place, cutting off the nosing and installing 3/4" prefinished red oak treads, 1/4" risers, and scotia molding under the oak tread nosing. Another design element to consider is whether you want the risers to match the stair treads — if you will have risers. The Hardwood Lumber Company specialized in quality wooden stair treads. That said, here are some stairway design ideas to make your boring stairs come back to life. Our goal at is to be your #1 source for ALL things flooring on the internet. Intro by Robin Steps by Ed. You just use a spline to start the flooring. Consumers also have some of these stair tread rugs so that they will provide a comfortable area for a go around without any shoes on a room that will usually be cold. Make sure the tread lays flush and level against the riser. At UK Stair Parts, our Hardwood Stair Treads are some of our best sellers. your own Pins on Pinterest Before you attach the treads, double check that they are the right dimensions by putting them all down on the steps. Wooden Stair Treads Average Cost. If the existing stairs used carpet or softwood as flooring, the cost of removing the existing flooring is also another cost to consider. Here are some options for designing your staircase to coordinate with your hardwood flooring. Unless you need to match exotic wood in the room, the best wood for a stair tread is solid oak. It paints well and is easy to cut. Beech Stair Treads: Stronger than oak or maple, beech is typically a reddish-brown wood that is fairly straight grained. Prefinished Primed Poplar Solid Hardwood 3/4 in thick x 7.25 in wide x 36 in Length Riser . 1. Standard Tread Options. Display: Sort By: Unfinished Red Oak Solid Hardwood 36 in Length Retro Fit Tread & Riser. Instead matching stair nosing is available. Discover (and save!) Use natural wood as a contrast to dark wood floor stair treads. With the cutting complete you can now make the final adjustment with a sander and a piece of sandpaper. The hardwood flooring we went with is an engineered white oak in 5″ wide planks. Paint. Once your prefinished flooring arrives, your stair installer can provide a stain combination that will match! The riser is the vertical portion of the step, while the tread is the horizontal piece that connects the stairs as you climb. I had some Minwax Honey Oak wood stain in the garage, so I decided to stain the stair treads for a richer, more consistent finish. Measure the riser on the bottom step. The stairs are also carpeted and the current treads under the carpet are 3/4" and the risers are 1/2". On a similar note, if you are planning on selling your house in the future, choosing hardwood floor stairs may help its value. Hardwood floor stairs will stand out to your guests and catch their eye, something that you always want your guests to be noticing when they come. Both pieces attach directly to the original wood staircase, after any carpeting or other finished flooring has been removed. Our stair treads are milled with new state of the art equipment. If you're looking to match a prefinished floor with the same color, wood flooring manufacturers do not provide prefinished solid treads and risers. Poplar Stair Treads: Lightweight, and somewhat soft for a hardwood, poplar is fine-grained in white to yellow-brown. Hardwood treads attach to a bare frame and average $160 per step including labor. There are many style options depending on the level of maintenance you want, your décor preferences, and your budget. See more ideas about hardwood stairs, staining wood, floor stain colors. Here are a few options: Natural Risers. The Hardwood Lumber Company manufactures high quality wood stair treads and risers at affordable prices. 4. We carry hardwood flooring, laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl, area rugs and even staircase materials like iron balusters.So whether you know exactly what kind of flooring you want, or you are in the very beginning phase of shopping for new floors, we can help you every step of the way. Follow the directions on the can of wood stain, and make sure that you cover the entire surface of each stair by moving in long strokes and going with the grain as you apply. While the domestic treads will start at $30 or so, longer length, returns, and prefinished will run the price up. It would have been a dirty, time consuming, and difficult process. The point we’re at here is the install. Solid treads eliminates the need of attaching a narrow stair-nose piece to a step, promoting safety and ease of maintenance. Sku:10014461 $12.99/EA. He has "nose" pieces (3" wide by 8' long) that I can attach to 2 or 3 pieces of hardwood floor that I can use to just build my own tread, and then build my own risers out of a few pieces as well. The plan for the first floor called for dark walnut floors and stairs (treads and risers). The best systems use 100-percent hardwood materials, resulting in the look of traditional hardwood stairs. Apply construction adhesive to the stair, and then place the tread plank on top, squeezing adhesive as evenly as possible. In Part 1 of this Stairs Makeover series, we shared the reasons we chose to cover our steps with hardwood stair treads – and we outlined some other choices you may want to consider to upgrade your own steps. You can use wooden shims from your cuttings, like the ones pictured above, to fill in any gaps and make the tread level. Stairs are made of risers, treads and stringers. Why not make a bit more money for your good taste and great choices. Our standard stair treads are 1" thick and are made with a two to four piece glue up. Not enough that it’s worth it (to me) to cut the whole thing off. If your new stair treads will rise higher than 1/8 inch from the existing stair tread height, you may need to adjust the height of the lower and upper floors at each end of the staircase. The same goes if the whole or parts of the existing staircase are to be removed to make room for the hardwood staircase of … The best way to make your hardwood stairs less slippery is to add traction by installing carpet, anti-slip adhesive stair treads, or applying a coat of anti-slip floor finish to the surface of each stair. Hardwood Stair Treads & Risers. Showing 1 - 72 of 536 flooring stairs treads risers products. Economical Wood For Stair Treads. Risers. Our stair treads come in standard sizes or can be crafted to your custom specifications by woodworkers at our manufacturing facility in Middlefield, Ohio. The landing cap is also used for balcony runs. May 21, 2019 - Explore Ragan Cash's board "hardwood stairs" on Pinterest. Choosing carpet treads for hardwood stairs at home will let you to be able to bring a unique decor to the space that you are currently setting them in. Installing Hardwood Stairs: An Overview Stairs have three major components: treads (the horizontal boards; the portion of the stair that you actually walk on), risers (the vertical sections of wood between the treads), and stair nosing (a rounded, finishing piece that extends beyond the tread over the riser). Seal the hardwood treads and floors Stairs and entryways take a beating from muddy shoes and clomping feet, so of course you’ll need to seal the wood with a durable finish. So on the bull nose of the top step, the one that is flush to 2nd floor, we stained the single board the darker color. Brush a coat of wood stain onto each tread. We hired a professional to install the hardwood treads and MDF risers since it can be very tricky to get the cuts perfect on stairs, especially when it comes to the wrap-around portion. Cut the prefinished stair riser to the proper height using a circular saw. Now, if carpeting is used for the second floor, I rip off the 1/4" of the width that has the groove, and use sandpaper to kiss the edge, to take the sharp edge off. When the top of the riser extends slightly above the tread, sand it flat to allow the hardwood treads to sit flat. Stair treads are available in all domestic species such as Red Oak, Maple, and Hickory, and can also be ordered in the exotics. Maybe a 1/8″ is left showing? If you want a seamless end result, choose the same species of lumber and use the same stain for the flooring and stair parts. About Us. Make sure each tread fits … Get a wood stain from a home improvement store and brush it onto the stair treads with a bristle brush. We can make the stair treads with a left or right hand return. To the architects dismay, I didn't want the extra aggravation and expense of redoing all my second floors, which are a medium oak stain. This is the most obvious solution to coordinating your flooring … Occupying the largest surface areas, the floor of your stairs set the overall look of your staircase. The average flight of stairs is 10 to 12 steps; adding treads to a flight of stairs would cost $1,600 to $1,920 with labor. Check the fit of the treads and make necessary adjustments. Sold to customers looking to easily and affordably improve the aesthetics, and function of their staircase – they simply clad on to the existing staircase to provide a classic, stylish look. Cost of removing the existing flooring and staircase. Best Flooring Options for Stairs. Apr 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Hailey Evans. Installation of solid hardwood treads and risers takes place in a single installation step, significantly reducing installation time. The hardwood flooring guy handles it from the top of stair run. My solution for installing hardwood flooring on stairs with an existing nosing? This will be significantly cheaper. Sku:10022545 $39.99/EA. Bang the treads into place with a rubber mallet if they don't slide into place easily. Run the router across the front of the stair tread. Depending on the stair, they can look like an equilateral triangle, pie wedge or a kite. Most prefer solid treads that are installed in one piece. For example, if your new stair treads measure a new thickness of 1/2 inch, install 1/2-inch flooring at … You do not need overly course paper, an 80 grit will do fine. All three of these methods make the surface of each stair rougher, … It was suggested to me by the sales guy that I could "just build my own out of hardwood floor pieces". You will be very happy with the quality of our Clear Poplar stair treads. This is installed on the edge of … Cost to Put Hardwood Flooring on Stairs. A full hardwood stair tread overlay system includes form-fitted tread covers and matching (or painted) riser boards. The overhang from the new flooring + the cove trim almost covers the entire lip of each step.

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