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Alaska Private Touring has been a leader delivering the best custom-designed Alaska tours for over 20 years. Please call us at 800-789-5610 to schedule your tour! Fantastic experience. Upon our arrival, the staff is organized and efficient. The pilot-guide will choose the ultimate destination to maximize the experience and actually lands the helicopter on a remote icefield miles from the heli-base. Most passengers on our helicopter tours feel like they’re the only people in the world while on their glacier landing, and we like to keep it unique and exclusive for everyone. flew around the glacier several times giving us wonderful views, including the face....ruggedly beautiful, then chose a landing place for us to walk around on unbelievably blue ice and see a mulan!! On this fun Juneau tour find out why helicopter glacier trekking is the most exciting way to explore the scenic wonders of the glaciers flowing from the Juneau Icefield.After a scenic 15-20 minute helicopter flight you will land on one of the glaciers located within the 1500 square-mile Juneau Icefield. All reservations must be made through the website as our customer service representatives cannot take credit card information over the phone. Robert's Tramway building. Tour Operator in Juneau. Duration: 2.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal. Walking on the glacier was just amazing. This was the best experience ever; thanks for making this a memory of a lifetime! The helicopter pilot provided great information during the flight and provided safety tips prior to walking on the glacier. The tours include the helicopter flight with a glacier landing, appropriate gear, and a guide. Absolutely wonderful. From take-off at the base, you'll quickly gain elevation on your way up to Herbert Glacier. Very concerned with safety and knowledgeable. Everyone was so friendly! 212 Admiral Way Ste. We were transported about 15-20 minutes in a van to the check in location which was next to the Juneau airport. I would recommend anyone cruising through Juneau to try this excursion. Get ready for take off and soar over Juneau as you take in all the breathtaking scenery below. This allows for a truly focused tour experience. The glacier itself was magnificent! we feel that everyone should get the same lowest price possible regardless of how many Absolutely! Pilot was awesome with lots of knowledge of the glaciers, area and helicopter. The flight was smooth and the landing on the glacier was flawless. The tour was excellent. Will our group all be in the same helicopter? Juneau Icefield Tours Basic helicopter tours from Juneau travel to the Juneau Icefield and allow guests 30 minutes to an hour to walk on the glacier. Coastal Helicopters will cancel any flight if there is any concern for the safety of the passengers or our employees. We accomplished that goal and trip was as advertised. Of Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan, Juneau is arguably the best destination for flightseeing as it has the largest concentration of glaciers in the immediate area. Our landing will be on either the Herbert, Taku, Lemon or Norris Glacier, during the landing your pilot becomes your guide and you are free to ask questions. Mendenhall Glacier and Guided Walk. Unforgettable moments. A must do! Juneau Icefield Helicopter Tour ... icefalls hanging from sheer cliffs and some of the most remote peaks and glaciers in the Juneau Icefield. Awsome more than expected very professional operation. After I thought about it and what a once in a lifetime experience this was going to be, I decided I wanted to actually land and walk on a glacier. But this trip is more than just a journey in the skies, because you're actually on your way up to the destination on a remote glacier. "Best Price Guarantee" means we offer the local wholesale rates for all of our tours because The ride there and back to the airport were beautiful and memorable The process to take a shuttle to and from the airport was fun and short. Would do this tour again in a heartbeat! The blue ice mixes with the blue skies on a sunny day to showcase some stunning colors! Our pilot/guide was fantastic. Landing and walking on the ice, viewing the beautiful mountain surroundings was magical. More Info. An amazing experience and I felt very safe with the skilled, experienced team. One of the best tours I've ever done. My family and I had an amazing time during this excursion. The excursion was well organized. They were reasonable in price, booking was very easy, great info was given with where to meet/what to expect. The pilot was very competent and knowledgeable. Extremely interesting trip to walk on the 'blue' ice. And you know how hard it is to please teenagers :). Awesome experience! Awesome Pictures. Staff were organized and pilot was experienced as well as excited to share information about the glacier. Pilot was great! Are there any age restrictions for children? Landing back at the airport we observed other helicopters and a jet taking off; he banked us around and landed. Paddock. Helicopter tours in Juneau are the best possible way to experience the breadth and beauty of this awe-inspiring region, as they provide the opportunity to see forty large glaciers in addition to around one hundred smaller ones! Truly amazing one of a kind experience. A safe well organised tour. The only complaint is wish we had gone during snowier conditions, but that's mother natures fault. Josh our pilot was very friendly knowledgeable and made our trip one we will never forget!! This was the highlight of my trip to Alaska. Your bird’s eye view of Herbert Glacier will take your breath away. This tour is about 1 hour from take off to landing, 20 min flight out, 20 min flight back and 20 min on the glacier itself. It is completely private, not like those other tour companies where a bunch of helicopters go to the same location, the experience is all about you and your companions. Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour? Everyone at Alaska Shore Excursions was very professional and courteous. The ride back was over land trying to spot wildlife. Land on the Glacier • Experience the thrill of riding in a dog sled * Drive a team of Alaskan Husky Sled Dogs. Wow. Additionally, they gave us valuable information that helped us to remain safe. via email. You could tell this was a very well run happy place to work. This was a highlight & it is a MUST DO for anyway visiting Juneau. It doesn't take long for the nerves to dissipate after take-off though, because the endless horizon of ice-capped mountain ranges and flowing rivers of ice below are beyond captivating. Glacier and Dog sledding tours in Alaska’s historic gold rush town of Skagway. This was to be our most important excursion and we were not disappointed! The glacier tour is a must see. Highly recommend. Check out other frequently asked questions here! It was exciting to walk on the glacier and drink glacier water. The tour was small and felt very individualized! Before our trip, the staff and I had been emailing back and forth, and they were always super helpful and kind. With dock-to-dock transportation included, a short ride from your cruise ship takes you over to the helicopter base where you meet with your pilot-guide and go over brief safety instructions. Robbie our pilot was awesome! We were weighed, quickly checked in and were on our copter in a matter of minutes. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Each helicopter can seat up to 6 passengers, provided the weight and balance calculations work out in each aircraft. Knowledgeable staff well organized and efficient. Take in all of the beauty Southeast Alaska has to offer on this once in a life-time helicopter tour to the Mendenhall Glacier. Adult and child prices are the same for this tour. The full cancellation policy can be found here. Highly recommend. What an amazing trip. Alaska Icefield Expeditions - Glacier Dogsledding Tours. Wonderful trip with a great pilot. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! Well organised company, would recommend this tour. The color of the ice is incredible. I highly recommend this excursion. Great time! All photos (92) Select Date and Travelers. Holy Cow this was the most spectacular excursion ever! Our pilot was wonderful and very knowledgeable. What if my tour group is larger than 6 people? Really a trip of a lifetime, unforgettable. Once in a lifetime experience. This guy is way rad and we had a blast!!! Can't say enough about the tour operator for giving us an excursion of a lifetime. You can tell they love what they do. This was the best thing we did!! So this dude Jamie was our guide. Tour Overview. This trip is the best part of the vacation. They gave us all the equipment we needed to safely navigate the glacier, got to drink glacier water and took beautiful pictures of the ice blue glacier! This was the highlight of our trip. Helicopter ride was real smooth and views amazing. Share. Great experience all around from the van driver to the ground crew to the pilot and the glacier crew. Ride was smooth. Beautiful tour with Ben - very nice pilot - feel secure with him - highly recommanded, Wish the pilot would give more information during helicopter ride and at the glacier, The experience was great. There are two front seats and four rear seats; FAA safety guidelines require seating positions to be assigned based on weight and balance of all passengers for each helicopter. We had a great experience on our Icefield Helicopter tour, the entire staff from the time the shuttle picked us up, to getting us ready for the flight and Jessie our pilot , all were very professional and friendly. Our excursion was originally cancelled and they were able to rebook us for later in the day. Great trip, just wish there had been the opportunity for more time to wander around on top of the glacier. Pilot didn't deviate from straight line flight. COVID-19 update: See the added health and safety measures this experience is taking. As another reviewer had mentioned, this is a once in a lifetime experience that should be crossed off your bucket list. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience. You will never forget this one! We find the Herbert Glacier to be of particular charm and seclusion. Our guide was great! Juneau Helicopter Tour and Guided Icefield Walk provided by Coastal Helicopters. Shaun was very informative & a great guide. The sights from take off to the landing were stunning and like nothing I have experienced before. Would recommend 100%. I wish I'd had a chance to sit in front. Your skilled pilot-guide narrates the journey, and as you approach your destination, you realize that you're actually going to land on this remote icefield! Loved spending time on the icefield and we were in awe of it's beauty. Great experience! 2.25 Hours. First, soar over the icefield in a helicopter and enjoy unbeatable aerial views. Highly recommended! No one around but us! Bring a camera and take as many pictures as you can! The pick up at the port was on time and the team went through everything in detail and efficiently. During the glacier landing, guests will remain in the helicopter where doors will remain open for optimum viewing. Would highly recommend it. No Alaskan adventure is complete without a Juneau Icefield Tour. Really enjoyed the landing on the glacier and be able to walk around. I'd recommend this company to anyone! Being on the glacier was an awesome privilege. Top best things Weve ever done in our lives. Had an amazing time on Hebert Glacier! Juneau Glacier Tours. So neat to be on the Glacier with just our helicopter and pilot! We had a good pilot who was very happy to assist with pictures. Flying over Juneau and the ice field was incredible. Literally miles away from any crowds, take a deep breath because this is why many come to Alaska in the first place. Please If you have further questions please email [email protected] or if it is an urgent matter you can call 1-888-586-8489. Glacier time: 30 minutes. Spectacular views and experience. I thought we were booking a trip to Mendenhall glacier...but due to the amazing weather, we went to a different glacier and were the only ones there. Possibly the coolest thing I ve done in my life. If this is the case, you will still land with the rest of your party on the glacier, and will be able to spend this time with them. Still worth every penny though. Had some inclement weather to adjust to but non the less it was an experience to remember Jerry & Kathie. Unforgettable tour. Please send an email to [email protected] letting us know which tours you would like to cancel as we must have all cancelation requests in writing. There are several helicopters available at the base and can make accommodations for larger groups with advance notice. What happens if the weather is too bad to fly? Yes, you can bring your DSLR camera on this tour. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Very well-organized. Loved every minute. There are restroom facilities at the helicopter base before you depart on your tour, but there are no restrooms available on the glacier. It was amazing and the tour guide was so interesting and had my attention the entire time. If the weather is just not cooperating and the pilots determine that it’s too bad to fly, we’ll do our best to reschedule you to a later time of day that works for you. Helicopter pilot was amazing with pointing out points of interest and showing us around the ice fields. People were professional and friendly. The pilot was very nice and experienced and we had a smooth flight and both landings were as smooth as smooth. Beautiful experience. Our pilot was very friendly and gave us more than sufficient time at the Hebert Glacier, explained a lot of things by himself, clicked pictures. We cannot recommend this excursion highly enough. You will never know these glaciers anyway close to when you stand on one. Keep an eye out for glacial streams, and maybe grab a sip! Pilot was guide and answered all questions. If you would like to exchange one tour for a different one, you must create a new reservation for the new tour and send us an email to cancel the other tour. Don’t be! Very good organization. I had never been in a helicopter before but our pilot was so good! Was able to drink out of small stream on glacier, I never tasted water like that. Pilot took us where it "would not be crowded" with other excursions, and he held up his part. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! The pilot got some great photos of us as a family too which I really appreciated. If it weren't for the other reviews, I wouldn't have experienced this auspicious excursion. Our pilot was excellent and very informative. Middle back, next to the wet guy, sucked... One of the most incredible experiences in my life. Our pilot was excellent and very knowledgeable. Once we were airborne, the helicopter pilot was knowledgeable and engaging. Very professional & friendly staff! The glacier ice absorbs most colors of the spectrum but reflects blue light, making for a stunning visual display. Got to taste the run off of 400+ yo glacier. Our pilot, Josh, was incredible and the glaciers were beautiful. See reviews and photos of the best helicopter tours and rides in Juneau. If you want to get off that damn cruise ship your stuck on and rock out on a glacier in Alaska call this company. He knew tons of information and took us right to a glacier where we wandered around, took pictures and even drank some glacier water!! This was the best excursion we took. Our pilot, (Evan?) It’s hard to describe the feeling when the helicopter powers down and you find yourself far in Alaska’s quiet backcountry – it’s priceless. Would have liked it to be longer for what you pay. Private helicopter tour to the ice field was amazing. This was an awesome excursion! We saw so much and our pilot, Michael, was so knowledgable about where we were and what we were seeing. Excellent excursion! Was wonderful, breath taking scenery. With over 16,000 miles of ice across the state, there’s no better way to explore the stunning frozen scenery than with a private helicopter tour. What an unforgettable experience!!! This was absolutely the highlight of our trip! EXCELLENT!! Thanks Mike. The Icefield Helicopter Excursion is the most popular of the helicopter tours in Juneau and features a half-hour of unforgettable flightseeing. Epic...a must for anyone going to Alaska. Trip well worth the money. Definitely a once in a lifetime type of activity. This was a wonderful adventure. Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base, no food or drink is provided while on tour. Would do it again! Our goal was to see and experience the famous glacial blue ice. Loved it all. 3-hour tour that includes 30 minutes of helicopter flying, a landing on one of the Juneau Icefield's glaciers (1,500-square-mile icefield with over 140 glaciers, among the popular ones are: Mendenhall, Herbert, and Taku), and 1 hour at the dog-sledding camp where you will: tour the camp, meet your "musher," and actively sled for 20-30 minutes with Alaskan huskies. Would highly recommend this for anyone visiting. Good tour. Josh was a great tour guide explaining every detail, what we were looking at and then offered to take our pictures in several spots. Your pilots will remain with you through the journey. Do not hesitate to book this excursion!!! Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces. Sydney This excursion was breath taking. He even took pictures of us that turned out beautifully! Breath taking !! Your knowledgeable pilot-guide continues to narrate and describe this geologically inspiring area which is characterized by frozen ice flows, deep crevasses and iconic deep blue glacial ice. The tour guide could have been better on the glacier. This helicopter flightseeing tour with glacier landing will fly you over the massive Juneau Icefield where you will see spectacular rock formations and icefalls. This was an other-worldly experience you will carry with you forever. More Info. Excellent and exciting tour, loved the helicopter flight, pilot gave informative talk on glacier. If you require extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us ahead of your tour and discuss your particular needs. It was a magical experience we will never forget. Juneau and Skagway Alaska summer glacier sled dog tours. For availability and timing, complete the information on the sidebar. Thank you for a fantastic time and for creating awesome memories! We landed on the Icefield and drank glacier water straight from the mountain. The most sought after Juneau flightseeing option, this tour is great for those looking to see Juneau's huge icefield from a bird's eye view and up close. Quite steep if you ask me, especially since the round trip to and from the glacier was less than an hour. It was amazing! The information will tell you 3.5 hours, but that is total time from when you are picked up. We travelled from Canada, so the price in Canadian was 6.95 for the two of us. Guests with limited mobility must be able to climb 4 steps into and out of the bus. Was an incredible trip. In speaking with a tour operator regarding a tour, I asked what would YOU do if you had 2 kids ages 17 and 19 and very limited time? Check out our blog for more details on all of the glacier tours we offer: Alaska Helicopter Tours! Eric Schlene We are a family of four with two teenagers (14 & 18) that absolutely loved this excursion! This was a great company; they picked us up at the center of Juneau, checked us in, fit us with boots and gave us our instructions for pre-board and what to expect. Very well organised and would highly recommend this company for the experience of a lifetime ! You have to fly over a glacier and then walk on one to appreciate its size and power. Our family had a great time. Skagway Glacier Tours. You will then receive your tickets Testimonials. Helicopter flight over Juneau Icefield with remote landing on a glacier, Time to explore the icefield by foot with your pilot-guide, About 1 hour duration from take-off to return to heli-base. Loved it. Both of my children LOVED this trip the most. Riding in a helicopter for the 1st time, you were quickly made comfortable by our pilot Josh who explained the details of the trip up to the glacier. The Juneau Helicopter Icefield Tour was awesome. A must see in Alaska! Fantastic excursion , very well organized and left us with wonderful memories. Drinking from the cold, flowing water was refreshing. First ride in a helicopter. See reviews and photos of the best helicopter tours and rides in Juneau. Wonderful pictures, I would do it again. Explore Juneau Alaska's Icefield on a 2.5 hour guided helicopter flightseeing tour and landing. It was awesome. Duration: 2.5 hours. Juneau Helicopter Tour and Guided Icefield Walk. The day was sunny and gorgeous! Duration: Approx. The pilot narrated throughout the flight and engaged everyone. He even took my camera and took pictures down the crevasse that he didn't want me to get too close too. Amazing flight. Because we only had 4 people rather than the maximum of 6 our pilot was able to take us to a place he usually can't get to due to the extra weight of 2 people. Flight time: 30 minutes. This is a once in a life time tour and worth every penny. Outstanding excursion. Tour of the glacier didn't really happen... so we sort of walked around within 10 feet and then had to hop back in the helicopter to go back. charged if your order can be completed in time for your requested excursion. We loved it! Also happy that we flew to the Herbert glacier which was not crowded with other groups. I would recommend to others. While many flightseeing options stay high in the sky, this one actually incorporates a remote landing providing a more tangible experience, You won’t want to forget the camera on this one as this area is a photographer’s dream. Would have liked just a little more time on the glacier given the fact the glacier was not far from meeting point, but overall a really great tour, Our pilot Robby exceeded our expectations. Australia. So much better than ever anticipated!! This was the 2nd best excursion of my lifetime! If you have already received tickets, please call the local tour operator phone number listed on your tickets for tour-specific questions as they will be the best resource to answer unique questions. This is the first helicopter flight for many guests, so nerves at this point are completely normal! Possibly the most spectacular shore excursion we have ever taken. We took a drink of water in one of the "streams" on the glacier/icefield. Check out the exciting Glacier Point Wilderness Safari in Skagway! Our pilot (Shawn/?Sean) was calm, kind, confident and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! Pilot was fantastic, very professional. Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour, however this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

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