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Refractive Index – Concentration Determination 10. Assisted chemist with conducting lab tests on various production fluids for oil and gas clients. Determined sex of juvenile guppies as they developed over several months. Laboratory-based Technician Skills to be Standardized Suzy Jamieson , International Council for Machinery Lubrication ICML has even had the honor of having its Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) program be used as the basis for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 18436-4, the first ISO standard for qualification and assessment of field-based lubricant analysts. Conducted microscopic viewing of chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood, urine, and tissues samples viewed by Doctor. TAFE at School Full fee: $1,855: Subsidised: $1,015: Concession: $550: Full fee: $4,735: Download Brochure. Prepared specimens for Lab Technicians and input requisitions into computer system for physician analysis. Recorded calibration and data documentation, quality control testing results and vendor analyses in Laboratory Information Management System (STARLIMS). Calibrated and maintained water sampling and data collection equipment. Worked alongside chemistry and processing departments to ensure test results were properly formatted and prepared for patients/doctors. Quarantined and disposed of contaminated blood while observing OSHA regulations of hazardous material handling. UV/VIS 8. Performed analysis of raw materials and in-process samples by the in house and regulatory test methods using Wet chemical techniques. Calibrated lab equipment and preformed secondary standards for equipment verification. Performed sample preparation procedures, including dilutions and extractions for Forensic and Medical Toxicology purposes. Worked in the department of extraction and preparation where samples were extracted using liquid-liquid extraction/ liquid-soil extraction. Analyzed and paid attention to detail as well as demonstrated excellent organization skills, manual dexterity and good eyesight. Performed Stat lab tests on blood, urine, stool and other specimens, then reported results to the doctors. Conducted independent test-projects to improve DNA-extraction procedures. Calibrated PH meter, YSI probe, LDO probe, Chlorine meter and hot water baths. Prepared blood samples using capillary tubes and centrifuging them so the erythrocytes and plasma could be measured and analyzed. Initiated cultures for bacterial identification testing and performed data entry on laboratory equipment. Performed procedures and calculations for quality control and for Oracle data labeling and packaging. Assessments for Laboratory Technicians There are two tests that are often used for laboratory technician jobs. Developed cleaning test methods used to determine equipment cleanliness. Worked in the QC lab to determine if syrup and full product batches meet stated levels according to corporate standards. Performed test equipment maintenance and calibration within the Soil and Aggregate Laboratory, Designed/renovated existing bench-top test equipment using data acquisition & control systems. Aseptic technique. Performed complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological test. Developed HPLC methods for LC/MS and LC/MS/MS quantitative analysis of therapeutic agents in biological samples and prepared assay-specific SOP's. Lab skills require researching, analyzing, listening, communicating and careful observation. Evaluated and developed calibration curves for IR, FTIR and UV instruments. Processed, analyzed and edited both normal and abnormal EKG data. Conducted extensive chromatography analyses for final product over-checks and standard qualification. Facilitated high volume requests and provided quality service to diverse customers dealing with supervisors/managers/executives. Density – Concentration Determination 9. Performed clinical laboratory analysis in Chemistry, Hematology, Serology, and Blood Bank by automated instrumentation and manual methods. Participated in a dealership survey gathering and comparing appearance and color data of automobiles. Once you know your job preference, you should develop a resume that highlights the skills needed for your desired position. Planned, coordinated and implemented SOP for sample preparation for collagen carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis. The minimum educational requirement for lab technicians, per the USBLS, is an associate's degree in clinical laboratory sciences, or a bachelor's degree in medical laboratory technology.Both of these degrees include a variety of educational coursework in a laboratory technician school in biology, chemistry, math, and data processing. Analyzed experimental data using various data analysis software; compiled data and delivered accurate, reliable and timely results. Performed microbiological and chemical testing of finished products, raw materials and associated items as required. Worked in the processing and interpretation of data as well as in the assessment and documentation of final results on LIMS. Performed DNA paternity testing in a Laboratory. Worked with cystic fibrosis, HIV, HPV, pregnancy body fluids etc. Followed Standard Operating Procedures to analyze raw materials, in-process samples and finished goods in support of manufacturing operations. Evaluated and repaired digital components, sub-assemblies/systems with Mil-Std-1553/Serial Bus Fault Isolation Equipment. Documented all problems, troubleshooting and resolution for unacceptable preventative Maintenance and Quality control monitoring the LJ charts. Explained data analysis and characterizations to managers and team members during regular meetings. blog lab, laboratory, manager, skills. Prepared samples for analysis using High Performance Gas Electro-Chromatography. Maintained accurate records for all product lines; reviewed coding for correct date and time. Performed secondary reference testing, calibration, and repair of electronic and physical dimensional test equipment and laboratory standards. Performed various experiments in molecular genetics, especially, virus isolation and DNA cloning. Medical Laboratory Technician Job Specifications. Defined and outlined QA procedures for routine urinalysis for reference laboratory testing. Performed equipment apparatus calibration utilizing pH meters to test and prepare release media. Managed hundreds of different transgenic fruit flies and utilized sterile technique to avoid contamination of valuable stocks. Whether you’ve recently been promoted to lab manager or the position is one you’re considering, there’s a high chance the role may require skills and proficiencies you hadn’t even contemplated. Documented and performed maintenance checks, quality control, calibrations and preventative maintenance on all laboratory equipment. Performed various procedures to ensure proper protocol in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Assurance Act (HIPAA). Performed testing and analysis of urine and blood samples by GC/MS or LC/MS/MS for drugs of abuse. Adhered to the laboratories quality control policies and documented all QC activities, instrument and procedural calibrations, and instrument maintenance. Complimented regularly by management for delivering superior customer service and surpassing the standard in sales goals. Quality-focused medical lab tech with excellent clinical skills gained through hands-on experience within one of the largest health services providers in Delaware. Contributed to successful processing and timely completion of 240, 000 lab tests annually. Promoted to Lab Technician 4 * Designated trainer certification. Methods and procedures of preparing instructional materials used in appropriate laboratory. Generalized in area of hematology, blood banking, chemistry, and urinalysis in a privately owned laboratory. Summary : To obtain a position as a Medical Laboratory Technician, and where knowledge of operating standards, and procedures can contribute to enhance patient care and profitability. MSL30118 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills. Performed microbiological testing on raw materials and finished product samples. Provided custodial care for animal use areas efficiently and conscientiously. Trained Lab Technicians in Laboratory procedure * Familiar with metallurgical laboratory practices. STUDY LOCATIONS. Performed procedures including scheduling, lab maintenance, medical history data entry, and responding to emergency situations quickly and efficiently. Clinical laboratory technicians often complete an associate’s degree program in clinical laboratory science. Worked CAP and CLIA certified laboratory. Generated and forwarded log reports to Supervisor for data analysis and record keeping. Organized and maintained laboratory records to abide by CLIA and COLA requirements. Performed material analysis: Environmental weathering, mechanical failure testing, sample preparation, optical and FTIR spectroscopy. Tracked and audit lab equipment in inventory system, ensuring documentation is regularly updated. Detail-Oriented Skills. They perform regular calibration tests on instruments and … Operated and maintained standard equipment within the QC Chemistry laboratory. Provided technical support, maintenance, and calibration for 30+ centrifuges, scales, and microscopes. Maintained well organized and accurate records to meet customer, regulatory and external certification (BRC, ISO) requirements. Managed the microbiology laboratory and equipment and performed microbiological assays as designated by the client. Collaborated with other researchers to ensure protocols of EH&S were maintained per OSHA MSDS and university guidelines. Required hands and eye dexterity, and mental concentration. Laboratory Technicians are detail-oriented multitaskers who are able to work in a fast-paced environment. Collaborated with Microbiology laboratory supervisor in identifying Out of Specifications (OOS) noted from sample collections. Worked on innovative product development assignments in a timely and efficient manner. Worked closely with Development Engineering to provide on-time completion of laboratory schedules through effective application of test methods and procedures. Performed phlebotomy efficiently and accurately and also delivered blood specimens to the laboratory. Included in training: Hazardous Materials Table, Shipping papers, Marking and Labeling, Placarding and Packaging. LABORATORY AND FIELDWORK SKILLS Warning: some links take you to "external" sites. Participated in the development of clear coats for improved appearance, durability and weather ability for Subaru/Isuzu. Worked independently to sustain daily operations and QC in the lab while the company worked on updating SOP following a merger. Provided technical and administrative support to three research laboratories: * Prepared DNA samples for use by fellow laboratory members. Prepared different kinds of media utilizing pH meters and scales for accuracy. Developed test methods and material specification limits on new products. Performed physical testing of customer components manufactured from company supplied polyurethane resins under ASTM testing procedures and conditions. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Laboratory Technician. Completed Method validation procedures for applicable test methods. Analyzed and recorded data for 75 urine samples per week on average. Used balances daily throughout the work day to measure product for various lab tests. Processed food samples with potential pathogen contamination and completed sample analysis using PCR and cultural methods. Tested samples for moisture content, and set up AAII to test for nitrate content of samples. Performed PCR based environmental tests for air samples and a number of infectious organisms such as MRSA. Maintained chemical inventory, provided necessary materials for undergraduate microbiology, introduction to biology lab courses created bacterial stocks. Operated high temperature programmable Lab Equipment -metal surface preparation -Data collection, interpretation, reports. Lab animal technicians study and care for a variety of animals involved in research programs. Performed analysis and review of data using Empower 1 and 2, LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebook and Microsoft Office suite. Performed UV analysis on samples as well as hydration tests using a special synthetic substrate. Performed DNA isolation, amplification, and precipitation for Sanger sequencing. Performed data analysis for agricultural research company to discover genes which optimize drought resistance in crops. Organized procedures, data and results into a PowerPoint presentation to present to my professor and peers. Assisted in creating a more efficient method of entering cord blood samples test data results into Access. Administered health questionnaire, performed limited physical, donor self exclusions and donor phlebotomy. Calibrated and used PH meters, scales, and other laboratory equipment. Initiated use of data recorders during testing to eliminate hand-written data logging. Created Waste Disposal permit for the lab with MSDS included on every kit that was used to extract DNA. Laboratory staff should be familiar with and have practiced the following skills prior to the commencement of Newcastle disease vaccine production. Lab skills are the skills you use in a laboratory either as a research student or a professional researcher. Their work is almost always laboratory-based and while they might be working alone on a specific task, they are generally working within a larger laboratory team. Complete this Laboratory Technician Diploma and get kickstart your career in this field in no time. Lab Technician qualifications and skills. Maintained accurate records and worked cooperatively with staff members in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Used sterile technique, autoclave and glassware washer. In addition to the technical skills you learn in school and an aptitude for science, ... Medical Laboratory Technologist vs. Medical Laboratory Technician . Performed PCR in a professional CLIA/CAP certified laboratory setting for clinical patients in use for diagnostic testing. Performed routine maintenance, modification, and preparations on scientific equipment for the upcoming academic year. Performed moderately and / or highly complex analyses in hematology, chemistry, serology, urinalysis and blood banking departments. Performed method development for drugs and metabolites in biological fluids primarily using HPLC. A lab technician should also have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities as he is not only expected to record results but also interpret them. Executed microbiological testing on raw materials and finished good samples using aseptic technique. Performed monthly proficiency testing with AAFCO. Experienced in Windows applications, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Medical Laboratory Technician Skills. You may also include soft skills and personality traits that you envision for a successful hire. Certified in conducting B-2 level laboratory testing on petroleum-based liquid propellants and fuels utilizing the following ASTM/IP test methods. Next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position. Worked with raw materials in sterile lab settings working under sterile techniques. For example, 18.2% of Medical Laboratory Technician resumes contained Medical Laboratory as a skill. Skills Development. Calibrated laboratory equipment and performed non-standard tests to ASTM specifications. Ensured compliance with CAP and OSHA guidelines through cataloging and updating Material Safety Data Sheets for all laboratory departments. Handled blood samples and ensured that the amount of samples sent to the lab were consistent with the attached paperwork. Performed blood manufacturing, triage, data entry, QC, sterile connecting, irradiate blood products and blood product storage. 8 Management Skills You Need to Be a Laboratory Manager. Performed routine maintenance on printers and occasional troubleshooting and repairs. Order, receive, and inventory glassware. Performed preventative maintenance and diagnostic test on machinery, including electrical and mechanical troubleshooting. Traveled to other QC laboratories, within company, in an effort to train/learn from the other lab's experiences. Conducted chemical analyses of blood, urine, cerebra-spinal and other body fluids. Lab techs must follow instructions and procedures very carefully. Handled projects, created test plans, occasionally assigned work. Processed specimens in Chemistry, Immunology, Urinalysis, Hematology, Coagulation, and Serology departments. Reported to the QC/QA Laboratory Supervisor with overall responsibilities for managing Second Shift. Maintained cell cultures and performing other molecular techniques as required by primary investigator's research. Maintained GC and HPLC laboratory instrumentation. Collection and analysis represent the principal tasks of a lab technician. Maintained a friendly and safe environment for students and faculty by providing excellent customer service by using and implementing effective communication. Employed techniques such as HPLC and IR Spectroscopy to ensure the drugs were within regulation before being shipped to customers. Performed maintenance and repair work on auto-injection and gas chromatography equipment. Analyzed test results and identified microorganisms, interpreted tests and quality control results. Prepared body fluids for analysis, process patient samples for chemical analysis, cellular analysis, and microbial analysis. Performed new instrument and method validation following CLIA regulation. Communicated directly with Physicians and Nursing Staff about abnormal test results and other important laboratory information. Introduction . Performed all scheduled maintenance and calibration on test equipment and instruments. Followed ASTM and proprietary testing protocols for fuels and lubricants utilizing laboratory equipment and techniques. Prepared wet chemistry samples for radiocarbon dating analysis. Performed a full range of exceptional medical laboratory procedures and related patient services. Pursued knowledge on handling hazardous materials and potentially dangerous equipment. Performed DNA analysis for criminal casework. Qualified installation (IQ) of assays and reagents to be used on the instruments that analyzed the blood samples. Administered CLIA 88 compliant waived testing. Developed coatings and test methods for microfilm application. Provided daily quantification/ qualification of QC/QA for material/lean manufacturing plant. Tracked of Hazardous materials spills that could threaten drinking water and tries to see that they were cleaned up. Performed and supervised cardiopulmonary functions such as electrocardiograms (EKG), exercise stress testing, and ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring. Processed and initiated human cell culture based on cancer site and type, including solid and fluid specimens. Conducted research and collected genetic data for a sex differentiation study; directly involved in using PCR to replicate DNA. Sufficient human relation skills to guide students and student workers, and to convey technical concepts. Cleaned and sterilized laboratory equipment, glassware and instruments. Discarded unsuitable components and ensure proper documentation and data entry of information regarding this process. Their daily work includes carrying out chemical, physiochemical and biochemical analyses and tests on a wide range of substances. They can work in most areas of science including forensics, health and manufacturing. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. 1. Maintained study records and recorded study parameters in accordance with GLP requirements. Supervised 2 projects of data analysis and improved data plotting to recognize and rectify potential errors. Performed inventory/reconciliation and data entry of blood components using various computer programs designated for component production. Performed packaging of tissues shipped for gamma-irradiation sterilization. Conducted research for the development of a dual primer PCR test kit for Herpes I & II. Performed component level troubleshooting using a variety of different manufacturers' test equipment. Ensured proper documentation and information was provided for all material originating from GMP Sample Repository (MSDS and CoA). The company is supporting the Chemical Laboratory Technician skill. Calibrated precision hand tools* Customer Service- communicated order status an invoice information with Customers* Stock and Inventory/ Shipping and Receiving. Performed chemical testing /data analysis to support process control of facility operations. The role of the laboratory technician is an operational one, providing support to the team of scientists (e.g. Hard skills are the set of skills that are required for a specific job. Designed precision decade resistance and capacitance devices using schematics and test equipment. Conducted HPLC and GC analysis of raw materials, prepackaged and finished product pesticide formulations using modified EPA methodology. Conducted experiments to achieve ethanol research objectives using a centrifuge, HPLC, microscope, and pH meter. Correlated development of material properties at all phases of production by performing raw materials inspections and evaluating processing techniques. Weighing 3. Designed PowerPoint presentation of manual to help beginners understand process. Prepared for QAU audits, maintained lab notebooks documenting progress of study and project notebooks containing data generated during the study. Picked up hazardous materials from customers such as school chemistry classes, hospitals, Chemical Plants and other commercial customers. Developed triage and patient care skills by performing vitals, helping to triage patients and referring lab tests. Screened forensic evidence to be forwarded for DNA analysis and maintained the chain of custody for every piece of forensic evidence. Worked in an independent customer service laboratory testing samples of soil and water for farming and environmental applications. Performed QA/QC of laboratory equipment and prepared necessary reagents. Performed calibration, operation, and routine maintenance of laboratory equipment according to procedures and manufacturers requirements. Performed SEC column and Affinity HPLC for monoclonal antibody analysis from human serum, including AFM1 identification. Laboratory Technician; Testing Technical Assistant; Laboratory Assistant; Field Assistant; COURSE OUTCOME. Consulted to conduct routine and on-call QC analysis during commissioning of a new bio-diesel plant during weekend and off hours. Maintained and documented GMP standards regarding manual techniques, sanitation procedures, and equipment calibration and maintenance. Decreased the time it took to get patient results out to doctors by performing extractions and PCR amplification quickly and efficiently. Followed laboratory policy and procedure in the guidelines of CLIA laboratory good practice. Utilized PerkinElmer Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Infra-red detection equipment to characterize manufacturing by-products. Instructed staff in the use of the new MS Office software, including Excel and PowerPoint. But there are several transferrable skills that are just as important to be successful in this role. About becomming a School Laboratory Technician. Documented standard operating procedures in accordance with GMP guidelines. Performed laboratory audits and reconciliations for research and development, ensuring precise chemical inventory while complying with Cal/OSHA regulations. Coordinated with site lab technicians and engineers to ensure annual continuous conformance flammability testing. Performed phlebotomy and processed laboratory specimens for in-house and send out laboratory testing. Used proprietary software to analyze samples on a quantitative basis using HPLC and GC, detect phase transitions using D.S.C. Digitized images of board cases and organized lecture presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Followed proper laboratory procedures including laboratory safety. Worked with team members and individually to perform clinical research and data analysis, communicating effectively. Supported corporate business/government objectives by ensuring compliance with ASTM test standards and quality control. Researched microscopic organisms, and analyzed pharmaceutical raw materials and products. Performed phlebotomy, special slide staining, microscopy, interpretation of report, instrument sterilization and all medical pathological tests. Performed necessary equipment function checks, instrument start-up and shutdown procedures. Conducted daily and monthly inventory of manufactured and raw materials for production. Tested capillaries and operated using Megabace1000 DNA sequencing. Performed qualitative analysis of raw materials such as aluminum. Formulated antimicrobial and identification solutions for a microbial diagnostic panel in a GMP environment. You can find out more about becoming a laboratory technician from the Science Council and Health Careers. Sterilized and maintained laboratory and packaging equipment, conducted sterile technique. Provided technical maintenance support calibrating, troubleshooting various components insuring that all systems are working according to protocol standards. Maintained SQC program ensuring instruments were operating properly. Reviewed operations controls to ASTM standards and worked in a team environment to resolve research issues or processing of data problems. Provided maintenance for automated chemistry analyzers including ACS 180. Adhered to infection-control and safety procedures in carrying out daily phlebotomy functions. Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills. Evaluated 3-D upper extremity mobility during multiple activities. Verified accuracy of hopper adjustment using rate-of-flow method by drawing powder sample from each hopper compartment. By location; TAFE at School ; Traineeship; Cost. Skilled in biology laboratory procedures including dissection, microscope usage, and identification of specimens. Used base and acid along with a pH meter to measure the amount of hydrogen ions in the solution. Conducted major accident investigations as OSHA Inspector and private business specialist. Developed trust and minimized patient discomfort during phlebotomy procedures while efficiently collecting blood specimens. Resolved any technical support or customer service inquiries, this includes installation instruction. Evaluated quality control within the laboratory using standard laboratory test and measurement controls, and maintained compliance with CLIA and OSHA. Tested, evaluated and recorded concrete, block and beam sample strengths and break patterns using ASTM testing and evaluation standards. applying for part-time work in a laboratory whilst studying; Professional and industry bodies. Developed, ran, and monitored test plans in accordance to military specifications using computers for instrument control and data recording. Trained in phlebotomy and microscopic analysis of urine and semen specimens. Seeking laboratory technician to assist with projects, maintain equipment, and keep records. Used various lab equipment such as PH meters, spectrometers, etc. Demonstrated Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Good Documentation Practice (GDP). Communicated with QA supervisor, Production Supervisor and Warehouse Supervisor when product was out of specifications. Maintained and calibrated automated equipment used to perform a number of test simultaneously. Performed organic and inorganic sample preparation. She specializes in medical and health topics, as well as career articles about health care professions. Performed EKGs and communicated results appropriately. Implemented major technology based changes to Biological Chemistry Courses. Laboratory technicians are the backbone of a scientific research lab. Promoted to Metallurgical Lab Technician where I completed an apprenticeship in metallurgy sponsored by the Virginia Apprenticeship Board. Performed lab techniques including: Transforming yeast, PCR confirmation of transformed strains, and curating research papers. Implemented automatic data collection scheme for balances. Helped design production and testing of an ongoing nutritional supplement company. Managed media/glassware orders and maintained laboratories in accordance to QA/QC standards based on routine cleaning and environmental monitoring. Worked as a generalist including chemistry, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis and microbiology. Administered troubleshooting and problem solving of aseptic technique preformed in the Bac-T laboratory, resulting in the implementation of UV-C lighting. It should be obvious by now that much of a medical laboratory technician’s work revolves around the lab. Worked collaboratively utilizing GPS/GIS for plots used in data collections. Practiced aseptic technique under biological safety cabinets and laminar flow hoods. Increased efficiency of nitrogen sample preparation by designing a tool for loading the sample into the sample capsule. Performed laboratory testing and maintenance/diagnostics of analyzers in Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Urinalysis. Worked with multiple departments (GC, Tobacco, HPLC) as a team to finish work promptly and accurately. Conducted analyses in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) to meet EPA, PMRA, and OECD data requirements. Saved thousands of dollars in products, by developing new product flows and handling methods in accordance with OSHA Standards. Performed calibrations on various measurement and test equipment Performed inspections, repairs and verification on basic electrical measuring equipment. Performed carbon analysis on thermal/optical carbon analyzers which included troubleshooting, repairing, maintenance, and calibration. Used molecular and morphological data collection. Sample Resume Laboratory Technician Australia Job (Example and Format) Before you begin writing your Laboratory Technician resume, determine what you are looking for in a position. Provided quality assurance of laboratory specimens and reagents, and routine maintenance of instrumentation. Your medical laboratory technician job description should outline specific job qualifications and skills that are vital to the position. Trained and practiced in Sterile Technique and ECG monitoring during conscious sedation and invasive procedures. A chemical analyzer, for example, must be correctly programmed for the specific tests the physician has ordered. Completed temperature and equipment maintenance logs and QC for moderate complexity testing. Extracted DNA from bio-specimens taken from Lab Medicine and Pathology departments Performed quantity and quality analysis on DNA samples. Performed various analysis in accordance with USP, including method validations, method development using GC and HPLC. Required meticulous data entry and management in various spreadsheets and data entry programs. Communicated with other Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) certified eye banks to obtain corneal tissue as needed. Attached filters using sterile technique to the components which require them. Determined PAH levels in soil and aquatic samples using various extraction and purification techniques and gas chromatography. Performed functional test and IPP-Testing on Real-Time PCR machines of newly manufacture products to determine if the product passes recommended specification. Acted as assistant to SleepCare Technicians at AASM accredited comprehensive sleep laboratory. Performed sample preparation according to standard EPA methodologies. Performed laboratory procedures following accepted OSHA precautions and policy guidelines; responsible for clerical duties directly related to laboratory and radiology. You can find out more about becoming a laboratory technician from the Science Council and Health Careers. Some states also require lab techs to be licensed. Performed sample preparation, data entry and occasionally physical/mechanical testing for the Toy Testing Lab Division. Analyzed and perform test (Assay & Degradation, Content Uniformity, Dissolution by UV/VIS and HPLC). Performed routine and complex microbiological laboratory tests in the Infectious Disease Division to provide rapid and accurate laboratory test results. He should also possess excellent interpersonal skills as he will be required to to produce verbal or written reports on his findings to senior scientists. Lab technicians collect specimens and test according to specific and detailed instructions and steps to insure the reliability of conclusions. These laboratory technicians may work in a wide variety of fields such medicine, biology, chemistry, electronics,… Organized, prepared, and tested specimens for illegal substances Reported results to supervisor Filed patient paperwork. Quality-focused lab technician with excellent skills gained through hands-on experience at Rice University. Recovered and prepared cell cultures for shipment to requesting investigators. Performed laboratory techniques during the process of radiometric Carbon-14 dating - Performed data entry for sample acquisition and cataloging. Relied upon by supervisors to perform extensive troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of analyzers. Purchased test equipment, microprocessor debuggers, and other laboratory supplies. Performed BSL-2 hybridization reactions for PCR, slot blotting, and non-radioactive detection methods for various viruses in the hybridization laboratory. Prepared solutions and communicated with supervisors on product quality on a daily basis. Provided minor maintenance and calibrations on lab equipment and handled biological waste for disposal. Developed and performed validation and transfer of HPLC stability indicating methods for production release testing. update your dental laboratory technician job knowledge and skills by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks and participating in professional organisations. Performed microbiological testing and analysis, while complying with FDA, AOAC and APHA guidelines to meet customer demands. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Laboratory Technician resumes they appeared on. Performed wet chemistry analysis and instrumentation analyses that included ICP, AA, GC, FTIR and IC. Determined microbial content and identity of microorganisms from finished and stability products, raw materials and components. Functioned as a laboratory resource personnel by clarifying questions on laboratory procedures, proper specimen collection or other information. Promoted to head lab assistant after 2 months with commendation from lead lab technician for extreme dependability. Performed general and quality control testing in the hematology, chemistry, microbiology and urinalysis laboratory departments. . Cultured bacterial/yeast/mammalian cell cultures for protein production for pharmaceutical research. Conducted microbiological testing on finished goods per FDA/BAM procedures. Performed Laboratory Testing IAW ASTM test Methods and Federal Specifications. Performed laboratory testing specific to Hematology and Oncology including CBC's, Chemistry and Tumor Markers. Conducted organic extractions of environmental water samples tracked using a LIMS for the testing of pesticides and herbicides under EPA regulations. Some examples include performing standard lab procedures or analyzing samples. Lab techs must use proper precautions to protect themselves and other workers. Adhered to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and safety protocols that produced precise and compliant results within established time parameters. Performed quality control on equipment and equipment preventative maintenance procedures to ensure proper working conditions. Received training on FDA regulated Standard Operating Procedures. Technicians working in labs use a variety of testing methods and equipment that they must calibrate. Communicated between UV lab and production floor to maintain product specifications. Conducted research on the wound healing/proliferation rates of cells from three types of rabbit knee ligaments using standard cell culture techniques. Worked as Lab technician in pathological laboratory. Using partly computer-controlled laboratory equipment and microscopes, they analyse chemicals, living organisms (cells), intermediate and end products (e.g. Conducted QC testing of various adhesives to customer specification. Maintained accurate records of experiments and prepared toxicological reports for clientele. Manufactured synthetic DNA for a plethora of laboratories. Typed up orders for specific blood testing, placed blood samples into a centrifuge for Technologist to perform testing. Though you may be in a hurry, you won’t be able to bypass the medical lab technician … Performed QC tests for both small and large batches of UV, solvent and water based coatings. Demonstrated superior knowledge in chemistry to accurately prepare solutions for upper division chemistry courses. Inactivated any equipment that is found out of calibration or reject incomplete calibration or preventative maintenance documentation. Individuals working in this field must be proficient in the use of computers and electronics. Maintained accurate records and computer entry labeling of routine and special components as well as quarantined unacceptable components. Received specimens such as blood draws and body fluids and distributed them to their assigned department. Adapted to and implemented changes in test methods and new testing equipment as introduced and required in the performance of employment. Assisted plant production management by providing statistical data analysis of plant control and finished production samples. Utilized aseptic and sterile techniques for the Operating Room. Laboratory technicians provide data that determines how well treatment processes are working. Followed all PPE requirements and safety regulations. Conducted Phlebotomy lab testing and communicated results, ensuring patient comprehension of Physician plans for treatment. Provided broad administrative support for and managed daily office operations for Rutgers Cell and DNA Repository. Performed trouble-shooting and routine maintenance on laboratory equipment.

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