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Yes, some of it was amazing. 6. He's The Best, He's The Voice! A warm bagel? You could be 18 years old or 58 years old, and there's still so much joy to be had from singing every scandalous lyric in this late '80s masterpiece. See all last played tracks on the radio right here. ... A song from 2006-2008 is a red hair woman singing "little britain" or something like this (is not from a show like a idependient song, was on youtube in the end of 2008. Red Mosquito – Pearl Jam 82. Relevance. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. This song is like a chemical equation for perfect pop music. You can also find the extraordinary vocal work of this australian singer in many Little River Band's albums. For a true '80s kids, challenging yourself to see how many "It's the End of the World" lyrics you still remember is like a mental exercise for aging brains. Red Lights – Tiesto 80. It was a crossover hit for the boys from Queens, New York, that got the whole world hooked on hip-hop. is part of the Meredith Health Group, "Every Breath You Take" — The Police (1983), "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Entdecken Sie aktuelle Bestseller und Neuheiten oder stöbern Sie in unseren Sonderangeboten und finden Sie Ihre Lieblingsmusik zum kleinen Preis. Call it Little GTO or G.T.O., this song broke at the same time as the car, and you gotta wonder if the pop single put the Pontiac on the map. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Growing Up in the 80s. And then you'll wonder, like you do every time the song pops into your head again, what else is on this dude's list? heart ~ pet shop boys. Little Red Corvette – Prince 1983, 1999 R&B. The quintessential earworm by the duo responsible for some of the most inescapable earworms of the '80s, "Kiss on My List" is one of those songs you only need to hear a few times before it becomes a permanent fixture in your subconscious. Highwayman - (featuring Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson / Waylon Jennings) $1.29 on iTunes 6. This Song Combines 10 Colors with 8 Shapes so Children can practice putting 2 words together. "Just Like Heaven," by The Cure. How does someone stay motivated to push themselves further, and sweat harder, and growl as their muscles ache and beg for mercy, when they're not hearing the lead singer from Survivor shout at them, "Risin' up to the challenge of our rival"? The Heart Won't Lie; $1.29 on iTunes 7. Soul, I hear you calling Oh baby please give a little respect to me You have to sing it with maximum emotive gravitas, which involves clenching your fist and looking off meaningfully into the middle distance. Just groove along to this song. From the moonwalk to Betamax, these throwbacks will have you feeling '80s nostalgia. 20 Perfect Lines From The Most Beautiful Love Songs. Nothing else comes close to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).". Download '99 Red Balloons' on iTunes. Long before it was given a second life by The Sopranos and a third by Glee, '80s kids were reminding each other to "hold on to that feeeeeling." It was the kind of song you listened to on cassette and then would rewind again and again as you tried to figure out every lyric. Time Life Loves the 80s brings you right back to that colorful decade with 151 awesome hits by the ‘80s biggest and brightest ‘80s stars. Does He Love You; $1.29 on iTunes 8. ... "Little Red Corvette," by Prince. Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands; $1.29 on iTunes 12. Seriously, that's a big part of it ("Don't stop…" clap, clap… "believin'"). ... 99 Red Balloons Nena 11:56 pm. It's arguable that it's a pretty awful song. Country star Slim Whitman's version of the 1920s song "Rose Marie" spent 11 consecutive weeks at #1 in the UK in 1955, a record until 1991 when Bryan Adams’ "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" spent 16 weeks at the top. Metal, real metal, never came close to satisfying people who loved hummable melodies. @heartofficial @NancyWilson cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” is out now! 6. Billy Joel - Uptown Girl. Just listen to the original "Africa," and feel gratitude for its abundance of musical riches. This hard-rocking song about sex was so vague, you could listen to it with your grandma and not feel awkward. Scott Harrison/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. 80's,80's music,80s music, 80s. Fay Lovsky is a female singer/keyboard player. Mit den Amazon Music Apps haben Sie Ihre Musik immer dabei, einfach überall. How to listen to Heart Xmas on DAB, Global Player and smart speaker. Walk up to anybody who came of age in the '80s and ask them one simple question: "Who you gonna call?" This is an offshoot of the web page about masturbation since a lot of people don't know what songs like "She-Bop" or "Turning Japanese" are really about. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for We Call It 80's: 100 Songs To Remember - Various Artists on AllMusic Blinding Lights 8 The Weeknd. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter; $1.29 on iTunes 10. You've never seen so much smiling on a person's face as when they start singing about the forced extradition of extraterrestrials in 1980s New York. 1983 : Top. Let's be entirely honest here: Not all of the music made in the '80s was good. From shop VintageButtonStore. Of all the songs on this list of the TOP 500 POP SONGS OF THE 1980S, Hungry Like the Wolf benefitted the most from American television channel MTV, which launched in 1981. You’ll own the complete ‘80s music collection on 8 CDs, plus your free One Hit Wonders CD and the 24-page booklet filled with … Not even. This song is the title track from ABBA's 1981 album. Red Nose – Sage The Gemini 84. There is no shame in shaking your hips along to the beat as George Michael reminds you that not everybody "has a body like you.". It's a song that let us coexist with dual personas: the snarling punk rocker who wasn't afraid to push back against authority, and the insecure teenager who was really indecisive about a relationship. Chorus: Now, the moon shines tonight on pretty Red Wing The breeze is sighing, the night bird's crying, Dokken was always one of the most talented and listenable hair metal bands to come out of the early-'80s L.A. scene, combining the blistering, intricate guitar work of George Lynch with the aching, romantic lyrics and vocals from namesake lead singer Don Dokken. "Heart and Soul" (1987) "Intimate Strangers" (1987) "Heart and Soul" is a song by British pop band T'Pau.Heart and Soul" is a song by British pop band T'Pau. Check out the song links to read lyrics and see how you can reconnect with your favorite 80s songs! 4 in both the US and UK charts. But, honestly, it really is fun to sing, and it requires at least an attempt to hit that ridiculously high falsetto note at the end. "Boys Don't Cry," by The Cure. Such a simplistic song from such a talented song writer. Classic Television Theme Song Lyrics. Write Your Own Songs; $1.29 on iTunes 2. In case you haven't noticed, the '80s are back... again. It's the song everyone slow-danced to at prom during the '80s, thinking it was the most romantic tune ever written. All Rights Reserved. No, it is not a good song. "'Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick / The one that makes me scream,' she said" is the opening line of what '80s song? REMASTERED IN HD! As long as you didn't take it to the next step and invest in chains and a bucket hat, "Walk This Way" was harmless fun. These tubular phrases are definitely best left in the past. Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger. And because absolutely no one remembers it, it’s a clear choice for my favorite Lost pop song of the 80’s. It wasn't until adulthood that we really paid attention to the lyrics and realized just how creepy it actually was. Red Nation – Game 83. Lady in Red – Chris De Burgh 1986, Into The Light Rock . 5. Fueled by a moody synthesizer riff that has few peers from the era (it's little surprise that this feature is both inspired and performed by indomitable contemporary solo star Prince ), the song embodies '80s sonic textures without succumbing to any of the dated impulses that sank so much pop music produced circa 1983. "Beat It" was just that infectious, causing even the most shy among us to leap out of our chairs and sing along like we were trying to negotiate a friendly dance competition between rival gangs. The focus is on what certain songs of the eighties mean, especially songs that aren't immediately obvious. 13. Hold Me Now Thompson Twins. Monster 2 Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber. And the fear that wants to see you. Actually, This is a John Farnham's song from 1987. Red Planet – Little Mix 85. You can try and fight it, but you're just kidding yourself. The agency's recent vote made the important call. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on 5 out of 5 stars (35) 35 reviews $ 4.84. Prior to MTV, a song’s success in the U.S. depended on radio airplay. The song became a major Christmas classic from the end of the eighties appearing on several Christmas compilation CD's. To be included on this popular songs list, a song with a color in the title must have received some measure of popularity since 1950, with a few very significant older songs. Hear Commercial-Free 80s Hits, only on iHeartRadio. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me). Do not ask an '80s kid if he or she likes Weezer's cover of "Africa." And of course everyone remembers the part where you shout out "Leonard Bernstein!" Red Red Wine- UB40 89. Eien toya shika. This is the first single off her upcoming solo album, due out early 2021. It's the song that made every kid in America try to master the Moonwalk. This song by British new wave band Duran Duran was the band’s breakthrough hit in the United States. Living in the Promise Land; $1.29 on iTunes 7. Holy (feat. You must be an '80s kid. Nobody feels embarrassed or awkward when caught singing this song because it's designed to be embarrassing and awkward. Red Lipstick – Rihanna 81. Love is all around no need to waste it. And then that's followed by as much of the rest of the song as they can remember. The Top 100 Pop Singles of 1983 - * Song went #1 *1... EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, The Police (A&M) (#1, July) If you think another song should be included, let us know. That may not sound all that remarkable, but it was an astonishing feat at the time. blog comments powered by Disqus. It's just some acoustic six-strings and a drum, and the vocals are nasally at best, but there's something about this perennial favorite that sounds as rebellious today as it did back in the '80s. This flame in my heart, And a long lost friend Gives every dark street a light at the end. There's only one possible way they're going to answer. Just the first few notes are enough to make you sing it in its entirety. 2. Go. The answer is no. Seven Spanish Angels - (featuring Ray Charles) $1.29 on iTunes 5. But when I hear those familiar chords, a smile still creeps over my face, and I find myself singing along, even as my brain shouts, "No, no, no!". Top 25 Tracks 1. [Chorus] Got a heavy little heart. it's a heartache ~ bonnie tyler. Online shopping from a great selection at CDs & Vinyl Store. It's got clapping (see: "Don't Stop Believin'" for details), repetition ("Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey! Has any other song ever composed in human history brought every single person to their feet at a wedding? Ninja Academy - bra’ka dOm (2005) Ninjas are rarely seen, and conjoined-twin ninjas are even more of a rarity. Sure, a few lyrics walked the line of appropriate, like "Working double time/on the seduction line." 7 Songs Every Girl Has Scream-Sung With Her Girlfriends. It's got a hormonal energy that makes you want to snarl and dance and knock over furniture and make a spectacle of yourself. Dowell had one more Top 40 hit when the novelty song "Little Red Rented Rowboat" made #23 in America, but he got his own G.I. 79. If you've just fallen in love, or met with a heartbreak, music can make you fall deeper, and it can as well heal your broken heart. Ah, now that sounded ironic. 60. Red Rain – The White Stripes 87. Don't even bother looking. 148 Beautiful Songs With the Word ‘Heart’ in Their Title. But nothing makes a dance chaperon start frowning quicker, and that's all the evidence you need that you've been successfully rebellious against the powers that be, or at least every responsible adult within earshot. Seriously, that's a big part of it ("Don't stop…" clap, clap… "believin'"). Red Red Red – Fiona Apple 88. I mean, if a kiss is up there as one of the "best things in life," what comes in second? But Dracula is the last thing on your mind when belting out, "Turn around, briiiiiiight eyyyyyyyeeees!" A Nice cover, but Farnham's is also incredible. ("Yoooou… you got what I neeeeeed… but you say he's just a friend…"). Chance the Rapper) 4 Justin Bieber. Blues when he was drafted into the Army. Red Rain – Peter Gabriel 86. A break-up song so full of melodramatic self-pity that it almost feels like singing it can cure a broken heart. The song is about someone letting 99 red balloons go flying into the sky in Berlin. From shop JixoGifts. somewhere in my heart ~ aztec camera. Heart 80s Breakfast with Roberto Win a PS5, 58″ TV, iPhone 12 Pro and much more How to listen to Heart Xmas on DAB, Global Player and smart speaker Blue & Grey 1 BTS. If you think another song should be included, let us know. Yes, that's right, I said "masterpiece," because that's what it is. Take this quiz to find out. 8. The credits on this song read: Benjamin Weisman, Fred Wise, Kay Twomey and Bert Kaempfert. Your happiness is more important than their approval. More information Sweet Little Love Heart 80s Earrings - 1980s jewelry - 1980s earrings - heart earrings - red hearts - dainty earrings - red earrings It'll still get you to the happy place. Shake It Off Taylor Swift Taylor Swift's “Shake It Off” was inspired by how she'd learned to deal with all the false rumors that circulated about her. © 2020 Galvanized Media. 6 Answers. The Heart of Rock & Roll Huey Lewis & the News: If This Is It Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam: All ... Little Red Corvette Prince: When Doves Cry Psychedelic Furs: Pretty in Pink top of page. Do I love Madonna's "Like a Virgin" or Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" or "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Dance? Night Ranger - When You Close Your Eyes. A little Quarterflash … a little Benatar … wrapped up with a great hook. Home: ... With each glance and every little movement, You've shown it. Lyrics to 'Red Velvet Car' by Heart. "Christmas with the Devil," by Spinal Tap. Think you were cool without these? two hearts ~ phil collins. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to follow us on Instagram! Inside you. Cars - You Might Think. The turbulent start of a new decade helped these 1970 songs stand the test of time. Prince - When Doves Cry. The group rose to fame in the 1970s with their music being influenced by hard rock as well as folk music. The tunes might not be "good," per se, but they sure are unforgettable. White, black, it didn't matter—everyone knew the lyrics and wasn't afraid to rap along. Listen to iHeart80s Radio Live for Free! These are songs you know or may know, and not obscure album tracks. Till You Love Me; $1.29 on iTunes 9. Stream 80s & 90s Hits songs online from this radio station, only on iHeartRadio. Lyrics to 'The Captain Of Her Heart' by Double. Red Right Hand – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 90. Listen to iHeart80s Radio Live for Free! You could be exhausted from a 40-hour work week, under-slept and under-caffeinated, ready to crawl home and go to sleep, but the moment the opening chords to "Love Shack" hit your ears, you're on your feet and singing along like a crazed dance machine. Written by Journey ’s Jonathan Cain (who also wrote THE GREATEST LOST HIT OF … James Ingram & Michael Mcdonald - Yah Mo Be There. Maybe you remember bits and pieces of it. — The Clash (1982), "Once in a Lifetime" — Talking Heads (1981), "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" — Bonnie Tyler (1983), "Walk This Way" — RunDMC (ft. Aerosmith) (1986), "Pour Some Sugar on Me" — Def Leppard (1987), "Blister in the Sun" — Violent Femmes (1983), "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" — R.E.M. Buy/Stream by clicking the link in our bio! One of the very top New Wave songs from the early 80s… I can’t say enough about this song. Even after all these years, you can sing along to every lyric. Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It. And for more blasts from the past, here are 30 Things All '80s Kids Remember. Heart version is just a cover. From the '60s to the '80s and beyond, sweet romance has been expressed beautifully through rock music. VIEW ALL DATES. Some might even call it excruciating. After diminishing in popularity for a couple of years in the early 80s, the band enjoyed a massive comeback in 1985, experiencing further successes with their power ballads and pop hits throughout the rest of that decade and into the 90s. 1 decade ago. Heart of Gold; $1.29 on iTunes 3. Paula Abdul ... 15 Songs From The 80s You Should Have On Your iPod. Part of what makes this song so darn entertaining is the clapping. Classic TV Theme Song Lyrics. Experts say lengthy showers aren't good for you. Yikes! The second single from Passionworks, it was their lowest-charting single to hit the Hot 100. The red and black contrast also serve to draw eyes. snicks So you sing it knowing it's all really dirty while not having any clue why it's dirty, and it feels like a victory. It's like you're suddenly a cheerleader, even though you're just a working stiff stuck in rush hour traffic, listening to the oldies station and singing along to that song that reminds you of the summers of your youth, filled with sweet, sweet freedom. I'll save you some trouble—no, we don't. It's the only song ever recorded that makes anyone singing it instinctively behave like they're wearing a huge oversized white suit. Therefore I Am 1 Billie Eilish. Stay 1 BTS. You could be the tough, sneering metalhead who also loved a big, head-swaying, fist-pumping, singalong chorus. 1980s Song Lyrics. This song was the common ground between lovers of pop-rock and the metalhead purists. I need some well known 80s songs with the word heart somewhere in the title pleasseee :) Answer Save. ("No fear, cavalier, renegade, and steering clear" and then nothing until "Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom.") Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Few of us can get there without our voice cracking like an angry cat, but it never stops us from trying. “Heart and Soul” is the first single from T'Pau’s debut album “Bridge of Spies.”. 3. Of course, all the chart hits are here. Part of what makes this song so darn entertaining is the clapping. What comes to your mind when you think of the word 'heart'? Jul 29, 2014 - Check out our red earrings selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. But with "Sweet Child O' Mine," Guns N' Roses created a world that was safe for both factions to coexist peacefully. Favorite Add to 1 Dozen Little Red Hearts Vintage Shank Buttons(C1601) VintageButtonStore. Hey Mickey!" Lv 7. #Heart #TheseDreams #Remastered Is hiding 'round the bend. maurice. (1987), "Sweet Child O' Mine" — Guns N' Roses (1988), "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" — Whitney Houston (1987), "You Shook Me All Night Long" — AC/DC (1980), "We Didn't Start The Fire" — Billy Joel (1989). 4. Absolutely not. Words and Lyrics from your favorite 80s songs and albums. Growing Up in the 80s. ... It’s has kind of an 70s/80s vibe. "Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you ?" It was way past midnight And she still couldn't fall asleep This night the dream was leavin' She tried so hard to keep And with the new day's dawning To place an order or for customer service, call toll-free 1-800-336-4627 or outside the United States, call 1-610-649-7565 Hari Lassana Hadawathak, Manusath Derana හරි ලස්සන හදවතක්... මනුසත් දෙරණ But other than the word "seduction," nothing about it makes any sense, and it's certainly not the kind of wordplay that's going to get anybody scolded by an adult. "Hurry up and bring your jukebox money!" Q. The Exorcist theme music is a portion of "Tubular Bells," a 25-minute song released by 19-year-old Mike Oldfield. I'm Movin' On - (featuring Hank Snow) $1.29 on iTunes 4. Cute Initial Magnet Set with little red heart - Great little Valentine's Day gift JixoGifts. Get our newsletter every Friday! Beside you. "Should I stay or should I go?" Little Red Heart - Dana Carmel Live at Casa Mezcal NYC Dana has been profiled in both Bleep, Pen’s Eye View, Independent Spotllight and received accolades from, where her song … Featuring vocalist Carol Decker, the song was released as the group's first single in 1987 from their debut album Bridge of Spies.Following its inclusion in a Pepe Jeans advert, the single reached No. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. These famous faces are celebrating in December. Read More. The best ever television theme song lyrics and words. That high note is every '80s kid's White Whale. It's the song everyone slow-danced to at prom during the '80s, thinking it was the most romantic tune ever written. We can almost feel that first teenage rejection again, and oh, man, it hurts so goooood. Find lyrics for any song - search by track or artist. Just how deep does this list go? Wondering what song we just played on Heart 80s? The Fear Of Being Alone; $1.29 on iTunes 13. It was a history lesson that we actually wanted to sit through, just so we could shout/sing lines like "Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California baseball/Starkweather, homicide, children of thalidomide!" How Was I To Know; $1.29 on iTunes 14. If repeating lyrics like "same as it ever was, same as it ever was" doesn't make you start dance-shrugging like you're a weird, skinny dude surrounded in fabric, then you weren't watching nearly as much MTV as your peers in the '80s. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was written and produced by Jim Steinman. heartbreaker ~ dionne warwick. We are all just mannequin dummies in its hands. You can argue all you want that the only reason this song holds up is because of that wildly inventive video featuring rotoscoping (or pencil-sketch animation). List of songs with Songfacts entries for Heart. Check out Little Red Heart by Soul Track Mind on Amazon Music. Grow tired of the silence. Official music video by Heart performing These Dreams. It's good news for more than a third of Americans. Words and Lyrics from your favorite 80s songs and albums. Wait, never mind, we don't want to know. ... "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, darling" is the opening line of what '80s song? We still don't entirely understand why this is supposed to be sexy. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. Because Rivers Cuomo's version is unnecessary. When this hit #1 for Elvis in the UK, he became the first artist there with seven #1 hits. Specially the song 'We Two'. Some of it… not so much. Sure, Joe Strummer probably wasn't writing about whether to keep flirting with a girl in algebra class, but that's how many of us took it. 5. That's how much power this song possesses. No need standing in the rain Just call me down to where you are That icy wind will bring the pain And I don't care if it's far It's okay if it happens to you too. Words and Lyrics from your favorite 80s songs and albums. However, a human heart clenched in a fist may be a bit too strong, and many potential listeners may keep walking. A little something to make me sweeter Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart I'm so in love with you I'll be forever blue That you give me no reason Why you're making me work so hard. You recognize its flaws, and you might even be the first one to laugh at it—and yet, you love it all the same. If you ever meet somebody who claims they despise "Faith," walk in the other direction—because they're either lying to you, or they might be fundamentally evil. And the pop crowd, well, let's just say they didn't venture into metal territory beyond Twisted Sister. "Hungry like the Wolf," by Duran Duran. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Heart On Tour . But as a true '80s kid, I loved it all—the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly. There has never been a better example of the life lesson, "Not everything you love will be good" than the Biz Markie song "Just a Friend." But if it was playing on the radio or MTV at the right time in your life, it's like a tattoo on your soul. Nobody actually remembers all of the lyrics to this 1987 classic from America's greatest rockers. It goes a little like this: Hora.. melo, sana. We follow the rhythm that is dictated for us. It'd be like rebuilding Stonehenge, or the Great Sphinx of Giza. It hasn't aged well. Life Goes On 3 BTS. Complete song listing of Restless Heart on A smile on my face A song on my lips Pretending is all I do I'm painting the town red To hide a heart that's blue I'm gay with ... , You took my red heart and made it lavender blue Someday you'll say why did I throw our ... "Hocus Pocus" And pray a little prayer Then she'd wave her hands Like butterflies And make a big red heart. If you love '80s music that the rest of the world has decided is frivolous and silly, forget them! You got a heavy little heart. These are songs you know or may know, and not obscure album tracks. Have a soft spot for mullets and Madonna? Duran Duran - Union of the Snake. You'll never recreate the magic, the awe-inspiring beauty, the breathless audacity of these marvels of human achievement. Most heart-warming lyric: “Life flies by in seconds. 7. That you give me no That you give me no That you give me no That you give me no. 99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballoons) – Nena 1983, Nena ... Red song list curated by Matthew Campbell. Who's having the sugar poured on them, and why do they enjoy it so much? Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. When you've already got one of these Wonders of the World, why does it need to be done again? And Still; $1.29 on iTunes 11. 35 Cheesy Love Songs From The 80s And 90s With Lyrics So Bad They're Good ... And I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 22 October 2020, 16:14 | Updated: 26 October 2020, 10:54. If you're truly depleted, you can always sing along with the Fred Schneider talking part. Little Black Heart Lyrics - A-ha I never saw sunlight Burn as bright I never felt darkness The way I feel it tonight You say it's getting better You say To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Prince – Little Red Corvette. A lesser-known group (at least in the States) from the late 80s, these guys were just fantastic. And that's coming from somebody grew up with it as the soundtrack to his life. Rose MarieSlim Whitman. They saw the red balloons and mistook it for an attack of some sort, and launched their weapons of mass destruction. A shy little prairie maid, Who sang a lay, a love song gay, As on the plain she'd while away the day; She loved a warrior bold, This shy little maid of old, But brave and gay, he rode one day To battle far away.

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