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Reviewed transfusion records and blood bank requisitions for accuracy and clinical indications. Many entry-level histology jobs require a four-year bachelor’s degree in a medical laboratory science program. Analyzed and interpreted laboratory findings with direct involvement in quality patient care. Worked Third Shift in the laboratory in the departments of Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis and Blood Bank. Medical Laboratory Assistant Job Description Example. Performed preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on clinical analyzers to ensure compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies. Prepared specimens for examination, counted cells, and looked for abnormal cells in blood and body fluids. Maintained lab equipment and observed troubleshoot instrument problem. Managed technical manual rewriting project, authoring over 25 new laboratory procedures. Developed standard operating procedures for all medical laboratory and blood drawing procedures while overseas in a combat zone. Performed quality control tests and evaluated patient results to detect apparent and subtle problems, proposing corrective measures. Worked independently and trained lab personnel and students on various laboratory procedures. Performed equipment calibration, quality control testing, and laboratory specimen testing which directly led to precise clinical test results. Prepared components for transfusion following doctors' orders such as splitting, thawing, pooling blood products. Assisted in the Specimen Collection section of the laboratory, collected specimens from donors and from therapeutic patients. Assisted faculty through enforcing OSHA regulations and security policies to maintain a safe environment. Received, stored, inventoried, shipped and destroyed blood products while ensuring that proper documentation was valid. Reported questionable results and critical values to providers in timely matter. Performed quality control while adhering to hospital policies. Operated clinical analyzer including preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, calibrations, and quality control. Performed clerical/administrative duties of the unit as required supporting quality patient care. Performed phlebotomy, hematology, microbiology, immunology, urinalysis, blood banking, and coagulation studies. Performed and reported on laboratory testing and other commonly accepted laboratory duties with appropriate documentation and accuracy. Worked in all laboratory sections and performed routine clinical testing and phlebotomy. Trained lower skill levels in all elementary laboratory procedures and contributed to process improvement. If you possess some or all of the following list of skills, then you should include them in your pharmacy technician resume and cover letter. Computed and analyzed statistical data to evaluate accuracy and precision of laboratory instruments and procedures. These items may be mailed or delivered to the specific departments listed. Assembled equipment, performed instrument maintenance, and verified correct instrument operation. Worked on bench in Immunology department mainly using assigned procedures and imported kits and materials from USA and Germany. Read and understand work-related materials. Performed data entry for new and existing patients. centrifuge, dry bath incubators and microscopic analysis. Helped lab manager with levy Jennings charts, & QA reports. Helped to create a new protocol for specimen processing resulting in faster turnaround times for patient results. Executed laboratory specimen testing according to hospital policies and regulatory requirements. Registration or licensing may be required. Participated in all quality control procedures and complied with quality assurance and quality management standards within the department. Worked independently to resolve problems in non-typical situations to assure quality patient care. Demonstrated excellent customer service to all patients. Conducted blood donor orientations, mini-physicals, donor eligibility interviews, and phlebotomy. Communicated critical patient results to physicians. Skills Checklist. Performed moderate and high complexity testing in microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology, and immunology. Selected by management for Reference Lab work, including safely sending specimens throughout the continental Unites States and internationally. Performed a variety of technical, specialized, and routine medical laboratory examinations and procedures. Performed phlebotomy and urinalysis with microscopic examinations; *Certified In-Office lab with Blood Chemistry machine. Executed automated hematology testing performed manual differentials as needed and/or as indicated by test results. Ensured the lab operated under CLIA and COLA regulations. Used standard laboratory test and measurement controls, and maintained compliance with CLIA, OSHA, safety and risk-management guidelines. Performed computerized data entry of test requests, reports, and results. Plated specimens, made and read gram stains, performed id and sensitivity studies. A potpourri of other qualities are necessary. Received, processed, tested, verified, and shipped over 1,000 blood products per week. Prepared calculations for the data entry for reports. Followed laboratory procedures for specimen collection and handling. Skilled in trouble shooting and maintenance of technical equipment. Notified provider of critical values to ensure acceptable patient care. Performed general laboratory and instrument maintenance. Calibrated, operated, and maintained laboratory instrument; monitored quality control procedures and reporting on equipment, reagents and products. Operated a wide variety of Laboratory equipment, to include patient results, quality control, and maintenance procedures. Performed and validated all Chemistry procedures utilizing the Centaur XP and Dimension analyzers. Developed and supervised Quality Control procedures. Performed maintenance and shutdown chemistry and immunology analyzers. p. Documentation – Proof of military service (DD214), if applicable. Worked independently in various departments including hematology, urinalysis, chemistry, and blood bank. Followed the proper protocol when reporting critical values on patients. Used various quality control procedures to maintain compliance with internal and external regulations. Enforced criteria for rejecting and appropriately documenting specimen disposition, electronically and manually in the quality control reports (QCR). Ensured compliance with FDA, AABB, CAP, JCAHO, CLIA, and Armed Services Blood Program Officerequirements. Maintained quality control compliance ISO 9001, OSHA, safety and risk-management guidelines. Participated in CLIA regulations and resolved all prior backlogs with their requirements. Worked as general technician in the hematology, chemistry, serology, urinalysis, and processing/sends-outs departments. Trained with Abbott Cell Dyne, Dade Dimension, Sysmex CA6000, and MLA. Displayed superb manual dexterity, extreme focus, and patience in a fast-paced work environment. Performed all functions in the manufacturing of blood products including manipulations of specialized blood products. Automated and manual CBC analysis on Sysmex-2100 and KX-21. Reason and Problem Solve. Promoted after only two years to Customer Service Supervisor due to outstanding work performance. Performed Chemistry Panels, Coagulations, and Urine Analysis using the Vitros and Sysmex systems. In turn, knowing your strengths will enable you to land your next job opportunity. Performed data entry and maintained data and files in conjunction with the patient appointment and consult processes. Interpreted and communicated patient results alerting nurse or physician of abnormal findings. Performed routine and STAT procedures in clinical chemistry, hematology, endocrinology and immunology utilizing automated and manual protocols. Reported critical results to the proper personnel (physicians/nurses) for immediate care and treatment. Page 1 of 2. Completed all calibrations, quality control, preventative maintenance and equipment troubleshooting. Prepared blood samples and completed hematological and chemical tests according to laboratory policies. Analyzed the chemical content of fluids and identified any microorganisms. Verified and reported laboratory results in hospital computer system (CHCS); notified physicians of abnormal and critical labs. Analyzed and reported results, including critical values, according appropriate protocol. Worked as an MLT in a Mobile Medical Center (MEC). Preformed daily instrument maintenance, quality control and testing patient specimens. Performed quality control, calibration, and maintenance on analyzers in chemistry, hematology, urinalysis and immunology departments. Conducted chemical analysis of body fluids using automatic analyzer and microscope to detect abnormalities. Experienced in CLIA and COLA regulations along with preparation with inspection guidelines. Documented donor files, collected blood samples and communicated necessary information for accuracy of records. Reported critical results to appropriate departments, verified non critical results. From the skills checklist below, please locate the list that matches your specialty and complete the online form. Performed laboratory tests, routine preventative maintenance, and quality control procedures. Preformed standard laboratory procedures in chemistry, hematology, serology, and urinalysis * Performed routine instrument maintenance and routine quality control. Communicated with physicians and patients concerning day-to-day directives pertaining to testing and phlebotomy. Performed highly complex tests on clinical specimens for diagnostic purposes and maintained records associated with diagnostic / lab tests. Maintained quality control data and performed individualized testing in all departments including Hematology, Blood Bank, Chemistry and Microbiology. Conducted clinical testing of blood samples to detect Hepatitis B&C, and HIV viruses using the ELISA testing method.5. Added reagents or indicator solutions, and subject's specimens to various laboratory operations according to established procedures. Received and processed microbiology specimens and performed daily QC. Managed priorities and handled critical results as part of a team or solo while ensuring confidence. Recognized as Super User on Dimension ExL chemistry analyzers because of outstanding management of calibrations and weekly and monthly maintenance. Ensured proper operation of analyzers by calibrating, performing preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting when required. Ensured accuracy and precision of test results through good laboratory practices under the supervision of experience pathologist. Maintained and implemented quality control for lab equipment as well as trouble-shooting/resolution of instrument problems. Laboratory Safety Checklist p. 31-32 Drug Screen, Proper Attire, Cell Phones and Electronic Devices, Attendance Requirements p. 33 Transportation, Parking, Use of School Computers p. 34 Medical Laboratory Technician Admission Requirements p. 35 Medical Laboratory Technician Advanced Standing Admission, Selection Criteria and Retention Policy p. 36 Medical Laboratory Technician … Performed all types of immunology tests including HCG, HTLV 111, ALT, Hepatitis B, Cold Agglutinins and RPR. Applied general knowledge of procedures in Hematology, Urinalysis, Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Serology, Coagulation and Microbiology. Counseled, mentored, provided professional development and trained employees on basic Blood Banking principles to include whole blood collection procedures. Medical Laboratory Technician – ANZSCO 311213 Description Performs routine medical laboratory tests and operates diagnostic laboratory equipment under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pathologists. For example, 18.2% of Medical Laboratory Technician resumes contained Medical Laboratory as a skill. Provided technical customer service support to Toxicology clients. Worked directly with pathologist, other physicians, nurses, and hospital staff members to ensure quality patient care. Loaded specimens and performed trouble shooting as needed on bioMerieux BacT-Alert. Performed automated analysis of body fluids for use in functional medicine.

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