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The slim neck and shorter fretboard provides comfort for players who struggle to find guitars for their smaller stature or shorter fingers. Please see my full disclosure for further information. This is called lowering the action of the guitar to make it easier to play. You want to look for small neck electric guitars. In the early 1970s, Malcolm formed AC/DC with Angus as a guitarist. After that and other stints failed, he studied classical guitar and composition at UCLA. The safest bet for the smallest is probably the Squier by Fender Mini Strat that I share above. (See what I did there?). This is another slam dunk by Squier to bring a classic Fender Stratocaster to the next generation. Baby Taylor started life as a guitar for children to learn the … Some have broad necks, others have narrow necks. Wide, medium & narrow necked guitars are discussed. Good for kids and adults with small hands. This Squier has really achieved that classic Fender sound, due in no small part to the trio of Fender-Designed Alnico single-coil pickups. Eventually, he gigged and taught lessons and was invited to join the jazz/rock/reggae band, The Police, with Sting and Stewart Copeland. The Pattern Vintage neck has the same width measurements as PRS's Pattern neck but is slightly thicker front to back and features an asymmetrical carve with a little less meat on the bass side of the neck toward the nut end and a little less meat on the treble side of the neck from the twelfth fret to the heel. [tcb_woo_shop limit='3' columns='3' orderby='date' order='desc' paginate='1' cache='false' hide-result-count='1' hide-catalog-ordering='1' hide-sale-flash='1' hide-title='0' hide-price='1' hide-rating='1' hide-cart='1' hide-pagination='1' ids='2446,2311,2369' category='' cat_operator='in' taxonomy='' terms='' terms_operator='in' tag='' tag_operator='in' align-items='center' ct='shop-0' ct-name='Original Shop' css='tve-u-175257301de']. However, the action can only be lowered so far before problems start occurring. Simon has made a huge impression on music aficionados for his relatively unsung guitar work including that on the Simon and Garfunkel Live 1969 album, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Graceland. It's just a well-made guitar. So classic it may not keep up as well with some more modern music styles. It is often better to select a guitar that initially has lower action for small hands, than to have the action lowered too far on a regular, or larger sized guitar. He was known for incorporating classical music into his guitar playing - most notably the six-string work on “Crazy Train.”. The standard fret distance and scale might still make this less than ideal for guitarists with short fingers. Pros: + ¾ electric guitar + Available in red, black and pink + 22,75” scale length + C-shaped neck + 1-year warranty. He was a legend even before his tragic death in 1982. Ironically, Cobain's hands weren't small at all, but he liked this vintage modified Jaguar set-up anyway. The guitars we included in this list are either in it because they have a thin neck or a short scale length, so you could think about which one of these problems you want to solve. The Yamaha also has a thinner neck and a smaller body which suits it to a smaller guitarist. If you have small hands, a guitar with a narrow neck will make playing more natural and more enjoyable. Use a capo whenever you need it to make your life easier. We've reviewed our favorite electric Ukuleles! The neck is C-shaped, which many with small hands prefer. The size of your hands may not seem important in selecting the body size of an electric guitar, but it can impact the overall comfort and dexterity that can be achieved while playing. We wanted to address this issue and create an article that will help you find the best electric guitar for small hands. Since solid body electric guitars don't rely on a resonance chamber, you're not really losing anything by playing one with a small body. If you are really looking for something tiny - check out our review on the top ukuleles of 2020! Electric guitars already have thinner fingerboards than acoustic guitars, so just by playing guitar, you’ve made a good choice for your small hands. If you can handle a larger scaled down Strat, I'd look at the Vibe 50's or the Short Scale Strat (both above). The Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster has the sort of design that everybody thinks of as soon as they hear the word “electric guitar”. Give it all the help you can. A thin neck makes it easier for small hands to reach the strings and may feel more comfortable to play. Cons:  No real negatives unless you're applying it to a genre where it's not well suited. Choose a Guitar with a Comfortable Neck Every guitar is different. If you’re looking for a guitar with wide string spacing AND a wide neck….chances are you’ve noticed that the pickings are kind of slim. 4. Choose a Guitar with a Comfortable Neck Every guitar is different. However, the distance between the frets is the same as for a regular sized electric guitar, which means the scale is the same and the frets are spaced the same distance apart. People with smaller hands often struggle with neck length as it also affects the distance between the frets. This guitar has been patterned after the legendary Kurt Cobain's guitar, meeting the exact same specifications. After all, if there are musical instruments that will make it easier to play with small hands, why try to fit in with a guitar that makes your hands cramp? Cons:  Might be a little too small for some, so watch the size. There's no shame in this. Just like when it comes to regular electric guitars, you’ll need to find one that sounds good and that looks good, if that’s important to you. Increase the radius or curve of the neck and now you have a guitar that is very comfortable for playing rhythm guitar. This affordable version of a grunge classic will not let you down. A lot of you have written asking where to get our logo on a T-shirt, so here it is! This cool little Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar is available in black, blue, white metallic purple, vivid pink and walnut sunburst. A longer neck can make it much more difficult to reach the end of the neck and hit those more complicated notes. He and his brother, Malcolm, were part of a group with their brother George called the Marcus Hook Roll Band. I love that Daisy Rock has a Bangles tribute guitar of the same model that Vicki Peterson played. At @$500 this instrument is a good guitar for a beginner looking for a short scaled instrument with … The maple 9.5 inch, C-shaped neck and fingerboard with tall, narrow frets, is ideal for small hands. This California girl, born in 1954, is one half of the legendary band Heart. If you can handle a larger scaled down Strat, I'd look at the Vibe 50's or the Short Scale Strat (both above). The good the bad, the myths... it's all discussed here. This guitar is top quality all around. Many people are absolutely in love with it, and it just sounds so good and looks so nice that it’s impossible not to like. Let me know what you end up with and how you like it. Seriously, this is one of those guitars that doesn't always get a lot of notice, but delivers like a workhorse. Fancy sticking with electric? Pros:  Great to have a semi-hollow option in this size range and I can easily recommend this guitar for anyone who likes to play in multiple music genres. We’ll start off this list with a real classic, Squier by Fender. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for it. The scale length of a guitar is measured from the nut of the guitar to the center of the … Personally, I love the orange color. … The Epiphone Gibson Special comes with all the features Gibson is famous for while providing a slightly shorter neck at 24.75 inches. Pros:  A great compromise that accommodates small-handed players and achieves that great Stratocaster sound. A good example of this type of radius is on some of the old Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. Please see my full disclosure for further information. He has won 16 Grammys for both solo, and collaborative songs, and is known on guitar for his expert, nimble finger stylings despite having small hands. Just do what you need to do and keep playing. Pros:  Good quality, classic tones and looks like it should belong to Judy Jetson. Its pointy design makes it look enough rock n’ roll to make any kid practice the guitar more. The nickel-plated hardware and vintage headstock design only reinforce the classic nature of this guitar, so don't worry about the Squier name that some disparage. It has a nice finish and is well made, but you should expect it to need some set-up straight out of the box. It has 3 custom vintage style single-coil strat pickups that are great. The best classical guitars will have a flat fingerboard and a wider neck, measuring around a full 2” across the nut. But this is not limited to being a beginner guitar. This 22.75" scale, 20 fret, Mini-Strat is designed for kids and beginners, but it is not a toy. So it you consider yourself both a Nirvana and a guitar nerd, then you should really check out this guitar for smaller hands! We strongly recommend that you watch this YouTube video if you want to learn more about this Gibson SG Special guitar and listen to some of the sweet tunes it’s able to make! The nut width is a modest 1.6". It's a good instrument that definitely slides into the intermediate quality range and will be a guitar you'll be happy to play for years to come. This guitar ships with everything you need to get started playing, which makes it perfect for first-time guitarists — and really convenient for more experienced players. A set neck increases sustain and stability. Pros:  With so many of the scaled down guitars being targeted at kids and beginners, it's nice to see a truly professional quality guitar this size. Cons:  Not quite as big of a sound as some semi-hollows, but because of the smaller size, that's to be expected. You can check out the Epiphone SG special for a cheaper alternative to the Gibson SG Special. If you have fifteen minutes to spare, check this video out. It looks great, it sounds wonderful and it’s good for small-handed people. I also don't like narrow (across the nut) necks as thick fingers have trouble if the strings are too close together. This is a very comfortable guitar. *This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. If you want to find out more about this guitar, check this demo out where you can hear it and learn more from a guy that works in a music shop. Another option is to skip some of the notes in the chord. Adjusting the action of the guitar also might help -- if the strings are too far from the fretboard, they'll be hard to push down for a clear tone. That's all that should matter. Ironically, many guitarists with larger hands also prefer a lowered action, as it makes the instrument much easier to play. Would love to have a 5-way pickup switch, just to push this guitar to its limits. Do I Need A Guitar with a Thin Neck for My Small Hands? The small hand accommodation of a C-shape neck with 9.5" radius almost seems standard, but this has a nice, smooth rosewood fingerboard. In these cases, it may better to choose a guitar with a smaller body size. You've got 2 versatile single coil pickups, the classic Fender choice, that work across a wide range of genres. Pros: + 3/4 guitar + Available in many colors + Cheap electric guitar + Good for kids and adults with small hands. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with AT LEAST one of the guitars on this list. If you’re looking for a slim neck quality guitar, … Gibsons are the most common in this scale but many manufacturers make guitars in this scale. Why We Liked It - If the small hands you’re looking for a guitar for are attached to a kid, you should probably be looking for a smaller guitar than full-size, and this ¾ is a really great guitar for beginners. Of course, that means no whammy bar. The Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s series is the ideal choice for beginner and advanced players looking for a model that is finger-friendly and stature-friendly. If you're looking for lessons in how to shred, check out this class: Pros:  There's everything right about this guitar and it's perfect for any metal head with small hands (or not). Typically, this combination of wood use makes any guitar heavier, but when combined with a thin body and neck, this guitar still feels lighter compared to other guitars that are available today. We're going to look at some of the best electric guitars with thin necks, short necks, and those that have a short scale. Do you have small hands? Or maybe you can find a slightly different voicing that keeps the spirit of the original but that you're able to reach. Young’s style is mainly straight blues, but with hints of Scottish folk, and one-handed pull-off arpeggios which continue to be heard around the world in such songs as Who Made Who, Dirty and Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. There's also a classic tremolo bridge (whammy bar) for all your favorite string bending action. Because comfort is the most important thing apart from the sound of your guitar! When we're done, you're going to be able to rock the block, hands down. This guitar is a real beauty, no matter which color you pick. It’s easy to forget and mix them up when you read about ten different ones. Number seven is a really nice travel guitar from Fender, Jaguar Special. He formed Quiet Riot with Kevin DuBrow in the 1970's and the two made the group somewhat famous, in Japan, because they didn’t quite hit it in the LA club scene. Not quite as big of a sound as some semi-hollows, but because of the smaller size, that's to be expected. If you don't know Daisy Rock, they specifically set out to create guitars that would be more comfortable to encourage girls and women to play more. Sure, if the shoes are too large you can get your feet in them, and you may even be able to walk around, but soon you’ll have blisters and all kinds of other problems. It's true that electric guitars are already easier than acoustics for dealing with small hands and a shorter reach. This Mini Strat is fun and lively and will satisfy anyone's inner rocker. You'll lose a little on sound, but hopefully this will keep you from running into songs that are just unplayable. This Mustang certainly knows its roots in the rebellious music underground from which it was birthed. The slim, C-shaped neck is comfortable and the smooth laurel fingerboard make for a slick and enjoyable playing experience. The quality and finish are sweet, suitable for a beginner or to take on stage. *These pages may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. It has similar stats and a similar look, but with the budget-friendly Fender Squier price tag. Scale Length. The GD93CE by Takamine is a prime example of how a mid-level acoustic guitar can compete with many of the ... Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar. The link here is for a really solid bundle pack, perfect for the beginner because it's both affordable and good quality (includes a practice amp). Next up is an awesome, versatile guitar from Gibson that just completely rocks in our opinion. Required fields are marked *. It’s a really good guitar that has lots of potential and versatility. This classic electric guitar has all the trademark Fender features with a vintage look and feel, and of course, the legendary single coil pickups. She inspired Angus’s signature school-boy costume for the eventual legendary bad. If you have small hands, a guitar with a narrow neck will make playing more natural and more enjoyable. Don't worry, just do your best. If you read my earlier Daisy Rock Guitar review, you know I really like these guitars. The thicker the neck, the more it takes from your reach… If you have small hands/fingers/palms then it’s very important you maximise your reach. The Glen Burton GB150BCO-BK Electric Bass Guitar Bundle (view deal on Amazon) comes with all a beginner needs to get setup. It's one of the reasons this model (replica), the Special SG, is a favorite of Angus Young, lead guitarist for AC/DC – who has small hands (see below). Or if you have small hands, or short fingers, a smaller guitar will be easier to play. You know what they say: Life is like a box of… guitars! Playing with this control provides a wide range of tones that can make this guitar sound like many different types, thus providing great flexibility in genre. The body of this guitar uses an all-mahogany slim design which a thin neck that is topped with rosewood for its fretboard. Cons:  No real negatives. For quality, you've got a tune-o-matic bridge and Grover tuners to keep the guitar in tune and create rock solid playability. Ibanez classical guitars take the guesswork out of finding an affordable, great-sounding classical guitar that's easy to fret and play. For a taller person, or someone with large hands, smaller guitars are not a good option. Nut width is 1.65”(42mm). Guitar Scale and Size It also has a C-shaped, maple neck with an easy 9.5" radius. We like the cool colors and that the guitar comes with a 1-year warranty, in case anything should be wrong with it. WOOHOO GUITAR TUESDAY! If you happen to be left-handed, that’s even better, since it’s available as a left-handed version as well. Guitarists of all ability levels simplify chords sometimes. If you're worried about this guitar being anything less than a true Squier Stratocaster, put your fears to rest. This legendary SG model is a dream to play. When you read through our reviews, try to make your own list of the guitars you like. This electric travel guitar has a really nice, clear and crisp tone that is suitable for many genres and of course can be altered with different pedals. You might lose some of the bass, but playing an octave up is a perfectly legitimate alternative if that's the only way you're going to make that chord. Two MP90 single coil pickups give you a fat, but edgy sound typical of Fender. We’re beginning to come to the end of the list but we still have three great guitars left, pour yourself another cup of coffee so that you can stay alert when we take a look at this cute little guitar for smaller hands! Players who fingerpick often lower the action as well. If the answer to these questions are yes, then you should buy this guitar for smaller hands! What to Look for When Buying an Electric Guitar for Small Hands? Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar Folk. For comfort, there's a slim and narrow neck and lighter weight body. Some of the guitars made this list because they have slim necks, others because they have a short scale length, so they’re not all the same unfortunately. If you still haven’t done that, we strongly recommend it! Not for kids, not for beginners, this short scale guitar is serious. If you've enjoyed this review by Music Critic, please leave a positive rating: Music Critic - the home of music reviews since 1998    Meet the Writers Press And Media Zone Product Reviews, Copyright 1998 - MusicCritic, all rights reserved, Your shortcut to our team's top 3 recommendations, Squier Classic Vibe '50s Sunburst Strat Demo at PMTVUK, Fender Classic Player Jaguar Electric Guitar Demo, Squier Mini Strat | A Rockin' Mini Electric Guitar. It has an alder body shape with gloss polyester finish and has a classic design that will never go out of fashion. If the price of the Eastman E10P is a bit too hard to … Nail those string-bending effects to complete the classic sound, or push the large tonal range on this Jazzmaster to blend the old and new. Blues, country, rock, grunge, jazz – this guitar can play them all. The greater this distance, the more the fingers will need to stretch. Hey Phillip,Thanks for pointing this one out to me. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a good electric guitar for small hands and we've sifted through a lot of them. Keep this one close. You may be able to play a full-sized guitar with ease if the neck is thin and not too wide. The mother-of-pearl inlay is fantastic and stylish, and the action on the fretboard is slick. It's not the way the books will teach you, but when you've got small hands, sometimes you need to make your own rules. Epiphone Les Paul Special VE. We’ve come across many reviews that say that it’s the best guitar the reviewer has ever owned, and we’re not surprised! Songwriter and guitarist, Paul Simon was born October 13, 1941. It’s good for small hands in the aspect that it has a small neck, but the distance between the frets is the same as other guitars. If the neck of the guitar is too wide or broad, it can result in excessive stretching of the fingers, cramping in the hands, as well as difficulty sliding the hand up and down the neck. The 9,5” fingerboard radius makes it easier to play for the guitar player with small hands. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro Review, Seagull Guitars S6 Cedar Original Guitar Review, Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Vintage Sunburst Review. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The further the strings are located, the harder they will need to be pressed in order to create the right notes. Pros:  I have to admit to loving the classic Strat and this version is really true to form, even if it doesn't have every feature to cater to small hands. Hope this helps. First off, this Jazzmaster is well-suited for guitar players with small hands. Available at Zazzle, choose your color size and style. She told Guitar Magazine in 1979 that one hand was glamorous, and the other, a worker with broken nails. Music Critic was founded in 1998, and publishes album and single reviews, music articles, concert and live band reviews and instrument and equipment guides. They got the name from the back of their sister’s sewing machine. She is especially known for “Crazy on You.”. What is best guitar width and depth of neck the smallest and a light body…. This is a great guitar and you're going to love playing it. If you don’t want to go that small, I’d recommend looking hard at the Fender Duo Sonic or the Fender Mustang 90. Frustrated with the lack of success in Japan, he tried out for Ozzy Osbourne and was hired not for his playing but because he looked the part. You can also consider small body electric guitars. In the guitar realm, it's leveling the playing field. There are two options available for selecting an electric guitar for smaller hands. Far better than its price, but wish there were a higher end model like this from Ibanez. It's not the moon and the sky, not at this price, but in this price range, it's a heck of an instrument and is very easy to play. The master volume, tone control and 3-way pickup switch let you alter and play with your sound until you get it exactly where you want it. It also has a c-shaped neck, which is the most liked shape among small-handed people. There’s really not very many choices, but the choices that are out there are prime. If you’re looking for the classic Epiphone sound … That's why I'm going to help you find the best electric guitar for small hands – the one that's right for you. When the body of a guitar is too large, it forces you to reach around awkwardly to pick or strum the strings, putting your fret hand in an even mor… The 9.5 inch radius of the C-shaped neck and rosewood fingerboard is ideal for small hands, as is the shorter scale, at 24 inches. Cons:  Would love to have a 5-way pickup switch, just to push this guitar to its limits. Born in Lancashire, England on December 31, 1942, he began intensively learning guitar and studied jazz by participating in the local scene near him. Just click right on through for instant access. Your email address will not be published. Expect to do a little set-up when it arrives, but it's mostly ready to go out of the box. What else could you ask for? We have read a lot of reviews from guitar players with small hands, and have managed to narrow the selection down to six guitars that we think you should take a closer look at. Let’s have a look at our eight top electric guitars for guitar players with small hands! *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The finish is gorgeous and there are 4 colors to choose from. Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top. I checked it out and being a Fender Squier, it is indeed a good substitute for the Jaguar for someone who’s not ready, or can’t afford, the American Fender. If it makes playing easier and more fun, then it might be a great solution for you - there are some very cool guitars that fall into this category. Cons:  The standard fret distance and scale might still make this less than ideal for guitarists with short fingers. Your fingers will fly over the fretboard and they will thank you for it. Her inspirations were Paul Simon and Jimmy Messina. Has a 24″ neck and a small nut width of 1.575″ (40mm). Whether you are looking for a traditional classical-sized instrument or a comfortable nylon-string beginner guitar, they are extremely well-constructed, affordable and have the pristine tonality and playability of much more expensive instruments. Just to encourage you, we're also going to share the profiles of 5 famous guitarists with small hands. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. This one's pretty solid all around. This guitar isn't just all glitter. We also know that simply reading about an instrument doesn’t really help too much, so we’ve linked to good YouTube videos so that you can both see and hear the guitar in its right element. In reviewing the field of best electric guitar for small hands, I have come up with 3 favorites: If a smaller, more accommodating electric guitar makes playing easier and more fun, then it might be a great solution for you - there are a lot of very cool guitars that fall into this category. This Fender-designed, Squier re-imagining of the Fender Jazzmaster is perfectly in line with the traditional Jazzmaster tone which they achieve by a dual, single-coil pick-up configuration. To be honest, except for the body size of the fret board, and the comfort side of things, there’s nothing out of the ordinary that you should look for when buying an electric guitar for players with small hands. If you’ve got a little aspiring rocker at home that wants to start to play the guitar, check out this cool ¾ sized one from Ibanez! This is one sweet little guitar and it's entirely designed for people with small hands. Is a 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Made for Small Handed People? The 24" scale fingerboard, with 20 frets, is a full 1.5" shorter than a standard Strat. Pros:  This guitar has such easy dimensions that it's going to appeal to a wide range of people looking for a smaller guitar. This is one of those guitars that's fun to play and will just be there for you. Electric and acoustic guitars are pretty much the same (usually 1 11/16" width at the nut), but slight differences can definitely count. Is a Mini Electric Guitar Good for Small Hands? Since it is $350 new, it is a much cheaper alternative to the Fender American Professional Jaguar. Sometimes guitarists use mildly heavier gauge strings on guitars with shorter scale lengths to compensate for the effects of the difference in string tension. Vintage Les Pauls and Martin Dreadnaughts can be daunting for one with short fingers. Strings can be brought closer to the fretboard in most types of electric guitars to accommodate small hands. We’re positive you’ll find at least one that is perfect for your needs! We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. Playing a guitar that is too large for your hand size can be just as daunting. If you have small hands, or short fingers, you should definitely take a good look at this one. A shorter guitar or a guitar with a narrower neck would make playing a bit easier. The classic Fender-style tall and narrow frets make playing easier as well. Which electric guitar has the narrowest neck? Cut to the chase, the things that put this on the list of best electric guitar for small hands is the 24" scale length and the C-shaped neck with a 9.5" radius. The quality would be suitable for an adult to play, if the size of the guitar is right. The vintage pearl finish is all sorts of fun. The Runner Up. We’ll start off this list with a real classic, Squier by Fender. Taylor114ce- (Check Price on Amazon) This is one of Taylor’s most popular guitars, and it is built to … But some electric guitars are still better suited than others. This model, the Venus guitar, also features an innovative push-pull tone control that alters the humbucker signal to give the sharper tone of a single coil pickup. A lot of their models are designed a little more feminine in color and glitz, but let me tell you something; these are serious guitars. Why We Liked It - This SG Special is really the kind of instrument that sells itself. Models like the Ibanez GRGM Solid-Body Electric GuitarIbanez GRGM Solid-Body Electric Guitar are great for shredding, or if you have small hands. It's with them he created his signature minimalist guitar sound, with avant-guard styling using multiple effects pedals. It’s certainly not something that you have to have in order to be able to play the guitar at all, but if you have very small hands it might be a good idea. One of the things this does is temporarily shorten the scale of your guitar. Best Thin Neck Electric Guitars for Small Hands. I would like to point out that the New Fender Squire Paranormal Series Supersonic looks to be an ideal addition to this list. No real negatives unless you're applying it to a genre where it's not well suited. If you're a tremolo lover, you're better off with one of the Strat variations we've featured here. Generally, longer scales provide a more vibrant tone with a bell sound, whereas a shorter scale will produce a much warmer tone. Most of the specs are in the reviews on this page. Top 4 Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars: Jameson Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review The Jameson Thinline is a lightweight guitar with the classic dreadnought body shape. This is the part of the guitar that needs to rest comfortably in your hand while allowing your fingers to reach the top E-string – ideally it'll be a thin neck. Keep your thumb in the center of the neck behind the fret board, and not any higher. There is nothing stopping you from playing and enjoying guitar to your heart's content. A great compromise that accommodates small-handed players and achieves that great Stratocaster sound. Check out these cool items by clicking on them, or have a look at everything in our Awesome Accessory and Gift SHOP. This Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster is a great guitar if you are after electric guitars that have slim necks, however this is not the kind of guitar that has a shorter scale length, so you’ll still have to stretch your fingers a bit. This Ibanez has a very comfortable 22.2" scale with 24 frets on a nice maple fretboard, making this a great, and affordable, electric guitar for people with small hands. Get ready for goosebumps. He eventually joined bands, including the Animals, in a brief line up in the late 1960s. If you're worried about it looking too 'girlie' (a wrong-headed term if I ever heard one), no matter your gender, then slap a skull sticker on it and get over yourself. The guitar is actually short-scaled in order to accommodate 14 frets before the neck joins the body. This is the one thing that can make it a little more challenging for smaller hands. Cons:  Far better than its price, but wish there were a higher end model like this from Ibanez. Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster. A lot of the same features hold true here. This guitar is ready for anything. Gibson makes great guitars and this one is no exception. The only catch is if you're dying to play wild solos up on the 21st and 22nd frets, this guitar will come up short. Pros: + C-shaped neck + 24” scale length + Authentic Nirvana sound + High-quality. But there is nothing small about what you get from this guitar. That usually makes things clearer. Best Budget Option. Included is a bundle with a bag, a strap, an amplifier, and a cable. It might not be the actual Gibson, but it's a fraction of the price and you get far beyond your money's worth. (Look here for more information on the advantages of semi-hollow guitars.). Great find!I’ve posted it above, with attribution. 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The Fender Short Scale Strat carries the exact same pickups as its big brother and matches the sound wonderfully. The slim neck and lighter weight make this guitar comfortable to play for people of smaller frame, or with short fingers. Playing the wrong size guitar is like wearing the wrong size shoes. Strangely, the girth of guitar necks varies a lot. However, other colors are available. Pros: + 9,5” radius neck + C-shaped neck + Classic electric guitar + Alder body shape + Great for Rock N' Roll playing style. This will give your hand maximum reach around the guitar neck radius while remaining stable and, eventually, comfortable. However, the scale length does affect the tone of the guitar. If you have small hands and want all the glory of a classic Strat, this guitar is a great choice. It’s available in two colors, worn brown and satin cherry, and both look amazing! Most often you can compensate for your small hands by doing technique exercises that build up your muscles! Don't do this for every chord – but be prepared to employ your pinky if you need to. I'm going to go out on not much of a limb here and say this might be the best metal guitar for small hands. The "Pattern Thin" neck is an updated version of PRS’s traditional Wide Thin neck. The good news, is that's okay, it's not hard to find an electric guitar to meet you needs. You and the Duo Sonic may have to prove yourselves. We recommend that you watch this YouTube video that will teach you more about it! Most often you can make up for your small hand by doing technique exercises that strengthen your hand. Hardware: Sound: Value: The Little Martin LX1 is the smallest guitar the … It's the additional features, like the Stratocaster headstock, tremolo bridge, humbucker pickups make this one of the first, and topmost choices, for a player wanting an electric guitar for small hands. The slimmer neck makes it easier for a small-handed player for grab onto the neck, making it easier to produce chords; slim necks are also great for guitarists who like to shred or play at a faster tempo . Pros:  If this guitar is the right fit, it's a great little guitar that's easy to play. Some people may discount this guitar because of the finish, and that would be sad for them because they'd be missing out. And if you're still looking for your style, this guitar will help you find it. Okay, so you've got small hands and maybe short fingers and you like to play guitar but you want to find the best electric guitar for small hands so that it's fun and easy to play.

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