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Soothes allergies . The anti-inflammatory properties of nettle could also help you treat skin burns and even reduce the visibility of burn-related scars. Potassium – Stinging nettle contains lots of potassium which is great for regulating cardiovascular health and water regulation. To make a tea with it, just steep one to two teaspoons of dried nettle leaves in boiling water for 5–10 minutes and your wonderful cup of nettle tea is ready! Copyright 2019 | All Rights Reserved. Nettle also has a long history in caring for the skin. The health benefits of nettle tea also include skin care. by nehasarawgi 0 Comments. While providing nutrients, it is also great for energy, skin, and hair. Also cures and prevents these kind of reactions. Mood swings due to PMS, pain, and cramps in periods, can all be reduced by drinking nettle leaf tea. If you wish to keep your skin radiant and flawless, nettle tea is what you need. Stinging nettle herb also helps to repair DNA damage which if done by hospitals can be really expensive. Learn the ways this herb can help promote health and prevent disease, and how to make your own nettle tea. Well there is a good news for women as well. Many studies have verified that stinging nettle herb is effective against many types of bacteria. "Apart from cleansing the skin, regular nettle tea consumption helps alleviate puffy eyes," shared Shilpa. Home / Blog / Nutrition / The Beauty and Benefits of Nettle Tea The Beauty and Benefits of Nettle Tea. The stinging nettle derives its name from the nature of its leaves that have fine hair-like projections and secrete certain annoying chemicals. Here, we’ll talk about the nettle tea benefits and how it cures the most troublesome health issues. You must avoid taking stinging nettle if you have liver disease. Drinking this tea also helps treating eczema and other mild skin problems. However, if you can stand the mild sting (or just have a great pair of gardening gloves), you can pick fresh nettle to make a nettle tea tonic that has some super rad skin and hair benefits. Nettle Leaf Tea Can Treat Allergic Reactions. Stinging nettle tea or juice might be a big cause for liver damage in some people. Some species of stinging nettle contain histamine, acetylcholine, and formic acid which could cause an irritating sensation on the skin. Enjoy! Nettle tea comes from stinging nettles (Urtica diocia), a perennial plant with soft hair on their leaves. The super helpful herb also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. It is antibacterial and antiviral in nature and the tea made with nettle leaves can be applied on the affected areas and even insect bites can be treated used this solution. So you do not have to buy expensive anti ageing cream or any surgery. In some places stinging nettle herb was also used as medicine, usually this was applied to the skin. Nettle purifies the blood and also increases the blood count in the body. The leaves and stems have been helpful in easing some digestive ailments. They have been used for therapeutic causes for years and it is usually the tea made from nettle leaves that are consumed for various purposes. While it may not aid in curing the underlying skin infection or condition, it will help the skin be healthier and heal faster from whatever else is happening. There are many benefits of nettle tea that may be very helpful for you. Stinging nettle is a powerful antibacterial herb which will never let your body hit bacteria. From treating allergies, iron deficiency, prostate problems, heart ailments, to treating arthritis, the use of nettle leaves is widespread in various medicinal treatments. You must take a regular intake of this herb o prevent as well as to cue them. It is also best to avoid stinging nettle if you are breast-feeding. To protect your body from microbe attack. Anemia is a condition in which women suffer from iron deficiency, that reduces the red blood count in the blood. For centuries, doctors used nettle to stop external bleeding. Stinging nettle is an herb which is good for releasing all your stress. Stinging nettle herb is a powerful microbial agent. We all know about many herbs and plants which are one in all to provide us with good properties to cure our health problems and help us stay for all our life. Benefits of Nettle Tea If you suffer from allergy may be nettle tea will help you get rid of your problems. Perhaps its most popular use is turning the leaves into stinging nettle tea, which is a common natural allergy relief remedy. Stinging nettle is a great herb to loose weight quickly. The leaves of nettle are anti-inflammatory and thus, give relief in joint pain and related diseases like gout, arthritis, tendonitis,s and other bone diseases. You may refer a doctor to help you with the intake. They have been used for therapeutic causes for years and it is usually the tea made from nettle leaves that are consumed for various purposes. Today, we have found stinging nettle, leaves, flowers, and roots are still been used to make many kinds of medicine for a long list of many kinds of different ailments. Nevertheless, there are various benefits that nettle root can hold in terms of helping you manage your skin. Nettles may often be associated with the rash that you get when the fresh version touches your skin but dried nettle leaves are totally safe and actually provide a lot of great health benefits for both your body and skin. Stinging nettle is a great herb that slows ageing process. Beauty Epic is the beauty network that sets a new level of trust and honesty in beauty world. It is efficient in dissolving the kidney stone and is a powerful blood purifier. You can also flavor your cup of nettle tea with lime and honey. Even patients having Alzheimer’s and hypertension problems, experience relief on taking nettle leaves. Constipation – Stinging nettle contains soluble fiber that can help to soften stools… and stinging nettle can help with intestinal irritations. Some of these substances might also help and repair damaged cells in the body it also activate the immune system, and have other activities. However, There is the possibility of uterine contractions when consuming nettle, which can lead to a miscarriage. You must consume this herb for growing immense vitality of your body. Caused by eating wrong type of food. Diuretic. Stinging nettle Herb also increases production of “T” cells in the body. It is considered a must-have beauty product regarding skin care in various traditions across the world. Nettle leaf can be administered to stop any kind of excessive bleeding in the body like haemorrhoids, piles, nose, lungs, stomach and even the uterus. One such amazing and super powerful herb is stinging nettle. A concoction of nettle leaves can be applied on wounds and burns to heal them speedily and also helps overcome the marks and blemishes quickly. Studies have proved according to a study in the “Journal Lipids in Health and Disease”. This tea is not only tasty but also has quite a few health benefits to offer. While you may curse the plant for the temporary discomfort, stinging nettle is actually a beneficial perennial that treats several conditions. Sleep – Because stinging nettle contains scopoletin it also combines with melatonin to improve sleep. This amazing herb can also be used for smallpox or enlarged spleen or swelling or asthma or arthritis and other bone and joint problems such as cancer or cataracts or colds or depression or digestive problems, and gastric ulcers. This herb is superb for vitality of out body. The leaves are also used for arthritis also by wrapping around the affected joint and for headache also by applying the leaves to the forehead and for relieving burns or sores and wounds by direct application. Stinging nettle herb also helps with arthritis, joint disease, liver, kidney,Also helps to cure stomach inflammation. The problems of gingivitis can be treated and prevented by rinsing the mouth with stinging nettle leaf solution. We decided to update it to include more tips and helpful information about nettle tea. The stinging nettle derives its name from the nature of its leaves that have fine hair-like projections and secrete certain annoying chemicals. A 2002 study by Italian researchers also noted that it may be effective in helping to reduce blood pressure. Stinging nettle herb is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. These benefits can improve the symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Well there is no herb known yet that prove to provide you a good mood! Stinging nettle has been linked to several cases of liver damage or liver diturbabces. Nettle leaf can be use externally as an ointment and also consumed as nettle tea. Nettle tea health benefits for pregnancy . This can be a problem, especially for people with kidney disease. Nettle may be beneficial for urinary tract infections and kidney stones as it has a diuretic effect. Top 16 Benefits Of Nettle Leaf For The Skin, Hair And Body. Most Common Nettle Tea Benefits Skin Conditions. And stinging nettle repairs them all, Lowers Cholesterol -Stinging nettle lowers cholesterol. Many people claim nettle tea, applied externally, benefits rheumatism, arthritis, acne, eczema, and burns. Nettle Tea Benefits 1. Acid leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to most of our modern diseases. Helps to improve mood, get rid of anxiety, and promote feelings of well being. The leaves of the herb stinging nettle have been used in medicines for curing rheumatic aches and swelling of the joint or stomachache or dysentery and swelling caused by a parasitic infection called filariasis. Stinging nettle herb has similar properties to the ones found in green tea. You must consume it in a regular interval. Benefits of Nettle leaf: Aides in Treating Acne; Dried Nettle leaves are utilized remotely to treat skin inflammation and pimples. Nettle makes it into just about every pregnancy tonic on the market because it is loaded with nutritional benefits that are great for pregnant women. only by sipping this warm beverage. In addition, it has been shown to help clear up persistent problems like acne. Nettle leaves have a positive effect on the nerve health of the body. It Is the Natural purifier of the body and nettle tea works on the same. There is also an alternative way to consume stinging nettle herb in the form of a fruit juice that can be used to cure for arthritis or diabetes or high blood pressure or muscle aches and pains like menstrual difficulties or headaches or heart disease or AIDS or cancers or gastric ulcers or sprains or depression or senility or poor digestion or atherosclerosis or circulation problems and drug addiction. Lowering cholesterol helps to Prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. You can add nettle root tinctures for added benefits. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. 29 Nettle Tea Benefits. The herb is used by a mixture of leaves and fruit. Nettle Tea for Skin Care. It can help people have steady urination and flow rate and reduce the binding effect of sex hormones by globulin. 6. Particularly, the tea made from nettle leaves is known to help ease a lot of problems. Stinging nettle contains antioxidants to protect the body. Stingle Nettle leaves in the wild. So you do not need much of the citrus intake. 5 Benefits You Can Get From Nettle Tea Nettle tea offers chemical constituents that may benefit your well-being. Stinging nettle helps in the strong production of Damnacanthal this is a really powerful immune boosting agent for our body. We are driven by a commitment to prove Beauty Epic is best for beauty and improve women's lives by covering daily breakthroughs in beauty, Lifestyle and Health. Published: Wednesday, July 17th 2019 ; in Nutrition; by Amy Sung; Editor’s Note: We originally published this article in January 2013. This amazing herb “stinging nettle” helps to support the adrenals of the body. Stinging nettle herb is also a good vasodilator. Benefits of Nettle Tea Improves Kidney Health. Like amla is one such berry which provide our body many benefits. It also excels in helping sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and acne. Stinging nettle leaves and roots are the two parts of the plant that is most often taken as tablet, tea, tincture, pile, or capsule. 85% of those taking stinging nettle show a decrease in blood pressure. Stinging nettle herb contains limonene this is also found in citrus fruit. Working out is like a fashion these days so if you want to work out more than consume this herb. Stinging Nettle health benefits includes fighting inflammation, alleviating allergic reaction, aids UTI infections, promotes radiant look, act as face cleanser, fight skin diseases, increase circulation and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Modern research on nettle leaf tea has looked into a number of potential benefits. Studies have also proved that stinging nettle is an amazing herb to live twice in one life it can cure deadly diseases totally. Nettle tea leaves are healing for the stomach and provides relief against diarrhea and dysentery. Making nettle tea or steaming it may lead you to enjoy many of these, without having to injure yourself by eating entire pieces of the plant. Stinging nettle helps with allergic reactions. Copyright © 2015 Beauty EPic. Do not take stinging nettle if you are pregnant. Seasonal allergies, cough, colds, hay fever, wheezing and asthma, are all diseases resulting from allergies and infections. Besides being a natural home remedy to relieve symptoms of allergy nettle tea is also good for your skin, urinary system and skin. Nettle tea is said to help prevent seasonal allergies and improve symptoms like sneezing and itching. Alkalizing Agent – Stinging nettle is a good alkalizing agent for the body. Drinking nettle tea first thing in the morning and another 1-2 cups throughout the day for 3 weeks will increase your energy level. Then a preparation of the root of the herb is used on stonefish and sting-ray wounds, and as a smallpox salve. Other benefits includes providing good … It is pretty easy to make this tea, where all you need to do is boil a few of these nettle leaves in water and drink up. Nettle Hair Benefits. Nettle leaf can be use externally as an ointment and also consumed as nettle tea. Since nettle leaf is anti-allergic and antibacterial, it can be given to patients for these ailments to reduce the symptoms and provide relief from these diseases. Despite of the Above Benefits Stinging Nettle also have Some Side Effects to Pay Attention on: Stinging nettle is POSSIBLY SAFE when the taken as fruit is or consumed as food substance. Add this amazing tea in your diet today, and see the difference. This amazing herb often grows among lava flows also. It’s also proven to benefit skin, bone and urinary health as well. They say that the stinging nettle can be poisonous, but the fact is that once it is boiled or dried, the nettle becomes a great herb, which has a variety of health benefits. this in turn promotes healthy skin renewal. Health benefits of nettle tea, that have been discovered over the years, are countless and can’t be ignored. The stinging effect of nettle leaves works well against skin infections like acne and pimples. This herbal tea possesses numerous health benefits, such as promoting hair growth, reducing allergies and asthma, aiding blood sugar management, and boosting urinary tract health. That is really essential to provide right type of age to your body. Stinging nettle is such an amazing herb which sometimes applied to the skin also. Look: Health Benefits of 60+ Foods. You will not feel that tired anymore. Nettle Tea Benefits Fatigue. In any case, it is extremely unlikely to miscarry because of nettle use. All other oral diseases and infections of the throat too, can be treated with nettle leaf tea. Taken as a tea, Nettles help to reduce irritation on the skin. Nettle leaf tea increases the testosterone levels in men and is also known to stimulate the sex drive. Reportedly, this tea has been a part of ancient medieval medicine for treating and curing various diseases including cardiovascular diseases, bone-related problems, and gastric issues among others. And many such incurable diseases. Here are 6 evidence-based benefits of stinging nettle. It reduces the itchiness and the redness of the eczema. Other uses include high blood pressure, kidney disorders, migraine headache, premenstrual syndrome, stroke, pain, infections and sedation. And Stinging nettle contains high amount of glycosides This is also related to your age factor. Many People intake stinging nettle herb directly by mouth for colic, convulsions, cough or diabetes or painful urination or even for stimulating menstrual flow sometimes for  fever also many kinds of  liver disease, it is also useful for clearing constipation for smooth vaginal discharge during pregnancy this is also a great herb to consume also there are results that malarial fever can be cured fully, and nausea too. When you ingest Nettle Tea regularly, it aids in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. Nettle tea is a powerful diuretic. Well there is good news for cancer patients or the one’s who are at the starting stage. You must avoid taking stinging nettle if you have liver disease. While the leaves are irritating for the skin, nettle tea benefits range from reducing inflammation to alleviating allergic symptoms. It contains silica and sulphur that is vital to hair health and makes the hair follicles strong and healthy. Stinging nettle contains substances which are beneficial for the body including potassium. The administration of nettle leaves helps in lessening the infection, prevent the tissue growth which helps in reducing the size of the prostate. Problems like sciatica nd neuralgia can be healed by drinking nettle tea or eating nettle leaves. 75 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water For Skin, Hair and Health, 38 Surprising Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar You Should Know, What Happens When You Drink Water with Baking Soda on an Empty Stomach, Top 12 Side Effects Of Jeera Water (Cumin Seeds) You Need to Know, 18 Kalamkari Sarees and With Matching Blouses, 5 Healthy Juices to Dissolve Kidney Stones. Nettle leaf tea is a sure-shot remedy for rhinitis and hives. Even sneezing, congestion and itching related to hay fever can be controlled by drinking a cup of nettle tea. Follow this regime regularly to get rid of dandruff completely. Stinging nettle is such a great herb that protects the body from big diseases like Aids, autoimmune diseases, and much more. 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The effectiveness of the herb stinging nettle is really effective and can be seen  for these uses has not been proven. Not only does it work in a natural way to reduce inflammation, but it is also known for clearing the skin, fighting future breakouts, and even getting your hair to grow in longer and healthier. You will surely be encouraged after reading these benefits. ShareFacebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Email. Everyone needs a peace of mind. Kidney and bladder infections can be treated with the help of nettle leaves. Drinking nettle leaf tea also breaks the stones in the kidneys and drives them out of the system. The bark of this herb has also been used in a preparation to aid childbirth. It is even used as a moisturizer and to reduce early signs of aging. Stinging nettle juice contains the same amount of potassium as found in cabbage and tomato juice. And scopoletin also helps with regulating body temp and hunger. You can get rid of skin problems such as irritation, acne, eczema, blemishes, etc. Read Also: 75 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water For Skin, Hair and Health; 17 Amazing Benefits Of Pistachio nuts; 38 Surprising Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar You Should Know; Image:- 1 What is Nettle Leaf Tea? Pain – Stinging nettle also is a good analgesic that helps with pain in general. Starting from out hair growth to our digestive system all can be cured by just one single berry called amla! Stinging nettle has been linked to several cases of liver damage or liver diturbabces. Contained and prygenol a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process. Historically, stinging nettle has been used to cause abortions. Specifically, nettle root’s vitamin A is incredibly beneficial for your complexion. You must be sure to follow relevant directions and procedures on product and labels and consult must consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using. Stinging nettle herb is an antifungal herb and also protects your body from harmful fugi! Drinking stinging nettle tea may help in dealing with many ailments. Drinking stinging nettle juice might increase lot of potassium levels in your body and make them even higher in people with already too much potassium levels in their body. This mixture is applied to pockets of infection (abscesses). Stinging nettle is a kind of an adaptogenic herb that can be adapted and grown anywhere. Stinging nettle contains polysaccharides that boost the immune system and protects the body. When the body needs detox, the most targeted organ is Kidney. Stinging nettle contains large amounts of potassium. Detoxing – Stinging nettle is also good for liver detoxing. Apply the nettle leaf oil mixed with coconut oil and massage the scalp well. But, stinging nettle tea benefits do have some properties that may benefit the skin when taken orally, which may include certain skin conditions that are characterized by inflammation. There are many such herbs that are around us but we do not pay much attention to them. Sad, but we couldn't add you to our mailing list ATM. Similarly in this article you will be introduced to an herb called stinging nettle. Extracts from Dried Nettle leaf are additionally utilized as a skin tonic for skin that is oily and that is prone to pimples, as it helps in lessening skin break out and that too without leaving any scars or flaws behind. Stinging nettle also helps to boost the immune system of the body. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! Balance Blood Sugar – Stinging nettle is well known for balancing blood sugar levels. Read on to know more. A great hair tonic that helps generate new growth of hair and also prevents the hair against hair fall trouble, nettle leaves oil and tea should be applied on the scalp regularly. These benefits are thought to be tied to the biologically active compounds contained in the nettle plant. Nettle leaves are an effective remedy against dandruff. Eczema. This is a really great for increased energy during workout or any other work. The benefits of nettle tea can also help prevent seasonal allergies and their symptoms like sneezing can be relieved by consuming nettle tea. In older men, the problem of enlarged prostate or Benign prostate hyperplasia is prevalent. To make nettle tea, just steep one to two teaspoons of dried nettle leaves in boiling water for 5–10 minutes and your wonderful cup of nettle tea is ready! Stinging nettle herb is such a magical herb that also reduce the chances of communicable diseases and increase your immunity. You can just simple trust on it blindly. Stinging nettle herb also helps to open up the lungs. If you ever happen to get stung by nettle leaves, the juice from the leaves may help ease the pain and any subsequent rash. It is really important to intake the appropriate dose of stinging nettle herb the dosage depends on several factors such as the user’s age or health, and several other conditions. You can drink nettle tea to cure allergic reactions, especially ones that happen due to seasonal changes. Leave overnight and wash the hair in the morning. This herb has so many benefits that you just cannot count. Applying nettle leaf oil on the inflamed joints or drinking nettle leaf tea helps in reducing inflammation to lessen pain and stiffness of the joints. Everyone is stressed out these days. Apply nettle leaf tea topically and also drink it 2-3 times a day to purify the blood and get a clear and radiant skin. There are several reports declaring that of liver damage in people who used to drank stinging nettle tea or juice for several weeks. 1. Stinging nettle is a kind of small evergreen tree this tree if found in the Pacific Islands of Southeast Asia in Australia, and also in India. Stinging nettle herb helps to scavenge up free radicals of your body and thereby slowing the aging process. Anxiety and Depression – Stinging nettle contains scopoletin, Stinging nettle increases serotonin levels in the brain. Read below for the some possible benefits of nettle tea. Tea lovers, move over your usual cup of green or red tea because nettle tea is here to rule to roast and how. You must prepare the nettle leaves properly to consume them safely, but the results are not disappointing. Some of the health benefits you can get by drinking nettle tea include the following: Stinging nettle herb has powerful antioxidants. Nettle is an herb that is known for providing many benefits to humans when it is consumed in the form of a brewed beverage, such as nettle tea. Skin Problems: Most of the use of stinging nettle in dermal related issues relates to external application of poultices or salves made with the leaves. The smell and taste of some Stinging nettle and juice are unpleasant to smell or to taste. For those who have never heard of this wonderful herbal tea … All Rights Reserved. Eczema, chicken pox, and other skin diseases can be treated with nettle leaf paste . Contradictory to this statement this “stinging nettle” herb is known to provide you with good mood with an energetic behavior and mentality. "Nettle tea is made by seeping nettle leaves in hot water, it is said to be great for relieving joint pains and menstrual cramps", Dr. Rupali Datta, Consultant Nutritionist. And a study found in the “Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin” showed that stinging nettle could protect against damage to the brain caused by strokes. It helps in eradicating pimples and also prevents them from coming back. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine the exact and appropriate range of doses for stinging nettle. However, there is also a concern that taking stinging nettle in medicinal amounts might happen to be POSSIBLY UNSAFE. A great natural diuretic with many antioxidant properties, nettle tea is really good for your health. Stinging nettle grows wild and is full of nutrition and health benefits. Shampoo the hair with nettle leaf tea for shine and volume. Nettle Leaf Tea. Kidneys and Prostate . You can even eat the fruits, leaves, roots, seeds, and bark of the herb directly. Historically, this stinging nettle herb/tree was used to make a natural red or yellow dye for clothing purposes. Following are some amazing and really good benefits of this herb. It is a fast growing herb too! Nettle tea benefits for skin. This is such an amazing and effective herb that is all in a one bottle cure! Headaches. Nettle leaves act as a diuretic and helps in frequent urination, that clears the bladder and kidney of its infections. Also, acidity, flatulence, and constipation can be treated by drinking a nettle leaf concoction. You can add nettle root tinctures for added benefits. Lowers Blood Pressure – Stinging nettle is a good vasodilator and thus helps to lower blood pressure. Stinging nettle builds up a strong immune system to defeat the attack of diseases. In this article you will be reading some amazing benefits of this herb. Shampoo bars made with nettle and regular nettle shampoo have many benefits for your hair and scalp. Many Studies done by researchers suggest that stinging nettle could be one such amazing herb that can be used to help fight cancer. However, it is not known for certain if stinging nettle was the cause. Don’t use stinging nettle if you have kidney problems.

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