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This year so far, there's been just as … “You wont ever see ‘sex sells’ with Hims and Hers,” he said. Five minutes with nothing to do except boring waiting on a train. Subway Ads NYC is a project of kruegermedia for advertising in the New York City Subway in and on cars and on stations. If you’re here, you must have. And what do we tell the kids? The litigation is continuing. Daron RT8563 New York City MTA Metro Articulated Electric Bus 1:43 Scale- 16 Inches long 4.6 out of 5 stars 367. SUBWAY® is now hiring, and a wide range of local restaurant jobs and headquarters jobs are available at locations near you. says in a posted list of questions and answers about its policy that advertisements for sex toys straightforwardly violate a rule against what it calls “sexually oriented businesses” introduced in 2015, at the same time as the rule prohibiting political advertising. Police said vandals struck a D train at the Norwood 205th Street subway station in the Bronx. said in a statement that its “advertising policy and its decision not to display the Dame Products ads is not gender-based or viewpoint discriminatory,” adding that its advertising policy clearly states “that advertisements for sex toys or devices for any gender are not permitted. Advertising for FDA-approved medication — including sexual dysfunction medication for any gender — is permitted.”Â. These ads are managed by … Filed Under: Graffiti, Local TV, MTA, New York, Subway, Subway Graffiti, The Bronx, Vandalism NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A subway car was … In the spring of 2018, Polly Rodriguez, a founder of Unbound, a company that makes sex toys, thought the subways would be a good place to advertise. “A 13-year-old, that’s not even that crazy. The MTA, which oversees the New York City subway system, approved a plan to hire 500 new transit police officers as they face a $1 billion budget deficit. Hims’s chief executive, Andrew Dudum, expressed support for Unbound and Dame. to take women’s health issues and women’s sexuality with the same degree of importance that they would take anybody else’s.”. Subway Ads are always on, there is now skipping or closing. ... "Learn to live alongside racoons", city of New York ads on its subway never fail to … The M.T.A. Studies from the UK show that many people have activated these interfaces on their mobile phones and for the 14-29 year olds, the technology is no longer a hurdle. metrocard . In May, The Jewish Press lamented the Museum of Sex ads in an editorial: “Nearly every day, at least several hundred thousand people — including tens of thousands of innocent teenagers and children — see these ads,” the editorial read. “Sex-focused products SHOULD be allowed to advertise because sex is a healthy part of the human experience,” she wrote. Weather it is for Subway Platform Posters or for Interior Car Cards. Downloadable maps for New York transit, including subways, buses, and the Staten Island Railway, plus the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad and MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Coronavirus updates: MTA Service During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Read more For a time, Ms. Rodriguez gave up. Just the NYC Subway map, no bells, whistles, or other complications. Metro NYC New York City 7" N Line Train Subway Car 1/100 Scale Diecast 4.5 out of 5 stars 81. October 3, 2019 Trump Corruption, Trump cultists. The year the subway changed its advertising policy, Thinx, a company that makes products for women, like special underwear for periods, took a combative route after being rejected by Outfront. New York Subway is the world's biggest with 421 train stations Very simple and easy to use! In an email later in the day, though, Ms. Fine returned to her initial stance. At first, Mr. Gunn focused on the most serious problems: derailments and dangerously hot cars. SUBWAY ADS from the Parade of Trains. Buy credits or subscribe today. Three subway riders were pushed onto the tracks across NYC in three separate attacks in as many days last week. Elana Taubman, who teaches middle-schoolers in the city, said she was put in an uncomfortable situation by one of the companies that sells erectile dysfunction pills during the past school year. guidelines. What you won’t see are Dame’s ads, which the company claims is evidence of the MTA’s “decision to privilege male interests in its advertising choices and its fundamental misunderstanding of Dame’s products.” Hot 97 ads used sex to sell an image of the radio station. Casper. A Dame ad. This year so far, there's been just as many. Trump retweets video falsely tying BLM and antifa to 2019 NYC subway assault. But I think its O.K. Women’s sex toy company sues NYC subway for rejecting ads. July 12, 2017 . The next year, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, an AIDS nonprofit, began running subway ads that showed same-sex couples canoodling, with the tag line “Young. In 2019, the companies that advertise on the subways frequently blur the distinction between these very different categories of ad. Have you noticed? 7142-1-2019-AS/LPM Accessible Stations Routes Station MANHATTAN 168 St 50 St southbound only Inwood-207 St 34 St-Penn Station 175 St 14 St/8 Av World Trade Center guidelines. AD. Best 2019 Movies set in NYC by tlmovies | created - 30 Apr 2019 | updated - 10 months ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. A Brooklyn-based start-up that sells women’s sex toys is suing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for rejecting advertisements that picture its products — a decision the company has deemed “sexist.” On Tuesday, Dame Products filed a 40 … More generally, the agency says that advertising “provides a critical revenue source” and that its advertising policy allows it to “maximize ridership and fare revenues and maintain a secure, orderly and welcoming system." The satirical ad, which was spotted on at least one A train Tuesday afternoon, touts the ex-New York mayor-turned-Trump attorney’s “crazy” legal services, including “back-channel deals” and “cable news appearances.” Over the next few years, I noticed that the companies I wrote about in TechCrunch were starting to show up on the subway walls. There are so many more. NEW YORK (AP) — A women’s sex toy company on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for refusing to run their advertisements on the subways. told The Times, referring to the ads, that “of course they will be approved.” They went up. More iStock Videos. Stiefler and Selvig have a reputation for political high jinks. October 2, 2019 at 2:32 PM EDT. ; its chairman, Pat Foye; and Mr. Lieber. Interior Car Cards are also awesome for competitions, people can take part directly via SMS or on your website via domain name or qr-code. In fact, the agency is more lenient than transit agencies in other cities, said Melissa Hobley, the chief marketing officer of OkCupid, the dating company. That helped convert the legal status of the transit system from a designated public forum into a limited public forum, with more ability to self-regulate. By Amanda Arnold. Encouraged by the agency’s public diplomacy in the press, another female-led company that makes sex toys, Dame Products, submitted an ad campaign to the M.T.A. SUBWAY LIVEBOARD DIGITAL ADVERTISING With the demand for digital advertising in major cities growing, many of the New York City subway stations are adding digital assets into the mix. In April 1993, New York Newsday ran an article with the headline “SEXY BUSES, SEXY SUBWAYS” on its front page. of sexism. The index of people earning a HHI bigger than $ 100,000 a year is above the average and you reach them with high impact ads at low costs in a way that hardly could not be more positive. The committee, which sees a tiny percentage of all the ads submitted to the subway, is advised by a lawyer who specializes in free speech. Referring to Hims and Roman and all the other companies permitted to allude to sex in the subway (however subliminally), she said, “If nobody could run ads, if they couldn’t run ads either, I would not feel nearly as indignant about it.”. has long used contractors, companies like New York Subways Advertising, TDI and (these days) Outfront Media, as its first line of defense when it comes to determining what is decent enough for the public eye. “And I would encourage the M.T.A. NYC Subway & Bus Maps, Directions & More! Your card refills automaticaly. These were the trains I rode on when visiting New York City. That ruling, in practice, made it hard for the M.T.A. A more positive approach through an advertising medium is hardly not possible. — NYCT Subway (@NYCTSubway) January 18, 2019. Fake NYC Subway Ad Touts “Crazy Rudy” Giuliani Site. All prices are subject to change, depending on availability and actual discount rate when booked. But the subways … Alexandra Fine, a founder of Dame and a friend of Ms. Rodriguez’s, received an email from Andy Byford, the president of New York City Transit (the branch of the M.T.A. wanted to bar a specific advertisement, it often wasn’t allowed to. This NYC subway app aims to be easy to use and keep from overloading users with features crammed into one screen while still providing everything you need. If mattress brand Casper’s ads seem as much a part of your subway … (This was before Miki Agrawal, a founder and the chief executive of Thinx, was ousted from the company after being accused of sexually harassing employees.). Share this: ... splashy Super Bowl ads, said people who have seen the ad. Dame’s cofounder and CEO explains to Cosmo why they’re suing the NYC Subway for rejecting their proposed ads. “Those erections make them feel alive and that’s beautiful, but same with my sex toys.”, Emma Freeman, a lawyer representing Dame in the suit, said that “the notion very broadly that advertisements like Roman and Hims serve a public health interest that Dame doesn’t is nonsense,” adding that the M.T.A.’s decisions represented a “pretty egregious double standard that stems from patriarchal and sexist cultural standards.”, Asked to comment on the Dame lawsuit, the M.T.A. “If there is any sense of gender bias, then it’s exceptionally offensive,” he said. In 1984, the M.T.A. With over 10 million downloads worldwide this NYC subway map is free to download and will help you navigate around New York using the subway system. hired a superstar of the transit world, David L. Gunn, from Philadelphia to improve the system. Katherine O’Keefe, a spokeswoman for Brooklinen, said that the company did hear from “moms and people who are concerned about what image we’re selling,” but said that far more often the company got laudatory feedback from customers who were excited to see themselves represented in the ads. It is a classic, if risky marketing strategy to get attention through provocation. Subway, ... grappling with a wider array of healthy fast-food rivals — ended 2019 … Within train cars, an ad for the linens company Brooklinen shows three pairs of feet tangled together under a sheet. Duration: 01:10 9/1/2020. It’s always been a balancing act. by Kevin Walsh July 12, 2017. But eventually he got around to cleaning up the interiors. No other medium has such a long remain time than Interior Car Cards. Brooklinen originally wanted to tell riders that the sheets were meant for “threesomes” but was made to tweak it by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Sex-toy company alleges 'sexism' and 'censorship' in lawsuit over blocked NYC subway ads – Fox News – Gulfstrategic – Strategy Advisory June.19.2019 at 5:10 am directly. rules that prohibit dissemination of indecent material to minors and the public display of “offensive sexual material,” he said. June 18, 2019 GMT. A month after that, Dame’s ads were rejected in a final determination by Mr. Lieber. "The CyberKnife ads are all over the subway, including at my Spring Street station in Soho. 5 Mio. Hot. By Carina Hsieh. Eventually, people save time in that former boring waiting moment. Get your rate card. $9.05. Starting at about 70.000,00 $ for 1.000 interior car cards with a duration of 4 weeks. New York Post. In other words, it runs ads to make money, while also running a transportation network that serves a huge cross-section of the public. Get an EasyPay MetroCard ®. Breast Augmentation. MyTransit NYC gives the requisite delay notification information, but its real value comes in the way it aggregates other information to give you a bird’s-eye view of the subway nightmare you’ve stumbled into. “You won’t see crazy nudity or things that are graphically vulgar that when I walk the streets of New York I’m shocked have been allowed anywhere.”, Dan Gluck, the founder of the Museum of Sex, which is advertised on the front of buses that sail past elementary schools in Brooklyn and elsewhere, has four children: two teenagers, a preteen and a toddler. The Current Single Fare for the New York Subway is $2.75 NYC Subway Fare History: The New York Subway fare. Nothing.” and its variants.) Pads are a feminist issue: A commuter stands under the once-controversial ads for Thinx underwear. Casper’s New Subway Ads Pose Puzzles to Get You Thinking About Going Back to Bed. I have zero ethical problem with that from a parent’s perspective.”. For some reason every ad on the New York City subway is like “your life here is terrible lol?” Anyway, here’s an NYC subway ad. Along with its many other challenges, New York’s transit system must adjudicate rapidly changing standards of public decency. And she told The Times that the rejection was “a double standard we were not going to let by.” On the same day, the M.T.A. Still, it is clear that the ads are uncomfortable for religious communities, many parents and teachers shuttling children from classes to museums (not the one of sex) on the subway. $28.31. Downtown: A cure for erectile dysfunction is subliminally advertised at the Broadway-Lafayette station. Do we really need this much sex on the subway? (See “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Giuliani Mocked in 'Crazy Rudy' New York City Subway Ad Offering 'Back-Channel Deals' and 'Unhinged' Cable News Appearances. Two times a day for more than 20 minutes people are sitting or standing right in front of your ads. The organization received bomb threats that specifically cited the ads, said Krishna Stone, then a volunteer with G.M.H.C. To think that there are 9-, 10-, 11-year-olds being exposed to this every day? Subway Ads are, compared to other media, one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. It’s inescapable. You can place interior car cards or subway platform one & two sheet posters in the NYC subway. ... 2019 . Gay Men’s Health Crisis was compelled to mention it by way of addressing a public health epidemic. Adult playtime: Part of Dame’s press kit. Your balance is always protected. I’d say it was a very explicit ad, and I thought it was a lot for them to see.”, Ms. Fine, the Dame founder, understood this perspective. In the 1980s, the subways were perhaps the least sexy place in New York, unless you were turned on by dirty, broken things. Before 2015, even if the M.T.A. ... Rudy Giuliani is off the rails, according to a cheeky ad that popped up in the New York City subway Tuesday. Casper's minimalist puzzles in subway ads continue to build out the brand's connection to sleep. May 23, 2018 March 4, 2019 dnsdr 40696 Views nyc, subway map. The New York Subway: Its Construction and Equipment (1904) The Interborough Subway (Historic American Engineering Record) New Subways for New York: The Dual System of Rapid Transit (1913) The New York Rapid Transit Railway Extensions (1914) History of the Independent Subway New York City Transit Authority 1970s New York City Transit Authority 1980s to disallow advertisements, no matter how inflammatory. Like Thinx before it, Ms. Rodriguez’s company went to the press, accusing the M.T.A. Subway restaurants grew rapidly throughout the US in the '80s and '90s, but the fast-food chain closed over 1,000 stores in 2018 and 2019, with more announced for 2020. First is with its service rating score. Interior Car Cards never disturb people from watching a film or reading a newspaper. These ads are sold in showing levels ranging from several hundred in small systems to quantities equal to 1000 car cards in New York City. By David Griner. Three years later, the M.T.A. Features: • Official MTA map of the New York Subway… If advertisers are rejected, they can appeal the committee’s decision, asking the authority’s chief development officer, Janno Lieber, for a formal written ruling. There is so much sex on the New York City subway now. Nothing. Occasionally, passengers’ interactions with them pop up on social media, too. According to the NYPD, there were 16 subway pushing incidents in all of 2019. I am curious, yellow: A commuter absorbed in his phone sits in front of an ad for the Museum of Sex. “Among them are many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of yeshiva boys and Bais Yaakov girls who ride on trains.” (The phrase “Bais Yaakov” means school age.). They close the gap between desire and action, because people directly can purchase your products and services or take part in a competition with their Smartphone. Wertheimer, who previously worked as an associate staff secretary for former President Barack Obama, told HuffPost the spontaneous singalong was “just joyful.” “I’m just happy it gave so many other people the joy it gave me,” he said of the video, which had garnered more than 1.3 million views. Four years ago, tired of losing in court, the agency again changed its advertising policy, most significantly banning all political advertising on the subways and buses. Opened in 1904, the New York City Subway is one of the world's oldest public transit systems, one of the most-used, and the one with the most stations. She told him to ask his science teacher. With home-shopping season upon us, StreetEasy has officially debuted our latest ad campaign, “There’s Only One City.” The 2019 campaign features an array of still photography depicting real-life scenes familiar to New Yorkers, paired with copy that highlights how these relatable, everyday moments are unique to life in this epic city. Subway Ads guarantee a constant repeat of exposure to the riders, at least 2 times a day, 20 times a month ; Subway Ads are, compared to other media, one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? “We recognize that advertisers have a right to get their message across,” Larry Levine, then a director of real-estate operations for the M.T.A., told Newsday in 1993. “At the same time, we don’t expect our contractors to put up things that are totally offensive.”. The advertisement now says that the sheet is for “throuples,” those in a committed relationship of three. Safe!”. Incredible stock. Its recent campaign was kept off the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in San Francisco and Oakland. Mr. Dudum added that his own ads should not bother anyone. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Man shoved onto NYC subway tracks by suspected panhandler November 18, 2020 | 11:49pm A man escaped serious injury after being shoved onto the tracks of a Manhattan subway … If advertisers can get publicity by feuding with the subway, it may serve them better in the long run than the neutered ads that the authority would permit them to run. The M.T.A. A new class of advertisement soon emerged to fill all those empty spaces. Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Fine have consistently contrasted the M.T.A.’s treatment of their companies with Hims and Roman, which also sells pills to combat erectile dysfunction. Save time, skip the line. What if they can order the pizza for later on in the evening, what if they can do whole weekly shopping delivered right in time by their supermarket when they arrive home? — Joel Wertheimer (@Wertwhile) June 17, 2019. $34.95. Guerrilla NYC Subway Ads Mock Trump, Giuliani, and Fox News Hosts The Good Liars, the comic duo behind the spoofs, got its start during the Occupy Wall Street protests. From the official MTA sources, you can zoom the subway map in, zoom it out, and that's all. While the MTA claimed the ads didn’t promote political activities, five minutes of research would have yielded announcementsof talks at the pop-ups by elected officials and political candidates promoting the decriminalization of brothels, sex buying and sex tourism. ‎New York Subway uses the official MTA subway map and includes a helpful transit route planner. Startups Line Up to Advertise in Subways New York City transit once was a bit of an advertising backwater. Apply in minutes with a credit card. Advertising in the NYC Subway system has a huge range from $500 per poster for platform posters in the outer boroughs to well over $50,000 per 4 weeks for system wide buys. “Fifty-five-year-old men don’t need erections,” Ms. Fine said. On the contrary, people are thankful to have something to look for. Lola prompts riders to talk about “condoms, lubricant and wipes,” under an image of two women happily discussing “the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt.” OkCupid uses a common acronym for being willing to have casual sex. dedicated to advertising constituted a public forum. This is a simple subway app for NYC that uses the MTA's official map and provides offline access to schedules, live train times, and directions. Extending the subway line was first proposed 50 years ago but took on new life in 2011, a year after then-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie … In 1997, the same year the agency adopted new rules said to be aimed at “racy fashion ads,” a federal judge ruled that the space the M.T.A. Roman asks if you’re subject to (again!) Platform One & Two Sheet Posters are in some kind the bigger brothers and sisters of the Interior Car Cards. A new ad has popped up in New York’s subway, and it’s mocking Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer. (Consider the ads for local plastic surgeons who do breast implants.) @aMandolinz. Interior Car Cards seem rather inconspicuous at first glance (11"H X 46"W, 11"H x 70"W or 22"H X 21"W), but in fact Interior Car Cards are one of the most effective advertising media. new rules said to be aimed at “racy fashion ads,”. to feature its ads. She told Mic that, seemingly, it was fine to objectify women as the menstrual cycle went unacknowledged. I originally wanted to put this up back in June, but was dissatisfied with the quality and immediately changed my mind. Earlier this summer, Dame sued the M.T.A. Indeed, many other companies selling intimate products or referring to sex seem to be getting easy clearance from the M.T.A. erectile dysfunction. Use QReturn to create a dynamic qr code for your website, it's free, optionally with your logo or a Smarphone optimized landing page.Close the gap beween desire and action. Chicago rejected it, as did Austin, Tex. Sometimes, train stations are just coated in phallic cactuses. @aMandolinz. communters are using the the subway daily on their way to work, school or university. AD. Subway Ads guarantee a constant repeat of exposure to the riders, at least 2 times a day, 20 times a month. Why OOH in New York City? In the suit, Dame asked that the court compel the M.T.A. Browse career opportunities with SUBWAY® and discover how you can join our … All trains leave from Second Avenue on … In 1984, the M.T.A . Now, startups are vying for space in the subway system. Ms. Agrawal told Bustle that men were afraid of the period. People are commuting twice a day standing and sitting right in front of your ads. And yet, despite the M.T.A.’s increasing permissiveness, two companies that make sex toys have found a line that the agency, so far, has been unwilling to cross. daily commuters in the NYC subway. Welcome to Subway Ads NYC. The intersection of food and the New York subway has been tense this … It felt very different when I first moved to New York in 2013, back when the only companies that seemed to buy subway ads were local colleges, law … Crossing the turnstile of acceptability: A cure for erectile dysfunction is offered at the Broadway-Lafayette station. March 4, 2019 . Even, if there is nothing to order or to buy, people are standing or walking by right in front of your ad. But the students continued to talk about the advertisement. In some cases it is even possible to install bluetooth or NFC transmitters and thus transfer multimedia elements to the cellphones of the people. “Everybody’s allowed to use women’s bodies and sexuality to sell since the dawn of time, except women themselves,” she said. Jun 19, 2019 Dame Products. Which means 10 times a week contact to your message, your products or your service. The Museum of Sex. responsible for day-to-day operations). He told her that he “cringed” when he read of her experience but that he did not have the authority to do anything himself. When Outfront Media believes that an ad violates the M.T.A.’s advertising policy, it is supposed to forward the ad to the agency’s advertising review committee of three: a director of external affairs, a compliance officer and a development officer (two women and a man). This is the latest NYC subway map with all recent system line changes, station updates and route modifications. “We feel like we paved the way for many other brands to really push the boundaries of their advertising,” said Siobhan Lonergan, the chief brand officer of Thinx. The New York Daily News reports:. Oct 01, 2019 at 7:31 PM . Not many companies get to that point. Daron 2019 MTA Train New York City Motorized Subway Train Set 39"X25" Track 3.7 out of 5 stars 3. Women’s Sex-Toy Company Sues NYC Subway System for Rejecting Its Ads. Riders on the New York City subway enjoyed a magical moment when they all started singing the Backstreet Boys’ track “I Want It That Way” together. They were to feature eight embracing couples, some of them nude to the waist. Interior Car Cards are one of the most cost-effective mediums in outdoor advertising and advertising in general and in the future they'll become a lot more. In partnership with the MTA, OUTFRONT is actively deploying over 50,000 liveboards across the subway transit systems and commuter rail systems .Liveboards, often arranged in a triptych, offer advertisers endless creative opportunities—from full motion video to sync. “I don’t think there should be pornographic ads in the subway. The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the City of New York and leased to the New York City Transit Authority, a subsidiary agency of the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Subway Ads guarantee a constant repeat of exposure to the riders, at least 2 times a day, 20 times a month. It reported that the city’s subway and bus system would soon get its “raciest ads ever,” for the radio station Hot 97. There are many choices, some targeted such as platform posters and urban panels and some system wide such as platform showing levels and interior car card buys. She heard only from an employee of Outfront, David Luna, who said that “our committee” decided that the ads did not meet M.T.A. Joel Wertheimer, a civil rights attorney at Shanies Law, captured the heartwarming Sunday night moment on video. When did this start? lost a major source of revenue when it banned tobacco advertising in subways and buses, which had made up about 16 percent of the $27 million the agency earned from advertising annually. People are traveling in average two times a day, bud with Platform One & Two Sheet Posters, they will probably see your ads 2 times a ride, which means a tremendous amount of potential target group contacts and which makes Platform One & Two Sheet Posters also one of the cost-effective mediums in outdoor advertising. Time Square is one of the most exclusive places for outdoor advertising in the world. In the 1980s, the subways were perhaps the least sexy place in New York, unless you were turned on by dirty, broken things. Photo: Dame Products. Interior Car Cards will be your interface to force direct sales or request by your customers. Subway Ads can bring people instantly online, via a qr-code as return path. But even if a judge rules against Dame the increasing permissiveness of the last 50 years suggests there will come a day when ads for vibrators will not offend enough New Yorkers for the agency to bother rejecting them. Subway Ads can bring your audience directly to buy your product or to get in contact with you. Sex Sells, but When It Comes to Female Pleasure, the New York Subway Isn’t So Sure A sex toy company is suing the M.T.A. “It made me realize that my students were pretty old compared to all the students who take the subway every single day,” Ms. Taubman said. The satirical ad, … NEW YORK (AP) — A man waiting for a New York City subway train was slashed in the face in an apparent random attack Saturday — the third … The ads violated sections of M.T.A. People are watching them while waiting on their train to come about five minutes two times a day. Flexible pricing. to have sexually oriented ads in the subway that initiate conversation. He said that ads that promote sex are “just part of the conversation of life.”, “Why not expose people, even at a young age, to the idea that sex is part of their lives, their world and their culture, and it’s O.K. New York Subway is the free NYC transit app with the official map from MTA. Since the late 20th century, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has started several projects to maintain and improve the New York City Subway.Some of these projects, such as subway line automation, proposed platform screen doors, the FASTRACK maintenance program, and infrastructural improvements proposed in 2015–2019 Capital Program, contribute toward improving the system's … to talk about it?” he said. Where is it going? These days, the process is supposed to work like this. By 1989, the eyesores of the previous decade — broken windows, trash all over the floor — were all but gone. By Amanda Arnold.

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