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Research and ask questions and make sure that any company you consider working with truly has an inclusive culture. Children need to realize from an early age that women are not just domestic... 2. Be it working from home mom or work outside the home. As a working mom, you can afford to buy your kid(s) clothes and toys they want. Here are some of them. This financial independence gives her the confidence to make important decisions for her family and allows her to enjoy a comfortable life. Continue Reading. Pros of Being a Working Mother 1. She does not have to be dependent on anyone for material needs for her and her children Children are dependent on their parent’s attention. Since working moms need to teach kids how to do chores on their own, they develop a strong sense of responsibility at an early age. The first few years of life are very important in shaping a child’s future personality, but this does not mean that the mother is the only one able to do the shaping. have time away from your children to reflect on, think about and appreciate your loved ones. One of the most overlooked benefits of being a full-time working mom is the opportunity to cultivate a … Health issues. Social Interaction Final thoughts on being a working mom. While the stay-at-home mom might have more of the everyday, simple moments with their kids, working moms may be able to provide some special experiences the family otherwise could not afford. I'M JILLIAN - mom, wife, healthcare manager, and avid believer in a life well lived! Be bold in discovering new opportunities to provide for your family. Some working moms miss out on the opportunity to witness their child’s first word, first step, and other priceless moments. They raise more independent children.. Children of working mothers tend to become more independent. Similar effects were seen in a recent study out of Denmark, which found working mothers positively influence their daughters' careers and contribute to reducing the gender income gap. The children become independent as they don’t find their mother at home all day long and thus they are... 3. However, women of today beg to differ. Working moms become positive role models.. Children should know women shouldn’t be just domestic servants. Theme by 17th Avenue. Working mothers enjoy improved well-being. WORKING MOMS PROS 1. It’s clear I am talking about finances. Working moms contribute towards gender equality. 2. Men and women are working harder than ever to survive in today's tough economy. Let me help you manage real life struggles and find that working mom balance you desire without losing your sanity! I listen to podcasts, listen to my music instead of listening to their favourite song for the umpteenth time, or just enjoy the silence. Advantages of Working Mothers: 1. Being a working mom does NOT mean you will be a a less productive employee. Avoid a frenzied morning by doing this. Working moms are made to feel guilty, SAH moms get shamed. Working Mother Children are Smart:. Managing life-work integration as a mother is always easier when your company offers flexible work solutions and great benefits, so be selective. I know what it's like to have life pull you in all directions. It’s a win-win situation. University of Connecticut sociologist Christin Munsch, Ph.D., says that breadwinning women report better psychological well-being and less anxiety than either their equal-earning or economically dependent peers. Your email address will not be published. Aside from their family life, working parents have the opportunity to extend their circle with their colleagues. The ability to hold a normal conversation during the working day with people who can do more than respond ‘no!’ to … Yes, you may be providing for your family while making your career worthwhile; but it doesn’t mean leaving yourself out. According to Robert Locke, health expert and contributor in Lifehack, stay-at-home mothers are likely to suffer from depression. how to prioritize based on importance and self-fulfillment, which teaches them self-love. Ditch the mommy guilt, and let’s focus on the benefits of being a working mother. Above all, a family with a working mother can afford more stuff and services than non-working mothers. That all changed when people worldwide fought for the freedom we enjoy today. So if you’re a stay-at-home mom thinking of pursuing a career, be practical and smart in acing your job hunt. BENEFITS OF BEING A WORKING MOM FOR YOU have a stronger since of self-worth through accomplishment and appreciation from your peers. Mothers are typically the primary parent when a child is sick or has an appointment, and is the one responsible for picking up the child after work; so working moms often need more flexibility in their schedules. My commute is a quick 20 minutes, but that’s 20 minutes of child-free time in the car by myself. Working mothers benefit greatly and achieve the most success if their managers are equipped to onboard them back onto the team, remain open to … that with accomplishment comes responsibility first. By Cheryl DeLuca Dec 20, 2017. Another thing about being a working mom is that you learn to really treasure the time you have with your child. At times, they can’t attend family events due to their busy schedules. A mom's employment status has no significant tie to her kids' happiness in adulthood, recent research finds. And when we feel more connected at work we are more successful. have a stronger since of self-worth through accomplishment and appreciation from your peers. I'm a hard working go-getter, but I seriously lack(ed) emotional skills (unselfishness, affection, showing emotion, being vulnerable). So, what are the pros and cons of being working moms? Having a working mom shows girls and boys that men and women can both contribute in and outside the home. Benefits of Being a Working Mother Essay 1099 Words | 5 Pages. However, changes will definitely occur. You enjoy it and anticipate it throughout your work week. Start with a compelling resume written by the experts! Inculcate good habits:. Thus, it’s a drawback faced by a working mom supporting her family. Even if they can’t attend to their children full-time, working mothers experience various benefits with their living status. Being a mom is the single most difficult (and amazing, rewarding, beautiful, etc.) Being a working mother automatically means that she contributing to the household funds. job I will ever have, but it is also a big identity-shift. Even the most dedicated daycare worker or the sweetest sitter can’t come close. Ask me, I grew up that way. In fact, child care seems to have some important benefits for young children. What happens when you involve working mothers with stress? In the past, we used to define motherhood that involves lifelong goals of taking care of children and doing household chores alone. However, there are pros and cons to becoming stay-at-home-mom. This instills in children the idea that a woman’s role can include a thriving career apart from domestic tasks. Related Post: Dear Working Mother – Here is How To Leave Work On Time. Working moms’ incomes may help fund extracurricular activities, holiday gifts, dinners out, or big family vacations. Having your own bank account with your hard-earned money is a pretty good feeling. However if you really wanted to know, here it goes. Pro: You'll have more control over your family's routine as a stay-at-home mom. The Importance Of Being A Working Mother 1052 Words | 5 Pages. The children of working mothers become smart and active as compared to the... 2. Some pros to working are having something for myself; goals to reach, contributing to a team aka adult conversation, using my education and let’s … There's a confidence and pride that comes with knowing you can support yourself and your family. Being able to take a walk outside alone. The title should read "Kids benefit ECONOMICALLY from having a working mom" since the research does not factor in the social effects of raising kids with a mom working. Be aware of them and work to separate your own needs from concerns about your child’s welfare. 5. Having a hot cup of coffee uninterrupted at your desk. My mother worked at a local hospital while we were growing up. you share the understanding with your spouse of what it means to be a working parent and have a stronger connection because of it. So, as a working mom, it’s a good thing you can fight depression and anxiety in your own way. To meet growing demands, it's getting difficult for families to depend on one income. The number is up by 6%from the year 1999. It’s not about advantages or disadvantages but one should do job only if they feel like doing it, as person have to go through lot many things once they start their job. Having the same daily routine with little to no rest can put a mother’s health at risk, which can result to more problems. After a particularly exhausting weekend with James, going back to work feels like a break. Pack your kids’ lunches, iron their clothes, and decide what you want to make for breakfast. You don’t take that time for granted. Working does wonders for my patience and enthusiasm with my kids. Reviews of Best Resume Writing Services 2020. Working mom versus stay at home mom, the battle rages on. We listed some of these advantages below. This finding may negatively contribute to childcare. “There are very few things that we know of, that have such a clear effect on gender equality as being raised by a working mother," says Kathleen L. McGinn, a Harvard business professor who co-led the study. That’s quality time with their family and colleagues in one. controversy lies on working mothers mainly due to the growing concerns for the child’s well-being. Children of working mothers tend to become more independent. From babysitting, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or even doing the laundry, let your family, friends, and colleagues help you. Working forces your husband to pick up the slack!. The Benefits of Childcare Providers Still, some believe mothers should be staying home and tend to their children’s needs. Instead, a woman can be someone who works outside the home and pursue a professional career. the importance of a solid work ethic that emulates honor and pride for their efforts. This also lets them go on work outings and bring along their children. It makes it very enjoyable when you do have time together. You won't have to worry about getting called in early to work or having to stay late for a meeting. There are many positives to being a working mom, financial independence being one of them. Also, some working moms tend to dedicate most of their time in their careers, so they may have less attention to family matters. Financial Independence . The Mommy Wars pressures make stay-at-home moms feel like they're not a worthy member of society while making working moms feel like they're not spending enough time with their children. Having a steady paycheck without worry, even if over half of it is handed over to your child care provider. Dr. Working moms raise more independent kids 2. Organize your chores the night before. With that, heed these pieces of advice. Just imagine working for nine hours, suffering through the traffic while driving home, and going home to restless children who need a parent’s attention. Working moms provide positive role models Share Share Tweet Email Comment. It’s nice to be able to pay for those Target walks guilt-free. Working for a living knows no gender—and working moms are a living proof of that. The research shows in 2014, the number of stay-at-home-moms has grown.71%of moms choose to work outside the home and 29% became stay-at-home -mom. Pros of being a working mother: 1. Independent:. Today, we no longer see a woman as a stay-at-home mother with stereotyped tasks. Working moms go through these almost every day, along with other matters they need to attend to. Surrounding yourself with people who trust you and will help you through thick and thin helps you manage your life better. There are many benefits of being a working mother. There’s no shifting gears in the morning, no daily separation anxiety, no confusing inconsistencies in routine, like when naptime is or what snacks are allowed. Yes, your commute qualifies as a benefit of being a working mom! Aside from knowing the pros and cons of being a working mom, read about helpful tips how one can juggle the joys of life and stresses of work. If they initiate to offer a helping hand, take it. It's a big challenge for low and middle class families to survive. Having mom roll out of bed every morning ready for duty is a cozy situation from a baby’s perspective. While having to provide for their family financially, working women can take steps helping them achieve a more worthwhile work-life balance. Don’t be afraid to ask for support especially during tough times. Self-care helps us become less susceptible to depression, anxiety, stress, and other emotional health issues. It is important to see the negative aspects of being a working mother as well as the positive outcomes. While it has its fair share of upsides, being a working mom also has its downsides. 10 Advantages To Being A Working Mom But 5 Reasons To Feel Guilty About It. Instead, a... 2.

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