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A leaky shower pan will lead to many problems involving mold and/or rot, and is a nightmare to correct (usually needing to gut the shower and start over to get it right). Choose from shower pans with a single curb, double curb, triple curb, barrier free, or ADA entrance. Your tech team sent me an email with instructions. The warranty for commercial installations and labor, if labor is provided by the manufacturer, is limited to one year. Thank you again for all of your help. The first pan came defective as confirmed by the Tech, Sam. :thumbsup: A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. Tile Redi® shower pans are UL listed in Canada as a Plumbing Fixture. Doug and TileRedi took the responsibility of a problem they did not cause and insured that I would receive my order in one piece and I am extremely happy I bought a TileRedi pan. The first time I called I was so happy to hear in the menu choice TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. Service has been great dealing with you. Items may be exchanged within 30 days of receiving your order. Unless the directions have changed, Tile-Redi requires you to use an epoxy mortar to set the tiles onto their pan. The shower bench and shower pan are sized to work together, and you can create your shower design from an offering of our most popular shower pan models. I am glad I chose your product for my project. In the past we had been using two different types of shower pans. With a Tile Ready® brand shower pan, you can install the shower pan in your bathroom shower, and then on the same day, set the same tile, marble or stone you are using in your bathroom directly on the shower pan. Does it take you several days to install, inspect, and tile shower pans? Dear Catherine and All of the Tile Redi Employees Who Have Guided and Assisted Us. Tile Redi Redi Base 36 in. Kudos to you and your company. I just wanted to say that I know you guys are busy over there but the help I have been receiving from Kandice and Mario has been really fantastic. Below the product details click on the "Instructions" tab. Shower pans are complete with fully integrated drains, curbs and splash walls, each leak-proof and mold free unit is pre-pitched for easy drainage and immediately ready for tile. I appreciate the quick work in getting the needed epoxy on its way to us. WHY? Tile Redi® has the industry'’s largest variety of Bathtub Replacement™™ shower bases to meet your needs! THANK YOU so much for your help. In my dealings with Tile Redi to date it has been a Pleasant and Professional experience. You will be able to offer an affordable, upscale tiled bathroom design and shower design your customers will love! The installation time for Tile Redi® shower pans is 30 minutes or less, and therefore dramatically reduces the cycle time for installing shower pans, and reduces the time, money and labor associated with the installation of an upscale tile, marble, or stone shower. One last request, please send some of your 80 degree Florida weather to us here in Wisconsin. We look forward to using your product again which expedites not only the schedule but eliminates leaks in a conventional rubber pan should it get punctured or cut which is always a problem. In addition to our gold-standard shower pans, we offer the same quality features in our Ready-to-Tile™™ shower shelves, seats, and shaving steps: all are one-piece, easy-to-install, and leak proof! Thanks for the help and the quick reply. I had looked at all the other methods that could be used to make a large shower enclosure like this, and I was worried about leakage at the wall to floor junctions, if I didn’t get it done right. Then Tile Redi® tileable shower products that you can install and tile the same day offer state of the art solutions for you! It's beautiful and fits so much better! We recently used a tile redi shower pan (32-48), niche, and four foot bench to remodel one of the bathrooms in our 134 year old Michigan farm house. Laws and regulations governing the handling, installation, design and use of bath enclosures in building applications vary widely. And you can count on us for support. This limited warranty is void if the Tile Redi® brand product has been moved from its initial place of installation; if it has been subjected to faulty maintenance, abuse, misuse, accident or other damage; if it was not installed in accordance with Seller’s instructions; if it was modified or altered in a manner inconsistent with the product as shipped by Seller; or if any tile, marble or other material is removed from the shower pan module after the original installation. In addition, because our products are Ready-to-Tile™, the finished shower and bathroom can have an upscale tile, stone, or marble design. At Tile Redi® the shower pan is just the start of a great shower design. Base’N Door™ Shower Kits feature a shower pan and door sized to perfectly fit your project. Easy-to-install! Every time we have contacted you, you have responded in a most timely fashion: a rarity, in today's world. You're a gem! Tile Redi® shower bases and shower pans also easily replace all standard size bathtubs, by fitting into the footprint of the bathtubs that are being replaced. Items may be returned within 30 days of receiving your order. We have the industry'’s largest selection of one-piece Ready-to-Tile™™ shower pan models, giving you many design options: linear trenches, tileable drain tops or designer drain grates, Infinity Shower Floor™™ with slot drain, single or multi-curbs or barrier free accessible entrances; and the shower tile can match, coordinate with, or accent the rest of the bathroom tile design. Few prefabricated shower pans will feel as rock-solid as a tiled shower base. I tiled the floor with pebble stones and tiled the unit with some assistance. Affordable! Redi Your Way® custom shower bases in any size and drain location for all Tile Ready® brand shower pans are available for projects with an order of more than 20 pans. Nowhere else will you find a shower pan that is one piece, prepitched, with integrated curb(s) or entrance, splash walls, and PVC drain. Your sales staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Find My Redi Niche Browse Redi Niche Models All Shower Shelves. Tile Redi USA, LLC provides the California Prop 65 warning label to comply with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, also known as “Proposition 65”. Some small amount of flexing is expected. The design options are truly endless! So I have a few questions about both. Again, a prompt and very helpful answer. Single Threshold Shower Base Top 20 Tile Redi Reviews Tile Redi Redi Base 34 in. Tile Redi® provides 3 valuable tools to make your installation easy and worry free: With normal use, there is no weight limit for Redi Bench® shower seats. When I started this bathroom remodel, I knew I wanted a tile shower including the shower floor. I am in full support of Tile Redi products for all upcoming projects which will require a tiled shower area. From a person dealing with customers daily (although a different field; but customer related) I can well appreciate the occational "Job well done"! Please look at our website for more information. I live in Canada and was told that I would not be able to receive the product for up to two weeks. Besides the return, you have reassured a positive attitude towards your company so hopefully the product is as good as the service you have provided. The first pan arrived damaged and you sent another one out immediately, no questions asked, you wanted it to be perfect and it is ... turnaround was less than one week. Category: 2020 Tags: tile ready shower pan problems, tile redi shower pan issues, tile redi shower pan problems Post navigation ← Deck Mount Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter You should also take comfort from the fact that the Tile Redi® brand shower products offered to do-it-yourselfers are the same quality patented and UL Listed shower product models that are installed in million dollar homes and 5 star hotels all over the country. Redi Bench® shower seats offer a safe and beautiful place to sit in the shower and there is a model designed to fit every virtually shower pan we manufacture. Thanks again. Our plumber never saw the product before so I showed him the installation video. I combined your product with Traverine on the floors and walls, and TOTO shower fittings to make a dual shower unit. After a "pond test" discovered that it is coming from under the tile somewhere. Would you like a tileable drain top so your shower drain becomes invisible? Redi Base® triple curb shower bases are used in more open peninsular shower designs that feature a back framed wall, two glass or partial walls, and an entrance opposite the framed wall. Redi Bench® shower seats offer a tileable built in shower bench designed to work with our shower pan models. The purpose of the test was to verify that the product's drain assembly would not leak under pressure. Just wanted to thank you for your prompt response last week to my request. Thank you very much for your help. This limited warranty applies only to TILE REDI® REDI DOOR® shower enclosures (the “Product”). Your rock! At the very least you should give this fellow a pay raise/bonus for his positive approach. Because they are quick and easy to install, leak proof, and the tileable surface allows for infinite design choices. They’re pre-sloped to wherever you want the drain. Not only will Tile Redi® shower pans, benches, niches and shaving ledges save you time and labor during construction, but they will continue to protect your wallet for years after construction against claims from homeowners for water intrusion from a leaking shower. You be assured that I will be using your products whenever I can in the future!! Wanted to drop you a line thanking you for all your hard work in getting your product costs into our budget so that we could use the Tile Redi system in the Embassy Suites Hotel here in Houston. We received the screws and are extremely pleased with your response and great service. The end user’s refusal to accept the tender terminates all warranty obligations and voids any warranty. She was there and took care of my issue so professionally and promptly. Available in over 40 models! The Tile Redi waterproofing system for the bathroom shower area has been a great addition to our product design. This limited warranty applies only to the original installation and to the original purchaser, and is not transferable by the original purchaser. Tile Redi shower pans are designed to replace your plastic shower tray and act as a suitable base for tiles. It was a pleasure to speak with you today. You're fantastic, thanks for the prompt attention. Redi Free® Barrier Free shower pans, including ADA shower pan models, are available in each of the product lines to provide a walk in or roll-in entrance for your preferred shower design. Great customer service and great product so glad I picked tileredi, I'm confident my shower will not leak for a lifetime! So whether you’’re designing a single family home, a high-rise condo, a garden apartment complex, or an exotic hotel resort community, Tile Ready® shower bases, including Redi Trench®, WonderFall Trench™™, Wonder Drain®, Bathtub Replacement™™, Redi Free®™, Redi Base®, and Redi Your Way®™ models; along with our Ready-to-Tile™™ niches, benches, and shaving ledges, are the right solution for you!

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