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Drawing on expertise in areas like catalysis, electrochemical systems, transport properties of biological systems and polymers for membranes and biomaterials, our faculty bridge the gaps between molecular-level interactions and real-world applications. Gateway Welcome. We even have our own career fair that routinely attracts almost 80 companies - that number is more than half the amount of companies that go to UVA to hire students from their entire college of engineering. The demand for highly skilled engineers has been on the rise for decades. Uva Medical School Reddit 7 percent of the state’s. My view might be a tad biased coming from a family and high school that put great emphasis on academics, but personally, I would say it isn’t very hard. In almost all of them, VT ranks higher. Just poking some fun. So I’m just exploring all avenues. People here are nice. Find out at US News. I'm gonna be real with you, I straight up fucking hate it here. It’s clear that many students are “functioning” alcoholics in that they are still able to get good grades and party. I wanted to study biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech, which is #1 in the nation for it. I remember going to a virginia student film festival hosted at UVA, and if you read the booklet with the write-ups for all the submissions, the UVA students' sounded the most sophisticated and academic. We Virginians should be very proud that we have such excellent universities in our state. ), by themselves don't mean much but when you're an outsider looking in it's just all shades of annoying. Just drink my weekends away like so many other people here do. The undergraduate engineering program at VT is considerably higher ranked. From an engineering program perspective, VT has a much better school. [36] They also put us ahead of Kyoto University (Japan's flagship university) and think we're better than every school on mainland China. Not the op but from a uva student, thatnks for taking the time to write something insightful. I will disagree with one point you've made. I think your scores are fine. When I was deciding I was also choosing between UVA and VT for engineering. I don't want this for anyone else, which is the only reason I ever bother to type out my grievances like this. October 2019 edited August 28 in University of Virginia. As someone who transferred to UVA, my experience was that people care significantly more about their education at UVA. Go with your gut, and make sure it's truly your decision. the art and drama departments at UVA are not first rate. According to the US News & Report, they are the 25th best college overall (2nd best public), and yet, they have very few programs ranking in the top 25. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I am not. Your GPA and SAT scores (specifically Math) are certainly important. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I have met so many good people here, but it's so hard to be friends when drinking is the only way they'll have fun. Unlike the vast majority of peer colleges in the South, the university was kept open throughout the Civil War , an especially remarkable feat with its state seeing more bloodshed than any other and the near 100% conscription of the entire American South . I've lived in SF and NYC, and I currently live in Amsterdam as a software engineer with my best friend from UVa: I would never have imagined this was possible in my wildest dreams at 18. Thanks so much for all the advice and great info! 2005) and co-founder of Reddit, Steve Huffman. Earn your bachelor’s degree today with one of the 25 Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering in 2020. Please just pick a place where you'll be happy. Also UVa was much more fun as a school. Not OP but what’s so bad about the bus routes besides construction or missing the bus? I wanted to study biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech, which is #1 in the nation for it. The London-based QS Ranking system, which hates most US universities and is seriously biased in favor of European institutions, routinely puts VT at ~50-100 globally for most engineering fields and between 51 and 150 globally for computer science (it varies a lot, QS is not a very good system). Although Tech has a better engineering program, they are both good schools and both have good programs. If I recall correctly, one of the results of that report was that they should consider dropping their Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department because it was in such bad shape. Applicants to HSSEAS must satisfy the general admission requirements of the University. A lot. Schools like Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington, consistently rank top 25 or top 40 with most of their academic programs, while all being placed bellow UVA overall. A couple years back, UVA hired some outside consultants to figure out what they should do with their engineering program. UVA has sucked the life out of me. Other Login. TBH I don't think I would have been nearly successful in my career and finances at all if I had stayed at VCU. Midsummers? Engineering Dean Craig Benson said the new center expresses UVA Engineering’s commitment to research and education that add value to society. Block party? Methodology Best College Reviews provides degree rankings, such as the [title of article], from carefully researched data sets published from government and non-profit organizations across the United States. Good luck and congratulations! That's almost a 4x advantage in engineering and about 3.3x in CS Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, UVA is an institution rich with history and renowned for its top-notch academics and its lively community in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’ve been automatically accepted into all 3 due to graduating from a Virginia community college. The University of Virginia's Center for Global Health Equity promotes health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty and partners from many disciplines to support health for all. Conversely, UVA is #35 overall, with no undergraduate departments ranked (departmental rankings stop at 20). To put it bluntly, unless you are literally a genius with incredible time management skills and no need of a social life, there is no way you are going to complete a double major of CS and ME in less than six years. I can't speak about Mechanical Engineering because I'm not in that program, but for CS, almost every major company comes to our school to hire graduates. so I wanted to hear some first-hand experiences from students who aren’t trying to sell the college to me. UVA is the undisputed best school in the state; they have the smartest students, the most resources, the strongest name, and they're in a pretty cool town to boot. Was it a good investment of time and money? I can’t speak to the quality of the school itself but I can say that Shaeffer Dining Hall is way worse than any of UVA’s. Grew up in Fredericksburg, and the bigger the city the better. I lived with an EE student for two years, and guy had plenty of friends, a girlfriend who attended VT alongside him, and time for partying. If all you want to do is graduate with a degree and get a good job, most schools are good enough to get you just that. Good luck to all! Transfer credit (coursework taken at another institution); Advanced Placement (AP) exams International College-level exams; Dual enrollment courses taken while in high school. With all that said, you'd be fine where ever you go. Hi all - it is that time of year again! I'm from Charlottesville, did my undergrad at VT and now am at UVA. So I've spent all of this year dancing around the bureaucracy here to get into the e school. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A subreddit for the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. This may get kinda controversial, but I think that there is definitely a lot of truth in stereotypes. Since UVA is a state school, in-state applicants r/UVA: A subreddit for the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. That will truly cause you more agony than anything else if it isn't your choice to make and you end up being unhappy. As a counterpoint to that, I and many others think that they're overall fairly decent. View University of Virginia rankings for 2021 and see where it ranks among top colleges in the U.S. The UVA Biomedical Engineering program starts with an advantage that most programs cannot hope to equal: co-location with the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, and the UVA Medical Center. Source. VT's engineering program requires more credits than UVA's does, so if you're leaning towards that route, VT might be miserable for you and you may be stuck having to choose between one or two. Went to VCU with a big scholarship, transferred into UVA with no scholarship, so definitely cost me a bit more money. I'm not very familiar with the Virginia school system, but why would one choose VCU over UVa or W&M? Employers come to Grounds for annual career fairs and covet our well-rounded students. To me that seems obvious, but I think people now are more likely to think “they are just stereotypes, promoted by racists blah blah blah” and while we shouldn’t assume the stereotype, we should be more quick to recognize it. Is University of Virginia the best engineering school for you? My parents met while attending UVA and I grew up in a deeply pro-UVA family. Did you decide to go into Galileo/Hypatia? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you've got the talent and help (if you find you need it), you can balance a social life with studying, though it takes quite a bit of work and studying obviously. The major factors were application and critical thinking. Not sure what year you are but you got this!! The cops are a lot more relaxed here than in Cville (even if you heard otherwise through sensationalist media) we don't have a large population that causes inconveniences, etc. I'm definitely going to attend the open houses at both schools and talk to my friends who attend both schools. UVa engineering > Darmouth engineering. ; The University does not award credit or any exemption from requirements based on College-Level … Career = 30 years for college grad, 35 years for HS grad (straight to work at 18). I was actually in your position when I was graduating from high school. I wouldn't make this a deciding factor if I were you, OP. What in the actual fuck. It's listed as #24 in overall engineering versus #38 for UVA. That's not true for every school imo. Hey man, I’m really sorry that you feel this way about UVA. That and they have that tourist trap called monticello. Engineering Resume Marathon Sep 2 Fall Behavioral Interviewing Roundtable Workshop Sep 2 McIntire's Careers in Accounting and Advisory Night Sep 8 Engineering, Science and … Greek life, drinking, bars, and partying are absolutely huge here, don't believe anyone that tells you differently. Another way that VT sets you up for real world application is project teams. He was not one of those who did just enough either. Somehow, UVA is again listed ahead of us for computer science. Getting fucked up is woven into the fabric of the culture here. At UVa the goal of AOA is also to promote contact between the students and members who are practicing physicians, both here in the University and in private practice. In the selection process many elements are considered, including grades, test scores, and academic preparation. a lot of the qualities that make someone a good student don't necessarily translate to the arts. Chemical Engineering: Helping society meet its goals for sustainable energy, clean water and better health. The experiences at each were very different. 2020 Virginia Cavaliers Football live stream, TV schedule, replays and guide on live streaming NCAA College Football games free online or watch via a service. UVA - 50,200 average starting, 89,400 mid-career. ), what matters most is that it inspires you to study engineering. Not OP, but possibly for financial reasons, since more scholarship would likely be offered. Note that UVA is ranked ahead of us in graduate Computer Science (28 versus 44, undergrad not ranked), but I find that difficult to believe. Still, I was only buzzed, so nowhere near as fucked as so many others here. There are more degree programs offered, more research centers, and the yearly funding for research is 70 million versus 40 million. It's gotten so bad for me that I even tried drinking for the first time ever this past Saturday, and I finally felt like I fit in for once. Photo Credit: 2016 CGH Scholar, Mary Long - India. It was founded in 1872. The University of Virginia is a public research university founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, colloquially referred to as TJ on UVA’s campus. But watching the actual short films, the submissions from VCU students blew everyone else's away. VT is the engineering-school of the state, and you can't find a better one within the state or in any state bordering Virginia (nearest higher ranked schools are Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and Princeton in NJ). 1 Hospital The American Nurses Credentialing Center awarded Magnet Recognition ® to UVA in May 2015. The BLS projects 10% growth in life, physical, and social science occupations by 2026, with 100,000 new jobs flowing into the economy. God help you if the club doesn't even bother responding to you. Now, as a professional, I can appreciate that, while a program concerned with simple recreation would have been easier, it would not have set me up for the challenges I've faced in the real world. At UWA, our goal is to produce independent graduate engineers who are empowered to change the world and seek solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges. UVA is listed as tied for 76-100. At the end of the day, what VT does better than many other engineering schools is to prepare you to examine a problem from all angles and be able to use the tools you've learned most effectively to solve it. Our students benefit from a dedicated Center for Engineering Career Development . Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials At UVA, we push the boundaries through the development, optimization, and implementation of new and exciting chemistry, biology, and advanced biomanufacturing technology. I can’t imagine any reason to go to VCU or Mary Wash if you got into UVA. The School of Engineering and Applied Science opened in 1836, making UVA the first comprehensive university to open an engineering school. Despite all I said about the party scene here, it's here if that's what you're into. There are a couple of things that are taken into consideration for a student to get straight into the engineering school at Virginia Tech. Mostly due to Richmond. The cops in Charlottesville drive drunk kids home from the bars; in Blacksburg not so much. Press J to jump to the feed. There are definitely good people here, but they're pretty hard to find if you don't fit the mold. Y’all realize uva athletes get tested minimum 3 times per week but uva nurses … UVA Home; Build Info: UVACollab : fa401e7 (Sakai 11.2) Host ID: collab-prod-orange-1; Container ID: krqi68ronxpmtfo4y55dxec8c; Server Time: jump to content [c] tools [l] My Sites [w] UVA Login. When I tell friends from other colleges how a good amount of people here routinely get drunk in the middle of the day, "dartying," is what it's called, they usually look dumbfounded and tell me that it isn't like that where they are. VT - 50,900 average starting, 93,600 mid-career. I haven't thought about UVA that way before either. A good amount of my family convinced me I would be a failure if I went there, and that I would also be a failure if I applied UVA engineering. On top of that, we'll be hosting the largest student run hackathon in the South Eastern United States next month. Feel free to hit me up if you ever want a random reddit friend! Still, I have had better teachers in high school. There are 1486 colleges ranked, and VT is the 63rd best investment in the country! If you click on the specialties tab, you can see where each school ranks in the prospective major you're thinking of as well. Trust in yourself and your abilities, and don't allow other people to drag you down or scare you into doing something contrary to who you are. I know what I just said sounds harsh, and believe me if I had heard someone else say it a year ago I would have thought they were being bigoted, exaggerating, being a dick etc. etc. They have two dining halls: Shaeffer (where I ate) and another one for I think med students at the other end of campus. The feat you describe could be something super simple (the wheel!) By the way, not only is the engineering program at tech superior, it's also cheaper, saving you about 24k in loans. UVA graduate. The Nursing and Kinesiology students are the only ones admitted directly into a program. Feel free to PM me if you have questions. That's BEFORE you get into all the electives that VT offers that UVA doesn't. If reputation is OP's concern, VT is obviously the first choice. They actually put us ahead of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETA Zurich) which is often referred to as the MIT of Europe (we'd be #4 in Europe, behind Cambridge, Imperial College, and EPL Lausanne). I genuinely cannot think about college or hear others being excited about going back to college without wanting to end it all. Coming from the Mechanical Engineering department, we hadto prove on tests that we could combine the concepts from multiple homework problems and such into a test problem, while at other schools, merely recreating a homework solution with different input values was sufficient. Things like saying "first year, The University, Grounds," that whole thing where girls dress up for football games (wtf? The spirit of ingenuity that led 2005 Computer Science graduate Steve Huffman to found Reddit with his college roommate Alexis Ohanian (McIntire School of Commerce, '05), is thriving at UVA Engineering. What do you mean by an e-student? About the only thing UVA has going for it is a homeless old man who jams pretty hard on his harmonica on main street. Since I am a rankings nerd, I must point out that these are graduate rankings! A maximum of 60 credits may be earned prior to matriculation to the College by various means, including. I feel like if I ever want to really fit in I just need to give up and assimilate. At any rate, UVA is not in the top 200 for any engineering fields or for computer science, so this time we have them beat in CS as well. Well worth the cost. You really can't go wrong when choosing between them. It's probably like that at a lot of other schools too but I know it's not this bad at places like gatech, VCU, or w&m for example. 17 votes, 59 comments. For some people there is an appeal in that, for others it’s a massive turn off. Look dude, I'm bitter and I need help, and UVA is one of the biggest contributors to my suffering. But the money doesn’t hurt either. Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.Jul 31 2020 The University of Virginia's Center for Engineering in Medicine now supports faculty fellowships that embed In fact, we're #2 in the entire Southeastern United States. You sound like you'd like it. Joining these groups also gets you exposure to top companies and teaches you real world applications to things you wouldn't learn in the classroom. 24.5k members in the VirginiaTech community. We also have a large hacker crowd that are working on personal projects just for fun. Calculus is Calculus, thermo is thermo, and history is history. Huge lack of diversity and snobby elitist cultural ticks. 30 Year RoI - In-State Tuition - No Financial Aid: 30 Year RoI - In-State - Average Financial Aid Package: 30 Year RoI - Out-of-State - No Financial Aid: A VT student coming from out-of-state with no financial aid gets almost as much of a return on investment as an in-state kid with financial aid at UVA! CS requires 123, and ME requires 130. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the VirginiaTech community, Press J to jump to the feed. In UVA's top entrepreneurship competition, 70 percent of winners from 2009-2016 were engineering students. The engineering schools that are going to "beat" UVa are GT, MIT, CalPoly, etc. In short, as with most of the non-medical sciences, VT and UVA are quite comparable for computer science, and VT is considerably better at mechanical engineering. A compilation of licensed software titles available to members of the UVA community & offered by Information Technology Services There's a range of slacker to overachiever at every school, but the slacker at UVA is still usually an interesting person who puts the work in when it counts. UVA Engineering accepts both inter-University transfers (students who are studying in other schools at UVA) and external candidates. But ask around and you'll find that among those who don't drink, many will say exactly what I'm saying or will agree with me. Applicants must apply directly to HSSEAS by selecting one of the majors within the school or the undeclared engineering option. From the top quartile of students, each chapter may elect to AOA membership up to one-sixth of the projected number of … I made my decision by doing overnights at both schools, staying with current students in the dorms. This is a place for engineering students of any discipline to discuss study methods, get homework help, get job search advice, and find a compassionate ear when you get a 40% on your midterm after studying all night. or more complex (The Bailong Elevator! From an engineering program perspective, VT has a much better school. I live in Northern Virginia, and 100% agree with what you have said. Before I start talking about UVA, I do want to point out that I don't hate that school and think it is without a doubt one of the best schools in the country. My brother goes to VCU so I’ve eaten there. To me, Charlottesville was a better town than Blacksburg and the average UVA student was more studious than average VT student; both of those qualities were important to me. What do you like/don’t you like about UVA? 1) The engineering program is a bit larger at UVA than ND. We are all learning the exact same thing. etc. Some can even be life changing in what they teach. From a straight academic standpoint, I truly believe one of the misconceptions in higher education is this notion of "leagues", ie. Browse for teacher reviews at VA Tech, professor reviews, and more in and around Blacksburg, VA. Chemical engineers have a median pay of $104,910. UVA Admissions Information UVA received a total of 32,426 applications for the class of 2020, of which 9,358 applicants were accepted, making the overall acceptance rate 28.9%. This represents how much more a grad will make than the average high school graduate during their entire career, minus cost of getting that degree. During overnights is a really good idea, I'll have to look into that! Professors can be hit or miss but the good ones are really good. You do not always learn the exact same thing. Just don't be like me. You'll be doing this online? Engineering and applied sciences only (250 words): Describe an engineering feat that serves the common good and why it inspires you to study engineering. I also really liked the systems Students applying as freshmen or transfers must submit their applications during the Nove… UVA cops are WAY more chill than Blacksburg police. So, the campus is rather pretty if you're into a more... Rural/suburban feeling place. The PayScale Return on Investment is an other interesting metric. Honesty is appreciated. VT has a superior engineering program to UVA. I don't regret my decision for a second. We also have much less of an assholish lawyer sort of attitude that a lot of people have in Charlottesville. My reason in telling you this is to emphasize to you to make your own decisions. True about everything but the cops. Foxfield? A reddit for Hokies. If you break it down by discipline, VT did $228.6m versus UVA's $59.1m in engineering research, and $21.1m versus UVA's $6.4m in computer science research. I even got in. So literally, how much is your degree worth? Make a decision you're happy with and happiness will follow. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Our ultimate Virginia Tech is and has been for years one of best Universities in the country. With that said, I truly think this is a question that only you can answer. UVA is actually a very decent engineering school, ahead of many schools known for engineering (like Auburn or Clemson), but they are simply overshadowed by VT, which for undergrads is ranked ahead of many fantastic schools like Hopkins, Columbia, Harvard, UCLA, Rice, Duke, Penn State and UPenn, Washington, Case Western Reserve and Southern Cal. “Countless other friends I have here who don’t participate”. The clubs here can be cool, if you can get into them that is. They don't sit outside the bars and poach students on Saturday nights because they are way more focused on student safety and wellbeing than having a well-stocked drunk tank. I am assuming that you are asking how good of a University Virginia Tech is. I am not, and for an introverted freshman here it's very difficult to find things to do beyond that. I haven't heard about the hackathon before, which sounds really cool. Most of UVA students are Virginia residents, which makes sense considering Hands effing down. VT is #15 overall, the mechanical engineering department is ranked #14, and both Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering are ranked #15 again. Double majoring will be hard, as you'll have very few crossovers between CS and ME. Go back in my post history and you'll find someone who was initially mostly happy and by the end of it you'll have seen me go through anger and sadness to arrive at this bitter, shitty state I'm in. UVA Career Accelerator + Propel FAQs Propel+ Career Accelerator Program: Geographic Information System (GIS) UVA Career Accelerator + Coursera Agile Meets Design Thinking Business Transformation with Google Cloud I took undergraduate courses at VT, with a few summer classes at Old Dominion and Tidewater Community College. The UVA Medical Alumni Association and Medical School Foundation is proud to support the alumni, students, housestaff and faculty of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. It's listed as #24 in overall engineering versus #38 for UVA. Trying to decide between UVA, VCU, and the college of Mary Washington. VT has the resources, industry contacts, and involvement to participate in many university, national, and international projects that will teach you a lot (and give you resume-quality experience). When he came to visit me he thought our dining halls were amazing. I don't like it much but if you do go for it. What I believe separates the elites from everyone are two things: the academic/job opportunities that the university can provide and the level of academic interest from the students - and this is where Virginia Tech beats the University of Virginia. In this article, we profile the 30 best bachelor’s in engineering online degree programs of 2020. See the Undergraduate Admission website at http://www.admission.ucla.edufor details. Development of science essay in malayalam act essay examples to use dissertation sur la science et la religion family nurse practitioner entrance essay define conclusion in research paper reddit Uva supplemental essays. I had a similar plan when I came in (I assume by your choice of majors you want to do robotics). Idk why but I get southern plantation vibes here. October 2019 edited August 28. With that said, that school is grossly overrated. This lets you get a better feel for the school than a tour will give you. A good amount of my family convinced me I would be a failure if I went there, and that I would also be a failure if I applied UVA Are you in the Blacksburg/VT entrepreneur club? That's fact. The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science is the third oldest engineering school in a public university in the United States. I'm not sure if VT offers undergrad engineering online...but I may be wrong. I am not joking when I tell you that at least a fourth of my hallmates felt this way, plus countless other friends I have here who don't participate in this kind of culture. Steve will discuss his time as a student, how he started one of the most successful website in the world, and answer your … If your academic schedule conflicts (which it probably will a good amount of the time), better find some new interests. I enjoyed my time at VCU, but going to UVa opened so many doors and ways of thinking to me. The key words of this prompt are “engineering feat,” “common good,” and “inspire”; a response is incomplete if … To me, Charlottesville was a better town than Blacksburg and the average UVA student was more studious than average VT student; both of those qualities were important to me. UVA is giving you the opportunity to nerd out. Now, I don't want to make it seem like the devil's University or anything cause it's not. 217 replies. Computer Science courses (CS) in the School of Engineering and Applied Science All architectural history courses (ARH) in the School of Architecture Architecture (ARCH) 1010 and 1020 LAR 5120; 5130 MSE 2010 STS 3500 Love: pretty much everything Hate: poor dining halls. The courses can teach the same basic ideas; the difference is if you are prepared to combine these ideas into more complex problems. UVA is in a league above VT or VT's engineering program is in a league above UVA's engineering program. “Most of the grand challenges the National Academy of Engineering has identified for humanity in the 21 st century will require effective use of big data,” Benson said. Hated: The bus routes, the constant construction messing with said bus routes, the summer heat is a bitch if you miss said bus due to the aforementioned construction. Add to Calendar 2018-04-12T17:00:00 2018-04-12T18:00:00 America/New_York Reddit Co-Founder, UVA Computer Science Alumnus Steve Huffman to Speak Join us for this special presentation by UVA Computer Science graduate (B.S. This is the College Confidential official thread for Class of 2024 Early Action Discussion. If people want a copy of it I'll try and dig it up, but it is out there. Proximity has a pervasive See if University of Virginia is ranked and get info on programs, admission, tuition, and more. I found I did not like my overnight at UVA and loved my overnight at Tech because of the people. From an engineering program perspective, VT has a much better school. But the whole national rankings debate is a whole different discussion that is probably not appropriate here. He is now an employee for CISCO and he turned down a really high paying job in Roanoke for it. Engineering is the creative application of science and mathematics to solve complex problems. I even got in. I'm not sure how much the two cross over, you can do that homework yourself by reviewing the checksheets here. At UVA, students don't even declare a major until the end of the second year in the College of Arts and Sciences or the end of the first year in Engineering and Architecture. How to write uva engineering essay How to write uva engineering essay Electronic Health Records, waivers & consents COVID-19 daily health screening Contactless check-in/out Emergency communications, by text Describe an engineering feat that serves the common good and why it inspires you to study engineering. The Shanghai Rankings also put VT way ahead of UVA in engineering, ranking us #33 globally, on par with UCLA and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It's so in your face it's ridiculous. If you'll listen to someone who already graduated: Love: The town, the classes, the campus (but call it Grounds or get teased), the professors, the people and atmosphere. Just a great community to be a part of, whether you're a socialite looking to party and spend time with friends or a more reserved individual that just wants to do the coursework and gtfo. I love cities. With that said you should look at the intangibles. The dining halls are passable but you'll never tell your friends or family you had a great meal there, barring maybe a decent steak if you pay the extra for it. It's listed as #24 in overall engineering versus #38 for UVA. VA Tech Professor Ratings Searching VA Tech professor ratings has never been easier. Intra-University Transfer Information - Information for those students interested in transfering into the School of Engineering from another school at UVA. The more time I spend here the more I see it's a school for upper middle class white people who like to get trashed on the weekend. I've been happy with my decision ever since, just wish I wasn't leaving so soon. That report was leaked out to the internet and I used to have a copy of it but I can't seem to find it. Post edited by CCAdmin_Vic on August 28. At VT, we have a ton of academic groups that people join simply because they're interested and want to learn more. I agree with a lot you said, but the cop thing is totally not true. Visit the schools, see how everyone interacts with each other, talk to students, attend info sessions, and just enjoy your senior year. And that's because the BRIGHTEST people in their fields often end up there or come out of those places. VT grads are actually better paid overall, which is amazing considering how many UVA business grads make millions on Wall Street. So I was forced not only into giving up BME at gatech, but I wasn't allowed to apply to UVA as an engineer either.

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