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This was never meant to be a post about job titles, it was more about describing a role that I have hired for, to help me (and others) when describing the role. If customer complaints can be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties then it is possible to turn a sticky situation around. As you point to, quality is an important aspect of any delivery, facilitating the team to be great should include the appropriate levels of quality for what is being built and for what purpose. Salary estimates are based on 4,576 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by IT Delivery Manager employees. Personally, I prefer the Spotify approach of team Agile Coach, which i think aligns better with principles/values and sets a better expectation. Trying to motivate people in a traditional sense is usually unsustainable. An ex colleague of mine also suggested ‘team enabler’ in this blog post, he is much more articulate than me, worth a read , https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/scrum-master-dad-team-leadtime-new-name-unites-us-purpose-ray-edgar?trk=prof-post, @stack72 Possibly GDS: https://t.co/UIlqbuJ9Q3 and https://t.co/Q5FO9Lz0Sf. A good project manager is continuously following and anticipating the cost of the project. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber took that work and improved it, since its presentation in 1995 that’s Scrum as we know it nowadays. They use a variety of agile and lean tools and techniques in order to help the team keep a delivery and learning cadence that helps to remain focused on delivering value against the product vision. I have found myself explaining the role of delivery manager a lot over the last few weeks, so I thought I would share that description here to help others understand it. 8) Another challenge you will no doubt experience (especially if SLM and BRM posts don’t exist) is how can you operate tactically and at the same time strategically? Hi Amy, thanks for your comment. Incorporating facilitating, coaching, training, encouraging & enabling communication etc – all those things Jon says above about the ability to build and support really strong teams. Team time is precious time. Meet-ups are a great place to learn more and connect with others in a similar field The main responsibilities of this role are: A good delivery manager knows that a happy team will produce the most amazing work, they are skilled at building trust, managing team dynamics and motivating people. But many of the organizations claiming that they practice project management actually lack a full and accurate understanding of this discipine. A good delivery manager delivers the correct scope, on time, on budget and with quality. Great article Emily! I don’t work at that organisation and I know for a fact that there are women there too. Different teams will have different needs from their delivery manager, depending on the make-up of the team and the organisation that the team is within. I thought it was evident when I said we could discuss it but I also understand you could decide to discuss it in public. Did this gave me – as a experienced Scrum Master – any extra value? hourly. I have seen this aspect of the role supported by another person (either inside or outside of the team) where the overhead is taking the delivery manager away from Agile & lean practices and Team health & happiness. We are re-branding ourselves as “Agilist” instead of SM b/c of the stigma associated with SM. Let me tell you your approach on this is not very agile either, the agile movement do not promote confrontation among approaches in any way. I think I grasp Agile working, and for me I see the Delivery Manager as exactly that, one who ensures delivery is managed by addressing issues which interfere with the production and most efficient way of doing that. Looking for best practices for your estimate is a recommended strategy. 10000+ employees. The team and environment may have different needs. The team starts as a group of strangers and needs to be made into a core group of people. There are too many problems created by that approach to go into here. How much does a IT Delivery Manager make? e.g. Agree with the focus on Agile but the ‘delivery support’ aspect in a non-agile organisation can be all-consuming. The Agile Team Onion. Let’s try: I recognise that feeling we were being diminished just for being Scrum Masters infuriated me and that wasn’t the best mood to sit down and write any comment. The reason for this is because the management frameworks like Scrum (and Kanban which is another popular framework) do not inform the Delivery aspects (“the How”) of an Agile project’s execution. How much does a Delivery Manager make? If it was developed for the GDS, then i have all the clarity i need. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I have been experiencing difficulty in the current job market because I do no have the word scrum or agile all over my CV, it would appear and i do not see why I should need to. It also means really good Scrum Masters may not apply for that role. For example one of the recruiters I use has just passed her CSM so she is now a certified ‘Scrum Master’ having never worked in IT or with agile ever. Witness the Fitness Club That venn diagram is so good and it’s so so helpful. The delivery manager I describe, is a day to day member of the team working collaboratively with other team members and not a layer of bureaucracy over the top of a team. I have seen this aspect of the role supported by another person (either inside or outside of the team), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Diversity in public speaking: help your friends find their voice. Santiago, I don’t only look at people with scrum master qualification when hiring and it saddens me that others might, as I mentioned in my reply to Victoria, I think this only helps create an industry around scrum master certifications rather than help hire the right people. Instead of making that clear, your answer regarding the Scrum Master role making reference only to a framework makes too evident your level of knowledge about Scrum is also limited as you don’t seem to know that Scrum represents the isolation of the Lean core. But my worry is ‘Delivery Manager’ plays well to people that think traditional, project/fixed scope/date based thinking is a sensible way to approach software delivery. (Including mine agileintheether.co.uk). I’m reading this with an eye to the challenges we face when hiring. 2) find a mentor, this doesn’t need to be someone in your organisation and can start with having chats with a few interesting people. I’m all for meeting dates, and naming dates is an important part of organisational collaboration and planning. Savvy project managers know that a project’s top priority is to help customers and products succeed and that the definition of such success might look different over time. Delivery managers are placed under pressure to meet dates – because that’s there job, right? This person would naturally posses the training and capacity to also fulfil the Scrum Master role, and facilitate Scrum ceremonies, stand ups etc, as required. Whatever you call it, I think the role is the same. Job Highlights. Nowadays its done via people thinking of the most ‘trending’ job titles on LinkedIn. This is obviously inefficient and costly. These are often outward facing tasks and may include things like financial tracking, hiring, stakeholder relationships (supporting the product owner), reporting to a wider organisation (particularly relevant if the organisation has not fully adopted agile yet) and anything else that no one else is doing, but is necessary to support the team’s delivering value. A good manager brings the best of the team members. The role and responsibilities of a multi-functional Service Delivery manager are certainly documented within the 1,500 odd pages of Service Management Best Practice, you just need to know where to look. Whatever you’re particular SDM role, there will be a number of common issues that the majority of SDMs face, so we have put together our thoughts and experience to develop our own brand of SDM ‘Best Practice’, My top 10 tips for becoming an effective Service Delivery Manager… In no particular order are…. That takes coaching, communication and some care. IMHO It’s unbelievable you write a blog comment like this taking the position of defending one exclusive point of view by attacking/diminishing other agile practices. A great manager expands the limit of what their “best” means. This is true of any role. An AWESOME delivery manager does all that and make sure that least damage in terms of motivation and morale is done to the key people - who more often than not are the ones that need to be "burnt" to deliver on time, budget, quality and cost. But I do this knowing that I’m alienating some of my peers who haven’t gone down the certification route. The last thing I would want to do is insist that someone forks out ~£1000 before they can even apply for a job. I don’t have an issue with the job title (“Scrum Master”) in and of itself. Full-time . Autonomy, learning, getting better at what you do, personal growth, social connections and creating great products and services all contribute to motivation. While delivery managers would only make an average of $128,229 in Rhode Island, you would still make more there than in the rest of the country. This is what the written media has. Does that really help making a better look on “Delivery Managers”? on iTunes. London Shop Fronts (photo blog) As there is no formal role for a traditional project manager in an agile team, there are some activities that fall to the delivery manager. Interesting read, thanks Emily. In this position, you will be responsible to ensure the speed, cost, and quality of the delivery of our products to our customers all across Europe. It's not even mentioned in the new ITIL4 Foundation book, but the role still exists in many organisations around the world. The way in which a Delivery Manager is “used” can vary, I have worked in Projects for a number of years, and IMHO the title is now being used incorrectly as was Business Analysts. Well, after seeing how hate spreads in your “agile” culture I think I’m off this time. As you recommend, believe me I will take my own advice on board as I should have re-read Victoria’s comment at least twice and give some time before writing anything to you. To quote you “There is no reason to feel menace by other agile practitioners, independently on their approach to work, we should be all together.” – maybe you should take your own advice there. 5) Rather than use the Service Level Agreements as a stick to beat up the customers or for them beat us up with, they should be used as an open, honest and transparent driver and an interface between service provider and the customer/business. “Focused, curious listening conveys an emotional and personal investment in those who work for us,” according to Muse contributor Kristi Hedges. Monitor and manage vendor performances to ensure contractual SLA's are met. 1) To start with you need to develop a clear understanding of your Role and Objectives. This section of your resume requires you to highlight the functions that you carried out working as a service delivery manager in previous employment. They will encourage and motivate the team and protect them from external distractions and … Scrum is part of Lean. 7) If suppliers are part of your service supply chain they should also be part of your value network, and as such the service interfaces should be seamless and transparent to the customer, after all it could have been you who sub-contracted part of the service…not your customer. Delivery Manager is a corporate friendly title, there might be a need for that. However, when hiring, it seems that out in the recruitment space “Scrum Master” has come to equate “junior facilitator” and so finding highly experienced Scrum Masters is actually very hard. Great description! It has given me confidence that despite not possessing the qualifications this is not an absolute requirement over experience. Successful delivery is based on project management fundamentals that we learned in school or on the job. An enterprise coach can become an enabler for that. They use a variety of agile and lean tools and techniques in order to help the team keep a delivery and learning cadence that helps to remain focused on delivering value against the product vision. Ideally you need to be proactive, open, honest and fair with your representations to both your customer and service provider. The Agile principles sit outside of Scrum. | Parliamentary Digital Service, Product Roadmaps in Five Easy Pieces | YouRead, Quick icebreakers for online meetings, (that don't suck), Explaining the role of a Delivery Manager, Daily Outside Photo: Adding a bit of humanness to your Slack group, Networks, Serendipity and the flow of ideas, My good looking video conferencing set up, Building Successful Communities of Practice, The team manual, an exercise to help build empathy in teams, Social group sizes, Dunbar's number and implications for communities of practice. I hope this idea sinks in your brain and helps you to stop supporting prejudices and rejection that other people do based on their limited knowledge, you should have point them into the right direction instead. most new scrum masters won’t have experience of initiating a project, building a team, going through discovery and getting a service live. I was the head of role for delivery managers at Government Digital Service (GDS) and since becoming an Agile consultant, I have helped other government departments and organisations hire and develop delivery managers. I hope our tips have been useful? I can’t help but think you should look a bit deeper into your approach to other agile practices. A nice and relevant post from Yiannis Godfrey who is at the Australian government digital service went up today: https://www.dto.gov.au/blog/so-what-does-a-delivery-manager-do/. The BRM part of your role is to ensure that customer satisfaction levels are maintained and improved, and it’s vitally important to develop a clear understanding of your business partner’s IT strategy and their overall corporate strategy. Hi Emily, Minimum Viable Book I’ve been in places where this means working with clients, places where it means reporting outwards and places where it means making sure contracts are in place and people have passes to get into the building. If we have stirred your interest in the role of the Service Delivery Manager then why not join us on our 2-day IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop to explore current Service Delivery Management ‘Best Practice’. The team are responsible for delivery and the Scrum master is responsible for removing impediments. Thanks Steve, indeed, language is important. It was totally my fault as I misinterpreted what I read but that doesn’t excuse the fact that even with that I did not do my best to make sure that I write a non-attacking comment, even more when I was criticising what I believed to be an attack to Scrum Masters in general. Manage a business critical effort to migrate mainframe applications and data onto a distribute environment using SAS providers with integration components. Hi Emily Delivery managers make the most in New York with an average salary of $136,052. 1) To start with you need to develop a clear understanding of your Role and Objectives. Whereas in New Jersey and Virginia, they would average $133,161 and $131,721, respectively. To pursue our ambitious growth strategy, we are looking for a Delivery Experience Manager (m/f/d). In my experience (have worked several years for a number of Government departments in the UK) I would say that an Agile Delivery Manager or better a Delivery Lead title role is more appropriate than a Scrum Master. Whether you are a SM or an ADM, you should strive in helping your delivery team delivering value to the end customer in the most effective way. I also recognise I should not have made you responsible for anything other person said and I apologise for that as well. It is also true that you could therefore be managing a project with Scrum, but not using Agile delivery principles. Salaries for Related Job Titles . But teams can only complete sprint tasks timeously when they are unhindered. In my experience “Delivery Managers” are people that most of the time do not have a development background, that were project managers or program managers in the past and jumped into the Agile wave as a way of having a life but with a very Waterfall frame of mind, most of them have no superior level of agile whatsoever, they like buzzwords but not to look into things deeply and they have forgotten completely the Agile principle of continuous improvement and this is evident by their conversations and advice, some of them also do mini-agile in their iterations and love to apply Wet-Agile and iterative waterfall in big companies. As you mention, in a large organisation education is important, change is hard and it’s particularly hard for people outside an agile team to understand the change in ways of working if no one helps them see what it means, how it affects them and how they can benefit from it. 10) Where the role of the SLM and BRM are clearly and unambiguously defined and the positions currently exist and are filled, then the role of the SDM will sit between them and will tend to be one of ‘day-to-day’ contact for supply and support challenges even operating in an operational/tactical space between the Service Desk and the SLM. Some of them even do not feel any embarrasment to call themselves agile coaches when their level is just the “no level/no certification” level or the “really starting” level (and they stopped there as they could cash on that, what would have been the point to improve anyway?). Service provisioning is a team challenge and you need to understand the service provider’s internal organisational support capabilities (documented in Operational Level Agreements (OLAs)), and balance them against the businesses’ service level requirements. In recent years, project management has become a fashionable business concept. Team time is precious time. 3) We said previously that you need to have clearly defined responsibilities, but over time you will find that the boundaries of your role will flex depending on changes in strategic business goals and direction. The role of a SDM is primarily split into that of a ‘tactical’ Service Level Manager (SLM) and a ‘strategic’ Business Relationship Manager (BRM). Unfortunately from experience many people I have a come across ( including “Senior” Agile PMs, coaches and facilitators) can’t seem to grasp the distinction between Agile delivery principles vs Management frameworks for Agile project governance, and tend to bury their heads in the sand when challenged. Better still perhaps, “Delivery Lead”, because I have an issue with the word “manager”…. A good delivery manager will be skilled at agile and lean, they will be learning new tools all the time, know when to use them and know about current trends. How do you maintain Customer satisfaction at the same time you’re failing you SLA targets. What was the need to diminish Scrum Masters? A solid SDM needs good interpersonal skills and be able to read and analyze a situation against the bigger picture. So as well as ensuring that we have SLAs in place documenting service level requirements we should ensure that all the OLAs are in place to monitor and report on internal support capabilities and service delivery. Agile teams need coaching, facilitation and enablement. I’m approving your long and misleading comment so that I can respond to your points as publicly as you intended them to be. **Post updated Feb 2018, you can see what changed here**. Showing one the true skills of a Delivery Manager that you can’t learn on one of Santiago’s many courses (evident in is post!)…. A good manager can then manage that timeline and break it down into large phases of the project, called milestones, and then into smaller parts that are called tasks. I was the head of role for delivery managers at Government Digital Service (GDS) and since becoming an Agile consultant, I have helped other government departments and organisations hire and develop delivery managers. If you are embedded within your customers organisation, it may be perceived that on occasion you may be seen as ‘going native’, especially if you vociferously protect or support your customer against your colleagues in the service provider. That aside, carrying on from my comments on naming, Jon what were your thoughts on possibilities? You may be a SDM who works in a Managed Service Provider environment and have external customers with whom you have a commercial relationship, you may even be embedded to some extent within their organisation. If you feel that you need an ADM for an agile team to deliver then you are doing agile wrong, have no trust or have the wrong skill set in the team. Further, in the public sector, you can’t afford to have a lax attitude towards delivery as you are dealing with taxpayer money. Mix up the quick wins and the steady progress toward the bigger picture goals. That being said, there are 4 qualities that everyone can agree are essential for a good manager to possess. Thank you for educating me. Does that make you feel better? These are all expectations of the Scrum Master in my org. Hope you enjoy the book! Yeah I was just looking at CSD or CSP but while I’d like to do the course I’m not really interested in following the renewal scheme. All these aspects are important and some are easier to learn than others. I honestly apologise, when I read it yesterday I understood you were supporting the fact that Scrum Masters found lately are “junior facilitators”. you clearly have some pent up aggression that you have decided to unleash on me. Team health & happiness (the people skills) The delivery manager is concerned with the health and happiness of the team members and how they work together. Communities of practice research I’m the first person at my company to get the role and your article is really helpful for me to understand what my job will entail. If you want to test your knowledge of Service Delivery Management, why not try our Service Delivery Manager Mini Quiz to test out your skills and knowledge? There tends to be a problem team level coaches/ Scrum Masters fall into when they lack the influence needed for coaching senior management and can’t effect the change needed to gain it.

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